High Schoolers Scorch Bill O’Reilly/Fox News For Lack Of Journalistic Ethics

[Update 2/2/2015: Fox News has responded to the students’ video]

Fox News has been proven repeatedly to be a purveyor of disinformation and outright lies presented as facts. Knowledgeable observers long ago ceased to take their reporting seriously. However, it’s one thing to be called out for shoddy journalism by experienced media analysts and news professionals. But when a high school class can demolish the highest rated cable “news” network with ease, the folks responsible should reconsider their career choices.

Fox News

Last July O’Reilly sent his stalker/producer Jesse Watters to Bennington, Vermont in order to malign the residents of the city and the state as liberal, pot smoking, ski bums. It was a purely vicious exercise in childish insults that had no news value of any kind. But it is the sort of mean-spirited filler that Watters has made his specialty. Watters is also the founder and editor of Fox’s community website, Fox Nation, mangling the truth is the primary objective. [Note: don’t miss this epic and hilarious take down of Watters by Stephen Colbert]

The students at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington happened to be studying journalism when they came upon this piece. So they used it as a case study to conduct a “professional integrity audit” based on the ethics codes of the Society of Professional Journalists. What they discovered was that O’Reilly’s program violated the ethics codes so many times they lost count.

The video produced by the students systematically took apart the Watters segment revealing O’Reilly, Watters, and Fox News to be blatant propagandists with no regard for journalistic integrity. In one short segment they found examples of stereotyping, distortions, manipulation, questionable sourcing, and predetermining outcome.

The students presentation was not what you would call polished. But, hey, they are high school students. They have plenty of time to sharpen their camera skills. The main thing is that the construction of their reporting and their adherence to high standards still makes them more watchable than the arrogant, blow-dried, FoxBots who stare down their noses at decent folks in small Vermont towns.

The video closes with the students articulating their conclusions based on a thorough analysis of the O’Reilly segment as it holds up to ethical scrutiny. The verdict was not something that a reputable journalist would relish:

“Based on our studies about the field of journalism, we have determined that you’re not practicing journalism. You’re practicing rank propaganda.” […]

“By watching Fox News, we have learned buckets about journalism – what to do and, more importantly, what never to do. It is our hope that Fox News can learn the very same from watching us.”

You have to admire their youthful optimism. It is unlikely that Fox will ever acknowledge the complete lack of ethics in their reporting. That’s mainly because they don’t regard it as a flaw. It is deliberate and in keeping with their mission to advance a partisan political agenda, even when it is merely ridiculing innocent victims of their juvenile pranks.

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Addendum: After reading some of the comments below, it is clear that right-wing trolls have descended on this article to attack young people for speaking their mind. What’s sad is that the conservative critics can’t even form coherent arguments to rebut the students on substance. They rely on insults and rhetorical misdirection.


75 thoughts on “High Schoolers Scorch Bill O’Reilly/Fox News For Lack Of Journalistic Ethics

  1. I believe the children are our future!

    I also believe the Foxtards are brain-dead zombies from the Dark Ages re-animated by Lucifer to destroy all that is good and decent in 21st century civilization.

    Stay in well-lit areas, children… and always aim for the heads.

    • … and never feed them after midnight…

    • These creepy little kids are brainwashed little Nazi’s. O’Reilly is not a news program. They should focus on cram like MSNBC, where there is no news programming.

    • Republican/Libertarian children are our future, saving us from your misinformed, zombie liberal kids who you will program to follow in your evil footsteps taking us into the End of Days.

  2. I beleive that the lies are penetrating the older crowd that beleive that Obama is a Muslim and think he’s a communist all because they trust Fox, it’s so twisted!! I’m a dental hygienist in Texas and have to hear my older boss and fellow Fox watchers talk about all the stupid propaganda that Fox puts out, all lies!! Go kids, tell it like it is!

    • I feel for you Marlene. I went through a similar hell way the hell back in 1993 when the asses at Yuma Honda (principally Matt, a real dick-head) forced me to listen to Mush Limbfatah all morning. I was losing weight, and then my hair started falling out.

