Respecting Police Fox News Style: Pool Party Kids vs. Tea Party Militia

The relentless punditry being applied to the McKinney pool party by less than credible media commentators has produced a flood of useless blathering that contributes nothing toward understanding the situation. And leading the pack as, as usual, is “doctor” Keith Ablow, the disgraced Fox News “psycho” analyst best known for diagnosing President Obama as an anti-American sociopath.

On yesterday’s episode of Fox & Friends (video below), Ablow chimed in on the McKinney affair with his familiar fetish for finding the President at fault for everything from the Kennedy assassination to diaper rash. He also exhibited his famous hate-focused tunnel-blindness that stretches the boundaries of hypocrisy to new extremes. This exchange with fellow defamer Elisabeth Hasselbeck covered well-worn territory for the Fox irregulars.

Hasselbeck: What is the mentalitiy a cop needs in a situation like this and why are so many people quick to reject authority right now?
Ablow: I think that some leaders in America have fractured the trust that Americans placed, properly, in police officers […] I don’t think our president or our former attorney general did anything to help people out when they seemed to side with folks other than the police or, for that matter, the mayor of New York. So, these messages are very powerful. And they’re heard by young people who may think of it as a cause celebre to sort of resist police officers when the right thing to do is…do as you’re told.

So it’s “some leaders in America,” specifically President Obama, who are responsible for fracturing the trust placed in police officers. It wouldn’t be the police officers who have murdered unarmed kids or brutalized peaceful citizens who made trusting law enforcement so difficult, would it? And if an enraged cop drags you by your hair and orders you to put your face in the grass, just do as you’re told. If only our leaders excused and supported such violent tactics by militarized police departments, there wouldn’t be any problem at all.

Ablow’s assertion that the President, or any other national figure, is advocating disrespect for the police is a figment of his perverted imagination. Most rational observers would hold that siding with folks other than police who act criminally IS siding with the police. It’s siding with the majority of officers whose reputation is shredded by the bad apples. But Ablow’s opinion that there is a breakdown in the social compact between citizens and the police is shared by his colleagues at Fox. For instance…

Charles Krauthammer: The only consequence of this is to undermine the police, it’s to undermine their respect for the police, and it’s essentially to undermine law and order.

O’Reilly: It’s clear that there is a growing disrespect for police officers in some American neighborhoods and that attitude is going to lead to violence. If citizens don’t obey the police then law and order completely breaks down.

Fox News

What makes these remarks all the more absurd is the inference that victims of excessive force by the police are themselves responsible for their injuries (or deaths). All they had to do was obediently comply with the abusive cops and they would have been fine. After all, it’s just a matter of respect for authority. The kind of respect that Cliven Bundy and his Tea Party terrorists showed when the authorities arrived to enforce the law and prevent him from continuing to unlawfully graze his cattle on land that did not belong to him.

For some reason, conservatives, and pundits at Fox News, considered Bundy a hero for defying law enforcement. Bundy’s Tea Party Militia came armed to the teeth and threatened to blow away any dirty copper that tried to make Bundy obey the same laws to which every other American is subject. Maybe if the teenagers at the pool party waved American flags, pointed automatic weapons at the police, and threatened to kill them, their respect would have been more appreciated by the “patriots” on Fox News.

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5 thoughts on “Respecting Police Fox News Style: Pool Party Kids vs. Tea Party Militia

  1. Black unarmed teenagers being criminally manhandled by police. The black teenagers are wrong,troublemakers,disrespectful to law enforcement.

    White ARMED adults ready to kill cops on behalf of a racist scofflaw. The white ARMED adults are right,patriots,fighting against tyrannical state sponsored out of control cops.

  2. US Senator Dean Heller,Texas AG now Governor Greg Abbott,US Senator now Presidential candidate Ted Cruz all supported the white militia people at the Bundy ranch. These white militia people were ready to kill cops. 2Bundy supporters/participants actually killed LVPD cops Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck. Heller,Abbott and Cruz are complicit in the deaths of Soldo and Beck. Also how can cops know Heller,Abbott and Cruz have their support,considering their irresponsible leadership on the Bundy matter?

  3. from the article – “Keith Ablow, the disgraced Fox News “psycho” analyst best known for diagnosing President Obama as an anti-American sociopath.” Now that is funny. To quote a book title – “Liberalism is a mental disorder” – so maybe it’s not all that far from the truth.

    • Which doesn’t address “Doctor” Ablow’s clear persecution complex since he specializes in ascribing mental disorders to people he hates but hasn’t actually examined and doesn’t actually know personally. Which is kind of against the rules of the American Medical Association and defies the Hippocratic Oath. Not Fox’s Hypocritical Oath, of course…

      Progressives fight for change and conservatives fight to maintain the status quo (assuming, of course, they can get it to do exactly what they want and keep all the world’s money in the hands of the extremely wealthy). That’s the issue, so someone really must ask the good “Doctor” someday how this constitutes a mental disorder. Especially since Ablow is all too likely to treat a Republican who supports progressive ideals as a total visionary, even though he has just disparaged those very same ideals when embodied by a Democrat.

  4. FoxNewz should get Mr Bundy on one of their shows to explain what’s wrong with all these uppity blah people nowadays, and how he was such a brave patriot standing up to that uppity president, and why can’t white folks have their country back, and various other enlightened views from the 19th century.

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