Glenn Beck Refudiates Glenn Beck And Opposes His Own Rally

Once again Jon Stewart has embarrassed the Conventional Media by conducting better research and placing current events in more relevant context. This time the subject is the New York City non-mosque that is being planned for not-ground zero. Here is what Beck had to say about America’s role in motivating the 9/11 terrorists, compared to his dumbfounded (with an emphasis on the “dumb”) outrage at remarks by Imam Feisal Rauf:

Glenn Beck, 8/10/2010: What did this “moderate” say just a few days after 9/11? Well of course what all moderates say, quote:

Imam Feisal Rauf, 9/30/2001: Glenn Beck, 4/15/2010:
I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened, but United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened. Did we deserve 9/11? No. But were we minding our business? No. Were we in bed with dictators and abandoned our values and principles? Yes. That causes problems.

What this tells us is that Beck is at least as guilty of radical hyperbole as Rauf. Beck believes that a cultural center two blocks from “hallowed” ground should not be permitted due to Rauf’s allegedly extremist views. But using the same logic, Beck should cancel his “Deploring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial which is just across the Potomac from the Pentagon, another “hallowed” site of 9/11 terrorism. Beck’s views are no less extremist than Rauf’s, and no less an insult by Beck’s standards.

And it isn’t the first time that Beck has insulted the victims and survivors of 9/11. He previously said “I didn’t think I could hate victims faster than the 9/11 victims.” That was a reference that also insulted the victims of Katrina whom he called “scumbags.”

If Beck were consistent he would immediately announce that his August 28 rally has been canceled or moved to a less sensitive location farther from the Pentagon. He simply cannot tolerate having the graves of our brave soldiers being defiled by the likes of himself. It’s time for him to rebuke himself and decline any further association with himself and his television and radio programs. Glenn Beck is an extremist who hates America and Glenn Beck should have nothing to do with him.

Update: Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren agrees:

On August 28th my colleague Glenn Beck is going to lead an event on the mall in Washington, DC. It is the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. The event is causing much controversy …some support and some don’t support and some are even furious and upset. Yes he has a First Amendment right to do it…but what about the wisdom of it? Remember…the Muslims in NYC have a First Amendment right to build a mosque but most Americans don’t want it…and you have to ask the wisdom of the Muslims to push the issue. Just because you have the right to do something does not mean you should. My view? No mosque at ground zero and Glenn should move his event.

Van Susteren was taking so much flack from the FoxBots that infest her blog that she had to post a disclaimer walking back her remarks and claiming she was just “raising a question.” Of course, that isn’t true. She explicitly stated that her view was that Beck should move his event.


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  1. Why don’t we just wait 100 years and Beck can tell us whether his “100 Year Plan” worked or didn’t work. Simple. I’m sure he’ll still be around then, because Prophets from Old Testament times routinely lived hundreds of years, and he is likening himself as the second coming, so….

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