      • Well what did the doctor have to say
        Probably you didn’t see one. Just blowing. off baloney Eh?

    • Marlene Get yourself another job and another life. If you can’t take diversity of opinion from other people and respect others views you need. to quit. At your next job interview be sure to check out any future employer’ s political views and which news outlet they prefer. to watch. Good Luck Babe!
      Anne RN

  3. Excellent.addressing of Fox”News” tactics presenting in a clear , concise, documented way! Fox continues to sell itself through hideous muckraking, racism, homophobic fear rallying. The only people who can take them seriously are those people who already have extreme opinions they like reinforced not actually fact checked. Great Job Bennington journalist students. I’m glad to see the future people who will give the voting public accurate informations and source listings so they can research and form their own opinions
    Not have to swallow political propagandists who think their titles of news reporters gives them integrity. They are embarrassing members of their profession as the are clearly NOT professionals.

  4. Umm, let me guess, the Vermont kids would have been encouraged by their no doubt far Left High School teacher to say the same about Chris Matthews and MSNBC? No? Why not?

    Hopefully before they grow up the will learn a bit more about bias. Bias in the schools, and in the old media.

    Oh, and what could the reason be why FoxNews has seven times the viewers of MSNBC and like minded far Left commentary.? Could it be that most of America does not agree with them and their Vermont School teacher? Something to think about as you later become adults.
    The real lessons in life are certainly not learned in a Vermont High School

    • No, it is because most of America goes to multiple sources for their information and expects to have real information put in front of them instead of rhetoric backed up only by an anecdote here and an anecdote there. Fox teaches that the entire rest of the world lies and only they tell the truth and the rest of the world laughs at them and their brain-washed viewers. If you are so sure of Fox News, explain why the rest of the world knew Obama was going to win in 2012 (google Nate Silver) but those in the Fox bubble were shocked? Why aren’t we dead from Ebola? Why can we still get donuts? And on and on and on. Multiple studies have shown Fox viewers to be more misinformed than viewers getting news from any other source including comedy shows. But you believe the entire rest of the world lies. The fact is that most of America disagrees with you on abortion, taxes, minimum wage, immigration, gay marriage and pretty much every other issue.

      • Multiple studies. Oh, BS. Studies like that are biased. I’ll put my knowledge of current events and history up against yours any time. Why are you so afraid of FOX? Obviously, FOX is doin something right.

        • Bring it on. You say you would put your knowledge up against anyone. I’ll take that challenge anytime. Fox is doing something right, that is their mission to lie and distort the truth to back up the right wing machine. Why did they fight and win a court case that says they do NOT have to tell the truth and can still call themselves a news organization? Just look that the FNC is under fox entertainment division and not the news division? Answer that?

          • Nonsense. Who’s lying now? Or, are you simply unaware of the truth? This is an old, myth that is full of “hysteria, hyperbole, and half-truths.” Note the alliteration. The claim that Fox News got a court ruling in its favor allowing it to lie is false. Why is it when liberals have no substantitive arguments in their favor, they resort to lying and namecalling. No exception here.

            Back in the day, there was a lawsuit filed by two former Fox employees over their dismissal from a Fox affiliate in Tampa. At trial, the jury rejected all claims that Fox allegedly told them to distort or suppress a news story. The jury did not find the employees to be credible, meaning believable, or at the very least reasonable in their belief that Fox had told them to distort the news. Rather, the jury believed Fox.

            However, the jury did find that Fox had retaliated against one of the employees (by firing her) for threatening to go to the FCC with her allegation. Note the nuance here: even though the employee’s distortion claim was bogus, it was still not ok for Fox to fire her for threatening to whistleblow to the FCC.

            Most importantly, the attorneys for Fox never advanced the argument that Fox had “the right” to lie to its viewers. Ridiculous. This doesn’t even meet the common sense test.

