DEM Senator: GOP Hearing Turns Into Soundbite Factory For Fox News

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee, meeting for the first time since the Republican Party assumed the majority, held a hearing on the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to be the next Attorney General of the United States. And the new GOP leadership demonstrated just how corruptly tied they are to their propaganda arm at Fox News.

Fox News Soundbite Factory

Now that Republicans have the power to control the proceedings, they began by inviting a panel of overtly biased right-wingers who admitted that they had nothing to say about the AG nominee. The sole purpose of their attendance was to rag on the current AG, Eric Holder, and President Obama. The Republicans were using the hearing to express their hostility toward Holder and to try to make political points against the President that had nothing to do with the confirmation of Lynch.

What’s even worse is that the panel consisted of sham witnesses with notorious biases. They included disgraced former reporter Sharyl Attkisson, Tea Party Sheriff David Clarke, and voter suppression activist Catherine Engelbrecht of TrueTheVote. The giveaway was that these plants left the hearing upon completion of their testimony and hightailed it down to the Fox News studios for a turn on Sean Hannity’s show where they continued their bitchfest. That eventuality was actually predicted during the hearing by Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (video below) who called out the wingnut ringers saying that…

“I regret that this hearing and this solemn occasion has been co-opted to that extent and turned into what appears to be a soundbite factory for Fox News and conspiracy theorists everywhere.”

He could not have nailed it better. The fact that Republicans in Congress will abuse the process to stage a political theatrical affair is not particularly surprising. They have long ago proven themselves to be dismissive of democracy and willing to subvert government institutions in order to achieve their partisan goals. But the blatant exercise of casting a panel of “witnesses” who have dual roles as Fox News flunkies really indicts the new Senate majority as hopelessly corrupt.

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7 thoughts on “DEM Senator: GOP Hearing Turns Into Soundbite Factory For Fox News

  1. Kind of a ‘have you no shame’ moment for the Republicans. Well they have proven time and again they have no shame or conscience.

    • Why is everyone so surprised by politics happening in Washington DC – maybe this is what people wanted when they voted or didn’t vote depending on your desired goals – get used to it. This shitty president isn’t going to have anyone protecting him from his embarrassing leadership anymore. I may not like today’s Republican party, but this show could be fun to watch.

      • You find Obama embarassing but George Bush made you proud to be an American…………I guess I don’t understand.

        • Well, I don’t think I mentioned GW Bush – you’re reaching. In fact in all my comments on this site over the years that spoke about GW Bush, I don’t think any of them were positive. You may not understand because you’re just not too bright.

          • You shouldn’t talk about the brightness of others when you can’t make a coherent argument on the topic of any article posted here. You just continually try to evade the subject and sound off like a broken record about your knee-jerk hatred of government. It’s pathetic, and everyone sees what a mental lightweight your are.

  2. So, who invited Senator Whitehouse to the Rethuglican Lynching Party? (pun intended, of course 🙂 ).

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