Hey Fox News: With Friends Like Ralph Peters Who Needs Enemas?

Fox News has a deep bench of repulsive characters to call upon whenever they need to insult President Obama or lie about a progressive initiative that would help the nation. But perhaps the most noxious of the bunch is Col. Ralph Peters, a man who has distinguished himself as a world-class Obama hater.

Fox News Ralph Peters

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Ralph Peters (whose name translates to “vomiting penises” in Slanglish) is the purveyor of some truly nauseating notions that include: advocating military strikes on the American media; that there aren’t enough civilian casualties in war; that the U.S. should be more like ISIS; that the Taliban should have been allowed to execute an American soldier; and many more horrendous pronouncements.

The latest Peterism is a nearly incomprehensible perversion of an old proverb that goes “The enemy of my enemy is friend.” Its plain meaning is that two parties with a common foe have good reason to unite in order to achieve victory. But last night on Sean Hannity’s program Peters, cribbing off of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, turned this into a slap at Obama saying that…

“Obama is incapable of learning […] For Americans, the most important point that Bibi Netanyahu made today was that in the Middle East today, dealing with Iran and Islamic State, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.’ Obama just can’t figure that out.”

Neither can any other person with functional cognitive abilities. Let’s break it down. The enemy, in this case, can be presumed to be the so-called Islamic State. IS has many enemies, but for this demonstration we’ll just pick one, say…England. Therefore, if the enemy (England) of my enemy (IS) is my enemy, then England is my enemy. And that would go for just about every western nation, as well as many Middle Eastern nations. That’s how pathetically shallow the thought processes are for Peters and Netanyahu and the terrorist enablers at Fox News.

Peters went on to dig deep into Obama’s soul and dredge up what he thinks our President feels about the fate of Israel. Never mind that Obama has repeatedly stated that Israel’s security is of paramount interest to the national security of the United States and that America will always defend Israel and its right to exist, Peters ralphed up this vile commentary without any support other than his she-male intuition:

“Obama is so desperate, so desperate, for this deal for his legacy, that he is willing to give Israel up. Let’s face it, if Israel disappeared from the face of the Earth tomorrow Obama would not shed a tear.”

Remember, Peters is the cretin who wouldn’t shed a tear for American journalists and soldiers, and civilians of any nationality, who are killed by the terrorist military policies he would impose on U.S. forces. It’s people like Peters who are the real enemies of peace because they hunger so fiercely for the blood of their perceived foes. His philosophy is one of perpetual war and demonization of those he regards as alien to his ideal of Euro-supremacy. That poisonous creed needs to be eradicated from the world and the eradication needs to start with Fox News.

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8 thoughts on “Hey Fox News: With Friends Like Ralph Peters Who Needs Enemas?

  1. Peters was back on Fox this morning to call Obama and Democrats “snitty bitchy high school girls.” Who would say that other than a snitty bitchy high school girl?

  2. Can you imagine a Leftist saying something similar on any cable news show? Ha-ha! Trick question – you’ll never see a real Leftist on a news show in Uh’merica! (Ok, maybe Bernie Sanders – but he is a Senator, and only on MSNBC.)

  3. ” progressive initiative that would help the nation”
    Is there such an initiative? I guess if you are willing to have your life dictated to you by the state – then you’re in luck, progressives have the answers. I don’t give you enough credit for the funny things you say. And I generally agree with your assessment of Fox News personalities – this one included. But most of us don’t need Fox News to feel disgust for this president – but I guess they won’t leave anything to chance. A guy I worked with had a count down clock for when GW Bush would finally be done as president – I think I know why now as I would like one to remind me of when this clown is finally swept off into history.

    • Well you certainly are fine with voicing your disgust about this president, but when it comes to explaining why? Not so much.

      You may mock a “liberal initiative” to help the country, but is there any similar non-liberal initiative coming from you? I certainly see none here coming from you, heck you’re not even calling for any such thing.

      As your post has shown it’s more important to show your hate and disgust for liberals than anything else.

      You also seem pretty fine with right wingers all but pledging themselves to a foreign leader, same as it was with Putin. The hate and disgust endemic in all of you drives you to something downright patriotic in spite of claims of “loving America”.

      Usightly indeed, but far from unexpected.

      • Yeah, I fell of the wagon posting. I don’t think I’ve taken a position on your suggestion about “right wingers…” I don’t pay attention to that media enough to know what they are doing or saying – most of my reading is, believe it or not, left wing stuff. Not sure why – it hasn’t changed my mind or ideological perspective, it just reinforces why I think what I do. I never claimed any love of anything – but since you made the suggestion – you need to define “America” – leftists around here seem to think or at the least suggest it’s defined more by the government. America to me is more a set of ideas and the people – and it includes a very strong belief in maximum freedom and minimal government (not zero government, just very very small and limited to the bare essentials) – which is conservatism. So you define what you mean. How Fox News defines America – I don’t know and don’t care. And to close out – this president is a worthless, unqualified failure of a leader. That statement is exclusive to him – not other leaders or their standing or whatever you or anyone else suggests.

      • By they way – “non-liberal” proposals are a total waste of time here – so there is no point. Anything non-government or voluntary is such an alien concept, it wouldn’t be productive with this lot. So being ignorant is the fall back position – I do that well.

  4. Isn’t it remarkable that soldiers who managed to never fire a shot in anger like to tell everyone else to go out and kill.

  5. Who is this guy? Is Newt unavailable? The old school batch of “Bomb Throwers” is no longer doing FOXNEWS? They found out they’re old hat and had to regain some credibility by calming down so appearances on “lamestream” became available..

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