            Finally, the employee did not stop there. She went to the FCC asking them to yank the local station’s broadcast license based on the jury’s finding of retaliation against her. The FCC refused saying the jury had not made a finding as to whether Fox had violated the news distortion policy, instead, the jury was asked to find whether the employee was fired because she had threatened to go to the FCC with that allegation.

            • Here’s the truth about the Fox wrongful termination lawsuit. I know you’ll dismiss it, but I just wanted to put it here for the record. It’s a much more nuanced case than your spin implies. But this is a simple and verifiably true explanation.

              Thom Hartmann: Why Fox News has the Right to Lie to Us

          • The lawsuit that Fox Entertainment (that’s what they themselves said) fought was about unfairly firing one of their employees, to which Fox had no response. Instead, they changed the dialogue to whether they had a “right” to lie. (In that lawsuit, they claimed that they were “entertainment”, not news.)

            • The employees won the first case about the unlawful firing, and won a settlement. Fox appealed, and in the appellate court, they won on the basis that they could lie. Remember, this took place in Florida, where Jeb Bush was governor.

      • MF – Oh give me a break. Fox doesn’t “teach” that everyone else lies. You just don’t like that Fox viewers have a different opinion from yours. Grow up.

  5. So obviously coach, couldn’t you find any children who can speak for themselves without notes? I am not a Fox news die hard, I take all media woth a open mind and decide for myself but it is obvious that this a smear tactic. Your credibility might be in tack if you reported the same problem with ALL the other networks. Brain wash your own children but leave it up to the rest of us to raise ours to make their own decisions.

  6. Pile on kids! France is having big fun doing this- see the old youtube of a young OReily working for Inside Edition for where he was offered a carrot or a stick and he picked the carrot…maybe i will move to vermont

  7. So. What news media do you people watch that you feel provides the accurate information. I am constantly reading the Fox haters spewing their udocumented, less than intelligent, and one sided rant about Fox News, but never quote what the truth is that they believe has been reported by other news media. Perhaps these young people are the future, because the rest of you are not.

  8. Bill o’reilly is not “FoxNews,”. He is the host of a show on the channel that is produced for its”Inside Edition” like, attention getting, biased, extreme nonsense that Americans flock to like spam to a Yahoo email account – it draws viewers with O’reiily’ s schtick – it’s entertainment that a certain segment of the population wants. Nor does the producer mentioned in the story, Watters, have any thing to do with producing the ” news” segments. The study is a moot and trite exercise in “duh!” These kids ought to make better use of their time by studying what is and isn’t “news,” their little project on ethics in journalism is misplace here – would they uphold that same standard to Entertainment Tonight or Jon Stewart?

    • The arguments against the argument that it’s just an “entertainment” site are as follows.

      It’s on a “cable news” channel.
      The background, graphics, and set arrangement is identical to a majority of prior and current actual “news” formats.
      The host makes claims of “fair and balance” and harps that their organization is the truth – as a counter to the “liberal bias” of the “rest” of the media.
      The show airs at a time of traditional network television news broadcasts.

      So how would an older individual, raised on network news, not be thinking they are watching an actual “news” broadcast when they turn on Fox for the first time?

      I would really like an answer to this? Would a judge buy the argument that it’s an “entertainment segment” in a future lawsuit over elder brainwashing?

  9. Ok, so the High School teacher (maybe liberal maybe progressive) gave the students a one sided project & lead them as instructor to a 1 subject focused determination. The teacher assumably knows protocol for accurate studies & yet did not follow them. The students also, by studying a “Watters World” segment, studied a entertainment segment not the news commentary. These students were also taught (by the way this was done & then approved of & applauded) that one entertainment segment on one commentary show allows (or ensures) you the right to ASSUME everything said & done & shown by that producer, that entertainer, that journalist, that pundit, that news channel, all the journalist under that news employer, the subscribers of all the above is wrong, unprofessional, etc. As any working man or woman, at any level, knows – you will never always agree with every co-worker, boss, employer. Of course there are some people who blindly, lazily follow someone as a leader of their beliefs. This happens with politics, religion, employment, etc. Hopefully what these students as adults learn is that every individual should be responsible for assessing truth in each individual circumstance and form their own opinions & beliefs. Unfortunately our children do not learn this in school anymore.

