Elitists At Fox News APPALLED That The Obamas Eat At A Fancy Restaurant

“When will those uppity Obamas learn their place? It’s bad enough that they have occupied the “White” House, but now they are invading the exclusive, private establishments that used to be reserved for “regular” (i.e. rich, white) Americans.”

That’s the message that Fox News is sending with their segment Friday on “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” (Whose world?) Cavuto was reporting that President Obama and the First Lady had dinner at a pricey restaurant in Hawaii where they are spending their Christmas and New Years holiday. He spent several minutes batting around the notion that it was somehow unseemly for them to enjoy an evening out where they might mix socially with their superiors.

Fox News

There was an effort to spin the story as a derogatory example of the President appearing out-of-touch or insensitive to the plight of less fortunate Americans who cannot afford such extravagances. But since there was never a similar disdain for white Republicans who commonly patronize exclusive clubs (even those that prohibit blacks and Jews), the criticism rings hollow. What’s left is a transparent implication that the Obamas ought to stick to places that are more fitting for their class. You get the distinct impression that Cavuto and company believe that Burger King or KFC would be a more appropriate eatery for the First Family.

It wasn’t just Fox News that noticed the Obamas stepping out. WorldNetDaily, Breitbart News, and the Daily Caller were among the other right-wing rags that were offended by this choice of gourmet feasting. And of course, it was also featured it on the Fox Nation website. Even more “mainstream’ outlets like The Hill and Mediaite ran with it. But the hypocrisy only validates the widely circulated meme about Fox News as being “Rich people paying rich people to tell middle-class people to blame poor people.” Why the President and his family cannot enjoy an evening of fine food and drink is never explained.

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This offensive and racist reporting is typical of the right-wing media. A few months ago Fox Nation published an item wherein wingnut screecher Mark Levin made a big deal about the Obamas vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, which Levin falsely called “the whitest place on Earth,” and therefore no place for our African-American president. But sadly, it only took one day into the new year for this bigotry to be loosed on the air by Fox. That’s a troubling forecast of things to come as we head into another highly charged season of presidential politics.


22 thoughts on “Elitists At Fox News APPALLED That The Obamas Eat At A Fancy Restaurant

  1. Did the Obama’s have the decency to use the employee’s entrance?

  2. Why am I not surprised by FNC and the Clown Car follies also known as Tea party or GOP.

  3. When someone applies for a job at Fox is there some sort of “feigning outrage” test they have to take? Once they’re hired do they sit in front of a mirror for hours rehearsing and trying to come up with the most inflammatory lies possible? Would anyone really care where President and Mrs. Obama had dinner while they were on vacation if Fox didn’t make it sound like it was the worst crime ever committed by a sitting President?

    • Terri:

      yes, yes, and no. Great questions.

      • I suspected those were the answers, Daphne. Thanks.

    • Fox hires actors to portray false personas that are carefully crafted to appeal to a demographic of the dimwitted, the bigoted, the paranoid and the senile. They do this by simply repeating this demographic’s prejudice, opinions and preferences back to them in a slicker manner than they (the demographic) can muster. This makes them feel validated, so they keep watching and buying the advertised products. It is all show biz and acquiring wealth is the agenda.

  4. I wonder if everyone at Fox goes home, pours brain bleach into their ears,
    goes to see their therapist, then hands over half of their pay to charities. . . . . .



  5. Ya know, I missed this segment because DISHTV Dropped Fox News. What a disaster!!!!!! DishTV, whatever else you do in 2015—–do not put Fox News back on the air. I don’t miss a thing when they are not there. Maybe other providers will follow suit. Thank you DishTV

    • Of course you could also just NOT watch fox news if it’s on one of your channels. I find that is a good way to avoid something I don’t like – try it some time. Or are you one of those that needs things to be illegal or not available not to use it – pretty weak.

      • Why should he pay for something he doesn’t agree with, doesn’t want, doesn’t watch, and finds to be totally untrue propaganda? Why would dish continue to have them on their list of programs, if over half the country doesn’t want it?
        What’s weak is your lack of intelligence. I can see your strong point is being obtuse. That and your adolescent comeback/attack of the person you replied to.

        • Your first sentence is progressivism summarized – why should we pay for things we don’t like or agree with in government???? Try applying your reasoning to more than your narrow view of the world.

          • Why do I have to pay for the on-going catastrophes of Reaganomics and endless Wars-for-Profit? Why do I have to pay for all the tax cuts for the super-rich? And the endless subsidies, bail-outs & kick-backs for corporate & Wall Street cronies? And why am I paying for drones, police brutality, Gitmo, torture and war crimes?

            I didn’t vote for any of that shit. I voted Green… and all I got was a lousy bumpersticker. Well played, Conservetard Uh’mericans… you ruined the greatest nation on Earth, and made the working classes pay for it!

      • Steve, could you show us what you mean by completely ignoring progressive sites. Thanks.

        • I could do that – but the warped thinking is so interesting – I just can’t stop watching/reading.

  6. But they still had to sit in the Colored Section, right?

  7. The common theme seems to be that the entire Obama family insist on showing up where they don’t belong.

    For example, in the White House.

  8. You know, the President seems like a guy you could sit down and have a beer with.

  9. You know, it’s journalism 101 that you only offset text and put it in quotes if you are actually quoting someone. You are just baiting folks. And yet you have the audacity to question the reporting of another news outlet.

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