Rush Limbaugh Is Ashamed Of America. The Feeling Is Mutual.

In yet another example of crybaby Republicans bugging out when they don’t get their way, Rush Limbaugh is whining about how he is “ashamed” of his country.

Rush Limbaugh

This isn’t really anything new. Limbaugh has been in fits of hysteric embarrassment ever since America elected its first African-American president. And having done it twice hasn’t helped soothe his frayed nerves. So now he is ranting about how the country is sliding down a path to a hellish fiscal doom (also not new for Rushbo) even though the deficit has declined every year of Obama’s presidency. And this imagined impending apocalypse has so disturbed Rush that he has become racked with shame, poor thing.

Limbaugh’s pride deficiency has spread to infect his pals at Fox News.

Limbaugh - Fox

Over at Fox Nation they think that his tantrum is just the thing to revive the Tea Party that Americans have come to hate in droves. How appropriate that they believe that shame for America will re-energize the Tea-publicans. And at the Hannity show, the rash of embarrassment is epidemic. Hannity goes off on an extended rant about how he, too, is embarrassed. Ironically, he makes a couple of good points:

“It’s embarrassing with our wealth and all that we have, that 50 million Americans are on food stamps, one in six Americans are in poverty, it’s embarrassing we import oil.”

Indeed, that is embarrassing. Too bad Hannity and his right-wing cohorts are opposed to every initiative that would address those issues. Apparently they enjoy being mired in embarrassment.

But it was Hannity’s guest, Herman Cain that totally went off the deep end by latching on to the argument that almost single-handedly sunk the Romney campaign:

“Look, 51 percent of the voters elected Barack Obama. Forty nine percent of us are not that stupid. That’s what [Rush] was saying.”

Oh, I see. Rush was saying that the majority of the nation is stupid. What a great way to invigorate Tea Partiers and win voters over. If this is a preview of their campaign strategy for 2014-16, then get ready for Speaker Pelosi and President Clinton. They can recycle leftover Romney posters that said “Believe in America” by simply editing them to read “Ashamed of America.” That’s the new GOP slogan for the foreseeable future.


6 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Is Ashamed Of America. The Feeling Is Mutual.

  1. But of course, it’s a crime against all Limberger believes in when Michelle Obama says that sometimes she is not proud of her country. Got it…

    • The way the right wingers excoriated her for basically the same comments was the first thing I thought of. Of course her comments were a compliment of Americans attitudes in the racial discourse. Those on the right don’t even recognize or acknowledge the existence of their hypocrisy when Rushbo “feels ashamed”.

  2. Every time I hear an utterance from Limbaugh I am ashamed of this country. How could you not?

  3. Even if he does it, is no excuse to insult his appearance. He says and does enough despicable things, after all, to insult.

  4. Rush Limbaugh Is Ashamed Of America. The Feeling Is Mutual. Well now maybe”he,Sean,Glenn and Herman Cain will leave. Unfortunately they will still be broadcasting where ever they go. If Obama “was” truly a tyrant he would put re-regulation inside the FCC, especially requiring so called radio personalities to hold their own FCC license, this would allow the people who truly own the airwaves “us” to hold these guys accountable and we need to hold Fox News accountable for it’s past,present and future propaganda.

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