    • What a pile of absurd assumptions.

      You have no idea what the teacher’s role was in this or what the teacher’s politics are. All of the available evidence suggests that this a project devised and executed by the students.

      The students focused on the Watters World segment because it had baselessly disparaged them and their home town. It may not have been a hard news story, but even fluffy “human interest” pieces and commentary are journalism. Opinion commentators are journalists. And the students held them to the code of ethics from the Society for Professional Journalists.

      You could apply these same standards to almost everything that appears on Fox News. So the extrapolation from this segment to a more general judgment about the network is easy to make.

      It’s too bad that you are not able to give credit to the students who did such fine work. Rather you seek to dismiss them without any valid rebuttal to the facts they presented.

      • What truth? Even Snopes says the claim that Fox won a case in which it argued it had a right to lie is FALSE. Nevertheless, I looked at your link to Thom Hartman’s video. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. More, likely he is purposely lying. I find it curious and humorous that you are more than ready to believe his “interpretation.” Why aren’t you reading the actual decisions concerning this matter and providing actual quotes in support of your position? Have you read the decisions? Did you know the matter went to trial then to appeal? Are you aware the employee lost on appeal? Read the decisions please, then articulate for us something from them that supports your false allegation that Fox argued it had the right to lie. You won’t be able to, nor will you locate in the decisions that Fox distorted the truth. And again, this case did not involve the national Fox syndicate, but rather a small local affiliate.

        What this case amounted to was an editorial dispute. There was no deliberate intention to distort the news and Fox never argued or won on the grounds that it had the right to lie to its viewers.

        So, stop with your fake assertions.. Stop with the liberal propaganda. Think for yourself. Do appropriate fact checking.

    • Your conclusion and definition of ‘news show’ are flawed and inaccurate.

      Fox News is broadcast nightly at 7pm ET on Special Report with Bret Baier. The Factor is broadcast at 8pm ET, therefore, by your own thin description The Factor is in the ‘entertainment’ time slot. It is not described as news but an editorial format of discussion.

      Is set decoration really a defining element of a news format? I believe that design would then include NBC The Tonight Show, CBS The Late Show with David Letterman, ABC The Jimmy Kimmel Show, the weather channel, and various other shows using desks.

      Those were the only two reasons you referenced to justify your conclusion. As a dedicated news analyst, not associated with Fox News in any way, I have Fox News to be accurate, timely and unbiased. When a debate takes place, both sides of an issue are invited to take place. I have seen correction take place for both liberal and conservatives. Talking points by guests are not tolerated and layers of issues will be uncovered that are not offered on any other news outlet.

      What I have discovered is that liberal guests generally speak falsely when fact checked. I suggest you try that before you try to influence young, vulnerable minds. You, sir, are the problem.

      • You continue to ignore the fact that even fluffy “human interest” pieces and commentary are journalism. Opinion commentators are journalists. And the students held them to the code of ethics from the Society for Professional Journalists.

    • Since it is unlikely that you know the teacher or the students, why don’t you practice a little journalism of your own and investigate? You imply that these students blindly followed their teacher’s beliefs and cannot form their own opinions. What a low opinion you must have of the youth in our state of Vermont. I facilitate a youth council in this state and have done so for 14 years. I can attest to the curiosity, intelligence, and integrity of these young people. They are more than capable of coming up with their own opinions, ideas, thoughts, and decisions. Kudos to our schools for allowing free speech, even if what these youth have to say rubs some people the wrong way. They stood up against the bullying that was perpetrated on them by a network who chose to use their town to poke fun at. This is what bullying is in a base form and how larger forms of bias are allowed to grow. Proud of these kids and the fact that they knew that they would experience comments such as these and decided to go forward anyway.

  10. Just shows that the left (including the hippy spawn at Mt. Anthony) have no sense of humor.
    Jesse Watters is ENTERTAINMENT.
    He specializes in finding and interviewing clueless people – not hard to find in this country;
    Obama voters, in the main.
    BTW, I used to live near Bennington.
    Now, it’s just dope marketplace.

