Bill O’Reilly Flunky Gets Booted From Mayor De Blasio’s Press Conference

The media hoax that is Fox News continues to embarrass itself with pathetic stunts aimed at glorifying their egomaniacal propaganda peddlers while debasing the practice of journalism. The latest example of this adventure in tabloid trivialities occurred today during a press conference held by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Fox News Jesse Watters

In the middle of the event Jesse Watters pops up and pretends that he has an actual question to ask. For those who don’t know him, Watters is a producer on The O’Reilly Factor and a practitioner of ambush journalism. He is also the “brains” behind the lie-riddled Fox Nation website. After being recognized by de Blasio, Watters demonstrated why is regarded as such an imbecile as he turned the press conference into a bitchfest with his whining about de Blasio’s refusal to grant O’Reilly an interview.

Watters: Mr. Mayor, Bill O’Reilly has a question for you.
de Blasio: OK. Are you his emissary?
Watters: You don’t know Watters’ World?
de Blasio: Again please.
Watters: I’m Watters, this is my world right here, OK?”
de Blasio: OK. Continue.
Watters: We’ve been trying to book you on the show for weeks, and your staff hasn’t been very respectful towards us we’re just trying to…
de Blasio: I’m sure they’re very respectful.
Watters: Actually not.
de Blasio: I’m sure they are.
Watters: We’re just trying to get to know you better, what’s the problem?
de Blasio: I appreciate the invitation, and my staff will follow up with you.
Watters: But they haven’t been following up, and that’s why I’m here.
de Blasio: I’m glad you’re here. Let’s take some serious questions. Go ahead, Henry.
Watters: We’re fascinated by this de Blasio mystique. Can you help us out mayor? […] You haven’t responded.
de Blasio: Henry.
Watters: Will you do the show?
de Blasio: Henry. Just start talking Henry.

Shortly thereafter, Watters was escorted out of the press conference by security. And as it turns out, de Blasio’s office had previously responded to O’Reilly’s request with a rather gracious denial. His staff later tweeted evidence of it. But that isn’t even what makes this so stupid. A press conference is not the place to badger a public official about appearing on a cable news program. It is exceedingly rude and unprofessional to take the time of a busy mayor, and all of the legitimate reporters, just to try and book a guest on a program hosted by an angry and adversarial loudmouth who the mayor has no interest in accommodating.

But Watters isn’t concerned with professional behavior. He has never bothered to exhibit it in the past. His childish pranks have earned him the ridicule of his peers, and of Stephen Colbert who featured him in a hilarious segment earlier this year. And for more documented examples of Watters’ sleazy escapades in pseudo-journalism…

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6 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Flunky Gets Booted From Mayor De Blasio’s Press Conference

  1. Does any intelligent person watch Fox News?

  2. Admittedly, Bill-O’s spin on this should prove quite interesting.

    After all, remember when Bill-O tried to talk with then-Senator Obama during a press conference, attempted to push his way past a six foot five inch bodyguard and insulted the guy. Then, Bill-O went on his show the next day to claim he didn’t push past the six foot five inch bodyguard and he had to “uphold the Constitution!” by illegally breaking through the press line that any legitimate journalist (which never includes anyone employed at Shlox Snooze) would have honored. But, of course, the Great and Powerful Turtle is immune to the rules governing us peons, right?

    (oh yes, and the Bozo also said how wonderful Obama was for taking the time to listen to him — probably the last time Bill-O would ever say anything nice about Obama)…

  3. Not so much about Watters, who should be kicked with more frequency, but just wanted to say congrats on getting our the second volume. Bought it yesterday, and am looking forward to getting through it. You seem to equivocate a little in the intro about Watters’ role in Fox Nation–one the one hand he is the creator and editor, but on the other hand he seems to hide from the cesspool it’s become.

    I don’t know really what to make of Fox Nation from an administrative POV. The editors have their agenda in creating headlines and selecting which “articles” can stir up their base. But when it comes to the comments, how much do the site administrators play a role in deleting them? I assume there’s some sort of algorithm that automatically deletes comments based on a number of flags. And, as you point out in your page on racial/disgusting FN comments, there is no rhyme or reason for letting some comments stand other than perhaps the editors encourage the sort of traitorous and/or bigoted conversations.

    Eh…maybe we just have to wait for another “Fox News Mole” to open up a little more about this…

    • Thanks for buying Volume two of Fox Nation vs. Reality.

      As for Watters, I’m not sure I’d call my remarks equivocating. He is the creator and editor of Fox Nation, but he also doesn’t publicize that fact. It is nowhere on the site. So both of those things are true.

      • Understood, thanks for the response Mark. I think you’re absolutely right that there is a lack of accountability for the editing and commenting in Fox Nation as well as Fox News. I also follow your point in the book that despite the numerous errors, exaggerations, and outright falsehoods masquerading as articles on Fox Nation, the editors make no attempt to correct their mistakes or do anything to inform their base.

  4. Oh, it’s “Watter’s World” is it?
    No. This is Green Devil’s World and you are trespassing, numbnuts!
    Now get the hell offa my planet before I make dog food outta ya!

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