Donald Trump’s Campaign Slogan: This Country Is A Hell Hole

Failed businessman and birther, Donald Trump, has not yet announced whether he will run for president in 2016. Of course his failure to make a decision isn’t exactly leaving anyone wondering about what it will be (or caring). He has been down this road too many times and now everyone pretty much knows that he’s just a publicity-seeking fraud. However, last night on Fox News Trump did reveal his fake campaign slogan: “This Country Is A Hell Hole.” [Video below]

Donald Trump Hell Hole

What better way to endear himself to an electorate of Fox pods who are similarly unpatriotic and harbor hateful feelings about an America that elected Barack Obama twice. These pseudo-patriots pretend to be loyal flag-wavers while constantly maligning the country and their fellow citizens who happen to disagree with them. They pretend to support the troops unless they are conducting training exercises in Texas, in which case the same soldiers are invaders bent on imposing martial law. They pretend to adhere to Christian tenets of charity and loving thy neighbor unless their neighbor is black, Muslim, or on welfare (you know how Jesus despised the poor).

And now Trump tells Megyn Kelly how he really feels about America. He’s not alone. A couple of years ago Rush Limbaugh admitted that “I am ashamed of my country.” Not long after that Sean Hannity confessed that “I am humiliated for my country”

Someone should tell these cretins that we’re not exactly bragging about them, either. As for Trump, he will never run for president for at least one unavoidable reason: Candidates have to produce financial statements. Trump won’t do that because he doesn’t want everyone to know what a loser he is (he declared bankruptcy four times). He says that he will announce his intentions next month and everyone will be surprised. Even Megyn Kelly said that she would only be surprised if he runs.

Most Americans are surprised that anyone takes him seriously – or that he takes himself seriously. In the Clown Car of the Republican Party, Donald Trump is riding in the trunk, but he thinks he’s driving.

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Trump told Megyn Kelly on Fox News that “This country is a hell-hole.” The video has since been deleted. But he says here that Brussels is a hell hole, while likening it to America.

And by the way, here is Trump’s campaign theme song:


9 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Campaign Slogan: This Country Is A Hell Hole

  1. Donald suffers from a severe form of narcissistic personality disorder!

  2. Trump won’t run anyway – he can’t take the pay cut.

    And anyway, Dumb-ald? Didn’t you support the PATRIOT Act that did much to ensure your comment would be real? And you also reject climate change, don’t you? Your actions have ensured this “hell hole” more than anyone else. Well, we could include Bill-O, but, despite his own gargantuan ego, Bill-O just doesn’t have the means and money to really make a difference…

    • His ego knows no bounds – so I wouldn’t put it past him. But not wanting to air his financial dirty laundry may be something that goes beyond even that – so Mark is probably right. But people like him LOVE power – but as we have seen in recent years, that power in the wrong hands is bad for everyone and I just can’t see him winning anything even if he did give it a go.

  3. Donald Trum has NEVER gone bankrupt.

    • Would you just do a little research before you make a fool of yourself? Thank you.

      Donald Trump’s Companies Filed for Bankruptcy 4 Times

      And don’t give me the “It’s his corporations that went bankrupt, not him personally,” bullshit. He is responsible and it’s a reflection of his sorely lacking business skills.

  4. I watched the video – it was certainly a poor choice of words. Infrastructure is a problem, but I’m not sure I would call the US a hell hole. It’s certainly in need of a leader – we’ve had 2 bad ones in a row. I remember the article Mark wrote about that guy from MIT that called the american people stupid or something like that and the term used for those remarks was “inartful” . Funny how leftist wording that is less than perfect is called inartful and of course the choice of words here is something much more sinister. Not that Donald Trump doesn’t deserve the crap he gets but in the end, I guess that is the nature of Newscorpse propaganda – “right wing” stupid speech is unpatriotic, left wing stupid speech is inartful. See Mark, we all do it – I’m just able to acknowledge my screw ups and biased view – as I had to do in a previous article.

  5. Corporate America has been taking advantage of the American people for at least 30 years,,ever since Ronald Reagan decided he would break the unions back because the American worker makes too much money????,,Right now Republicans still think our wages are still too High? , and in a way they are right. we are 16th in the world of wages for the average worker BUT FOR THE C E O now that is a different story,,, Country – Ratio of Pay CEO : compared to the Average worker–Japan – 11:1–Germany – 12:1–France – 15:1–Italy – 20:1–Canada – 20:1–South Africa – 21:1–Britain – 22:1–Mexico – 47:1–Venezuela – 50:1 and now… UNITED STATES – 475:1…In 1980 USA execs made less than 30 times. A 15 fold plus increase. Still think UNIONS are the problem?????? Corporate America wants a smaller government for the same reason that bank robbers want a smaller police dept.
    Today, after four years of economic growth, corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher, and those at the top have never done better. But average wages have barely budged. Inequality has deepened. Upward mobility has stalled. The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by – let alone get ahead. And too many still aren’t working at all.

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