  11. I remember Nikita Khrushchev who once said something like this, “give us your grandchildren and we will own you.” Well we did and what is taught in schools proves that. We have not raised free thinkers but more like brainwashed liberal controlled children. I guess we reap what we sew. Incidentally you may have to do a Google search for Nikata because our revisionist historians probably do not teach that these days. OK the onslaught can start now.

  12. Watters World is a comedic entertainment segment, not a hard news symposium. The fact that the teacher of this class would position a response this way is biased and misleading to the minors that participated. Shame on whatever teacher(s) and Mount Anthony Union High School administrative personnel allowed this to transpire.

  13. Great job, Shary. I am so tired of people condemning Fox News when it is clear they do not watch it but disagree because Fox frequently exposes liberal bias and lying. Uncovering the truth has been ignored by mainstream media who are >90% self described liberals/Democrats. I want the truth, therefore, I watch news from several sources and I fact check. Fox News rarely makes errors. Fact checked!

    • “Fox News rarely makes errors.”

    • Fact checked thru the Drudge Report, Breitbart, and The Hill? It’s all RWNJ propaganda.

  14. It is abundantly cleR where the bias lies considering this website, news corpse, is a mockery of Fox News parent company, NewsCorps. Nuff said.

  15. It is a shame when a teacher uses kids to do something awful like this. FoxNews and MSNBC are ENTERTAINMENT networks. To be fair, apply the same standards to Saturday Night Live. Teacher, the script you gave these kids to read is not education, but promotion of your ideas.

  16. Good lord, teachers that take a ‘man on the street’ entertainment segment, clearly formatted for that purpose, and try to educate young minds that they are critiquing journalism pieces exposes these students as naive, misinformed and clearly comparing apples and oranges. The teacher involved should be reprimanded or dismissed. If you can’t define and differentiate journalism from satirical entertainment, you should not be trusted with molding young, impressionable minds.

    These students showed a lack of understanding their source material and repeated references to a code of ethics should start there. They violate the very standards they profess to understand.

    And these students and teacher prove that they do not have a sense of humor and are very thin skinned.

    • And your numerous, repeated comments here demonstrate your obsession with defending a clearly biased propaganda network. What’s more you don’t know what journalism is. Even fluffy “human interest” pieces and commentary are journalism. Opinion commentators are journalists. And the students held them to the code of ethics from the Society for Professional Journalists.

      What’s more, Fox puts on these “entertainment” segments with the purpose of disseminating their rightist views. That makes it subject to being critiqued. I know you don’t like that because an objective analysis always makes Fox look bad.

      • Fox News – biased?
        Let’s see: MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, WaPo are ALL paragons of unbiased professional “journalism”?
        All you Fox haters have the same attitude:
        Fox is “biased” because they aren’t biased far to the left like the rest of the MSM – Team Democrat-Media.

  17. This is just a wild guess, but these kids will not be pursuing a television and/or radio journalism career? Correct? That may of been about the most wooden a presentation I think I have ever witnessed. The Chris Farley Show interview skits on Saturday Night Live, which was designed to be a train wreck, flowed better than that. lol

    Hey, the future liberal press of America! Congrats! You just let a teacher manipulate you into doing his or her dirty work! Awesome! Take a victory lap! Actually, a few of you should start seriously taking a few laps. Daily.

    Who do I contact to get the last 9 minutes of my life back?

  18. This kids did great. The called FOX out for the BS it is.

    • Those kids are UGLY. Bunch of inbreds living in Bennington, VT.

