What Does North Korea, Fox News, And The Tea Party Have In Common?

The still unfolding saga of the hacking into Sony’s network has produced a war of words between American intelligence agencies that accuse North Korea of the intrusion, and the North Koreans who applaud the act but insist they had nothing to do with it. After declining to release the film “The Interview” that was ostensibly what incited the hacking, Sony reversed themselves and put the movie out in theaters and online. This further inflamed North Korea who lashed out with an openly racist attack on President Obama saying…

“Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest.”

Comparing the first African-American president of the United States to a monkey was surely not an accidental slip of the tongue. It was a deliberate, if juvenile, attempt to demean and ridicule Obama. However, the repugnant and racist monkey reference is nothing new to Obama haters in America. The juvenile Tea Party has been rife with offensive images and signs at their rallies that made the very same association.

Tea Party Korea Monkey

As if to emphasize the contemptuous disdain for Obama, the folks at Fox News posted an item on their community website, Fox Nation, about North Korea’s slur. This set off a sadly predictable flurry of hate speech by their readers that brings into focus the ideological camaraderie between America’s enemies and its own extremist right-wingers.

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Fox Nation Comments

When Vladimir Putin was criticizing Obama over the Ukraine situation, many Fox News pundits and contributors (including Sarah Palin, Tucker Carlson and Ben Carson) responding by virtually nominating him as the Republican presidential candidate. All it takes to win the hearts and minds of Teabaggers is to insult America’s president. So I guess it won’t be long now until they add Kim Jong-Un to the ticket.


14 thoughts on “What Does North Korea, Fox News, And The Tea Party Have In Common?

  1. It’s both disgusting and laughable that the nasty comments constantly being made by the far, far right wing (you know, our “patriots”) are so in line with the enemies of our country. Not at all patriotic, but then again nothing they do screams love of country, just hate for anything they don’t agree with.

  2. But could Vladimir Putin win the Republican primaries?

    • Well there’s that whole not born in the USA issue but I doubt the right would even ask to see his birth certificate so, yes he probably could.

  3. Wow, you really ratcheted up the hatred here – no doubt to lower the dialog since it appears no one is too interested in what you write these days – I always found your niche to be more along the Glenn Beck/ Sarah Palin hating articles, but I forgot how deep you can go when necessary. And the comments come out pretty quickly – I’ve read your articles lately and the comment traffic just doesn’t appear to be there anymore, I guess you had to do something and bringing out your true hatred is a natural place to go. Nicely done. Note the fast comments that were missing from other articles – looks like hate sells no matter what your political position – I guess your readership is just as nasty as others. Your followers don’t appear to be any smarter or sophisticated than those you attempt to malign.

    • Oh, and just wait – I bet you get more comments on your existing articles to try and show that it isn’t just hatred that brings out the “best” in your followers – they’ll want to be sure to put on their best face – commenting on less angry/hateful articles so they don’t look like so shallow. But the Sarah Palin article is still funny.

      • Ah, Steve in York, how you always make me laugh. The fact that there seem to be fewer comments on this site probably has nothing to do with a reduction in readership. I still read everything issued by News Corpse but have been too busy preparing for the holidays to voice an opinion on the articles. By the way, I also read conservative publications and blogs and the content of the articles and the comments made are far more hateful than anything printed here.

      • Well despite everything you’ve said about people not being interested, here you are yourself “jacking up the traffic”. Ironic ain’t it.

        What’s more it seems like you’ve not even got anything relevant to say at all this time apart from the usual hateful screed highlighting your hatred and bias towards this site that you claim is hateful and biased, ignoring the very real issue it highlights.

        No one influenced those very hateful and unjustified comparisons thrown out by both North Korea and the right wingers on Fox Nation, not only that they are certainly comparable to each other, which is the main highlight of the article.

        But you don’t really care about this show of hatred at all which probably means you’re fine with it. After all you’ve technically been doing something similar to that here for a long time.

    • I’m just not seeing the hate you’re referencing by this site. I see it in the North Koreans comment and the fox nation comments that I assume you support since you didn’t address them. I see it in your comments for this site that you just can’t stay away from but no where else. Point out the paragraph and/or lines you’re say are hateful.

  4. The thing is, I’m not entirely sure North Korea’s monkey insult was necessarily racial. Congratulations, teabaggers. In this particular instance, you out-douched North Korea

  5. It’s bad enough that the posters at Fox Nation are so gleefully and openly racist, but the moderators appear to be just as racist.

    The mods have the ability to “hide” your posts or replies. In other words, you can see them when you’re logged in, but no-one else can see them. You can verify this be logging out of Fox Nation and trying to find your post or comment.

    I’ve become accustomed to this happening on such a regular basis, that I can’t put it down to buggy message board software. Not for a high profile company like Fox.

    I replied to an openly racist post the other day – basically something straightforward like “Another racist post”, and was saddened to see that my reply was “hidden”, and the original, openly racist post was left untouched.

    So, either the moderator(s) are racist, or Fox Nation has a policy of ignoring racist comments and suppressing anti-racist replies.

    How do these people sleep at night?

    • I suspected as much, robb. For Fox Nation and anything else remotely connected to Fox, freedom of speech only counts if you’re spreading the hate that they encourage. If you try to speak out against it you get blocked.

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