  19. I am Slavic immigrant, just recently started to speak and understand English. Basically, I knew nothing of US politics, or anything related to that. Then, while studying for Citizenship exam, I became very intersted in matters that was important to me. So far, I have not seen or heard anything crazy or wrong from FoxNews (exept Ucranian issue). So, enlighten me on them being ” proven wrong”, I think the brainwashed ones are everyone, who is spewing words full of hatered on people with different opinion

  20. As of November 2011, there were seven studies indicating that the more someone listens to Fox News, the less informed they are. Quoting from a November 2011 article entitled, Seven Surveys Make a Trend for Fox News and Viewers:

    “The release yesterday of yet another survey indicating the more you watch Fox News the less you know, has once again shone a spotlight on one of the unique features that defines Rupert Murdoch’s cable news outlet – it is very, very good at misinforming people. And it’s very bad at reporting the news.”

    Subsequent surveys have all indicated the same thing; see “CONFIRMED: New Study Proves That Fox News Makes You Stupid.”

    Quoting an article entitled, “Fox News Viewers are the Most Uninformed”:

    “Why are Americans so divided today over reality and what is factually true? There are surely many causes – but one is that a news network with a powerful sway is constantly sowing right wing misinformation, and an army of followers are watching and believing.”

    See also:

    “Study: People Who Don’t Watch the News Are More Informed than Fox Viewers.”


    “Misperceptions the Media and the Iraq: Study Finds Widespread Misperceptions on Iraq Highly Related to Support for War.”

    The latter study found that those who watch Fox News were “significantly more likely than average” to have misperceptions about the Iraq War.

    According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, of the Fox viewers surveyed:

    • 91% believe that the stimulus legislation lost jobs.
    • 72% believe that the health reform law will increase the deficit.
    • 72% believe that the economy is getting worse.
    • 60% believe that climate change is not occurring.
    • 49% believe that income taxes have gone up.
    • 63% believe that the stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts.
    • 56% believe that Obama initiated the GM/Chrysler bailout.
    • 38% believe that most Republicans opposed TARP.

    • 63% believe that Obama was not born in the US (or that it is unclear).

    On health care reform:

    • 72% of Fox viewers believe that health care reform (so-called “Obamacare”) will give coverage to illegal immigrants.

    • 79% believe that health care reform will lead to a government takeover.
    • 69% believe that health care reform will pay for abortions.
    • 75% believe that health care reform will stop care to the elderly.

    Needless to say, none of the above is true.

    See also, “Fox News viewers overwhelmingly misinformed about health care reform proposals.”

    • uuuuuuuummmm what? …….. what “NBC/Wall Street Journal poll ….. is there a date on it or a title possibly? cause y’know 86% of polls on the internet are probably fake

    • Tony: You do realize these so called studies you mentioned are biased. Liberals can’t stand disagreement and try to shut down those with differing opinions. The opinion segments on FOX definitely lean right. Again, it’s called an opinion. An opinion which differs from yours. Live with it. Live and let live.

    • LOL. TONY. The basis of your argument, which cites an array of bogus, shallow polls, is that if a person doesn’t believe what you believe, the typical liberal stance, then they are misinformed or dumb. It’s called an opinion. Everybody’s got one. Who knows, maybe you are the one who is misinformed and dumb.

      • How can facts be an opinion?

        • What FACTS are you referring to? The polls asked people what they “believed”? That, my dear, would be an OPINION, not a fact.

  21. Anyone bothered by Watter’s World (and is moronic enough to actually think it’s journalism) must have skin so thin it’s translucent. These poor little brittle babies better not be let out on the world or they’ll end up crying 100% of the time. PS if you are really stupid enough to think that CNN (several times had to apologize for completely making up stories) or the others actually get the facts, you need to get into reality. I’d love to know when journalism was unbiased? I’ll give you a hint, it’s never been! Your facts are pretty pathetic, especially considering the actual fact that Watters’ World isn’t presented as journalism. You are so dumb you don’t even know when a puff piece is a puff piece and not serious journalism. This was really pathetic. Wow, all your “facts” really are pathetic, and whiney (don’t call me ski-bums wah wah wah) You people will soon realize that all your ethics will be forgetten as soon as you get out and are hired by any, yes any left or right, news agency. And, if newscorpse thinks this is really intelligent enough to report on, I guess this means you can’t even figure out these things. Just 1 thing to show the stupidity of this entire video, in the end you stated 1 of yours went after “liberal” New York Times. UH duh, how is the New York TImes accomplishing the 1st journalism whatever if they are liberal? It’s just proof that there is no un-biased news source, and there never really has been. Your ethics code is great for students and their professors, but have never actually been used in the real news world. And grow up if you’re actually upset about puff pieces.

    • You, like many of the trolls who crawled out of their bunkers to post here, think it’s stupid to analyze Watters World because it’s not presented as “journalism.” What you’re too dumb to figure out is that nothing on Fox News is journalism, and by your standards none of it could be analyzed.

      Watters is just as much a part of the propaganda crusade that makes up the Fox mission. He uses his allegedly entertaining bits to advance a right-wing message, just the same as O’Reilly or Kelly or Baier use their allegedly news bits. He is deliberately derogatory against liberals exclusively. And if you don’t think that he’s part of the messaging on Fox, you are terminally naive.

      Finally, while you attack these kids and assert that their facts are “pathetic,” you didn’t bother to refute a single one of them. So if the kids are, in your view, stupid, you are by far more stupid. So, congratulations, you win.

  22. Hey, if you guys are looking for bad, stereotyping journalism, watch the Rachel Maddow show

    • As a democrat, I must agree with this statement. You will never convince me that any of these organizations are unbiased. They all do it, yes. this doesn’t take away from the fact that its wrong, and a lot of viewers take it all to heart, leaving them stranded in red vs. blue turmoil. Instead of constantly berating people for being on what you perceive as the “other side” of politics why can’t we admit that these people don’t have our best interests at heart. The division is what we should fear, what we should rally against.

  23. These poor little robotic idiots have no clue what they are taking about. Their assertions/arguments are baseless, factless, and hogwash. Their journalism teacher should have his teaching license revoked, and sue the college he got it from for fraud.
    This is infuriating, as just one of many points, they claim that Fox and Watters mislead the viewers in saying that, based on the polling demographic sample that Watters did, that Vermont is a liberal state. Their refutation of that is comical. Anyone who disputes that plain fact is a simple moron. The state that gave us Howard Dean and others elected a Socialist to the US Senate, and there are countless legislative policies enacted there that confirm without a doubt of its far liberal slant. Go on, students, tell us again that Fox make an incorrect non-journalistic stretch with that.
    A picture perfect example of young soft clay in our schools systems being molded into good little liberal soldiers by neo-academia. So sad .. thank God there are other sharp young minds who actually can overcome this trash to contribute productivity and sense to society down the road.

    • “…baseless, factless, and hogwash” ?

      You are clearly talking about yourself. What an embarrassingly dumb comment you’ve posted. It almost seems like parody. Thanks for demonstrating so perfectly how idiotic you wingnuts are.

      • The shit. All we do is alienate one another with insults. How will you make some one at the very least think about your position if all you really want to do is hurl insights and be the winner. I am guilty of such things too, so there is that.

  24. well that was cringe worthy. The brainwashing of the children is almost complete.
    It’s hysterical to hear Leftists talking about Ethics. For them, as we know, It’s Ideology above all. No one was ‘scorched’ here. just cut to the chase and call everyone who disagrees with you a racist, ok?

  25. See what happens when you let liberal heathens teach your children

    • See what happens when you’re too ignorant to form an actual rebuttal and have to resort to insults. Typical wingnut.

  26. Good job, Students. You hit the nail on the head when you used the word ” arrogance.:

  27. Next up” O’Reilly paid for intern’s abortion while cheering on the murder of George Tiller by Christianist terrorists.

  28. The only scorching done was by O’Reilly

    • Hahahahahaha. That video shows how lame O’Reilly and his lackey Jesse Watters are. They didn’t have a single coherent response. They just made lame insults and belittled the kids. All it proved is that these allegedly professional broadcasters are too stupid to debate amateurs who are still in high school.

      And by the way, I took that segment apart after it aired. You can read it here. In fact, it is linked at the top of this article, but I guess you were too lazy to read it. It reveals Watters and O’Reilly as brazen liars and despicable bullies.

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