What Republican Party? Fox News And The Koch Brothers Have Replaced The GOP

Everyday there is more and more evidence that the Republican Party is dissolving into the ether of a new political atmosphere. It began with Fox News usurping the PR responsibilities of the party. For anyone to advance in the GOP they had to go through Fox News. At the same time, the Koch brothers have been moving in on party operations and raising more campaign money than the party could ever hope to.

Koch Brothers

News Corpse has covered this phenomenon in some detail here and here, examining how the interests of Fox News came to supersede those of the GOP:

Fox has corralled a stable of the most disreputable, unqualified, extremist, lunatics ever assembled, and is presenting them as experts, analysts, and leaders. These third-rate icons of idiocy are marketed by Fox like any other gag gift (i.e. pet rocks, plastic vomit, Sarah Palin, etc.). […] The problem is that by elevating bona fide nutcases, they are debasing honest and informed discourse. The mental cases are crowding out any reasonable voices that might exist amongst the more moderate Republicans (if there are any left). Fox appears to have made a tactical decision to permit the inmates full run of the asylum. […] So even as this helps Rupert Murdoch’s bottom line, it is making celebrities of political bottom-feeders. That can’t be good for the long-term prospects of the Republican Party.

The trend is accelerating as we go into the 2016 presidential campaign season. Now Fox has appointed itself the gatekeeper of the GOP primary, wherein they will only permit the top ten Republican candidates, as determined by certain unnamed polls, to participate in their televised debates. Even Republican party operatives are opposed to this power grab by a media company.

In addition to Fox News assuming the roll of party spokesman, the billionaire Koch brothers are angling to replace the party’s electoral architects by building and distributing the voter access tools and outreach capability that used to be the sole province of the political party. Yahoo News published an in-depth investigation that shows how the Koch’s syndicate has moved in on party territory, much to the consternation of the party chieftains.

“The RNC is now openly arguing, however, that the Kochs’ political operation is trying to control the Republican Party’s master voter file, and to gain influence over — some even say control of — the GOP.

“‘I think it’s very dangerous and wrong to allow a group of very strong, well-financed individuals who have no accountability to anyone to have control over who gets access to the data when, why and how,’ said Katie Walsh, the RNC’s chief of staff.”

So if the Koch brothers end up running the electoral operations of Republican candidates, and Fox News continues its role in media strategy and execution, the only question that remains is: What’s left for the remnants of the Republican Party to do? They become an organization with no authority, responsibility, or relevance.

If they don’t take steps to reverse these trends, and do it soon, the GOP will drift into an ignoble and faded history. Ordinarily, that might not seem like such a horrible idea. But if their replacement is Fox News and the Koch brothers, we might all be better off rooting for the GOP.

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14 thoughts on “What Republican Party? Fox News And The Koch Brothers Have Replaced The GOP

  1. Well, having seen the Interloper Punk Walker wreck the State of Wisconsin, I’d say, since the Grand Old Party (What a freaking joke) was born here, it can god damned well DIE here. And not soon enough. These freaks wouldn’t pass a basic psych eval. Pseudo-Conservatives, but mostly they are sociopaths.

    • If Scott Walker has wrecked the state of Wisconsin – why didn’t the people remove him when they had the chance? Maybe the people of the state like the wrecking he is doing….maybe?

      • fascist scott walker had tens of millions of koch brother money buying ads repeating the same lies that walker spewed.
        wisconsin was victimized.

      • The GOP controls the voting machines, now they want to get rid of the Government Accountability Board. Big Surprise. These people are like VIKINGS, without the economic trade the actual Vikings were pretty good at.

  2. The Republican Party is about to reap what it has been sowing, whhich is government for sale, instutinalizd discrimination, wild west gun toting.

    I can imagine a debater venue in which some black Republicans try to get in to protest that their candidate is not amongst the “anointed ten”; a scuffle breaks out (shades of 2008!), shots are fired, police arrive and start throwing their weight around, a child is killed.

    And these people want us to vote for them?

  3. They made their filthy pig sty – let them wallow in it.

  4. I wonder what republican citizens think about the idea that someone else is choosing who they may or may not vote for? And how much longer they will put up with it?

    • that has been the issue for several election cycles – which is why you see polling on current candidates as you do. The average republican voter won’t vote for Jeb or anyone perceived to be the “chosen” one by the GOP establishment. The Tea Party was an attempt to change that, but the corporate media helped squash that by portraying the movement as fringe and/or extreme. Now we’re all worse for it and could end up with another corporatist candidate – and the democrat party isn’t too far behind with Hillary – she is no better.

      • You don’t know your history. You guys ALWAYS go with the chosen one or next in line. You had it right in your first sentence…”for several elections cycles.”

        Reagan beat out HW Bush; Bush was the next republican nominee/ president.
        “W” beat out McCain; McCain was the next nominee.
        McCain beat out Romney; Romney was the next nominee.

        This cycle maybe different because thanks to the citizens united ruling, the GOP establishment has competition from the Koch Bros with their billion they plan to spend.

        • well, I guess I don’t go back that far, I’ve paid attention only since I could vote so my timeline is a bit limited. Maybe it has gone back that far, I only remember Reagan as president, not anything related to his path to the nomination. I do remember GHW Bush after his first term and I chose to vote for Bill Clinton in the general election – yes, a democrat. I don’t think I voted in the primary. I’ll take your word for it since you clearly remember and/or paid attention longer. But your OPINION is suspect given your leftist slant and clouded view of how any republican might evaluate the candidates. This site likes to assume you know why we vote as we do or believe what we do – and your assumptions are all slanted toward the bad, which of course is wrong – you really don’t know anything.

          • How could my opinion be suspect? I didn’t give one. I stated facts of which you clearly stated you were unaware.

  5. This article is SO WELL WRITTEN. Say good on ya mate to him. I love it when THE TRUTH is written with GUTS & words sayin it AS IT IS..

    Our only HOPE is that people are NOT so manipulated by the PROPOGANDA machine???

    Let’s HOPE, that there’s SANITY amongst people -and that they QUESTION the bullshit spun by the media??

    Or – are they PLUGGED into the Matrix and rather STAY THERE, instead of facing REALITY???

    Oh PLEASE say Big Brother has NOT taken over the world & controls it via Rupert Murdock?? Or IS BIG BROTHER, Rupert Murdock??

    It’s GROUNDHOG DAY – 1984.

  6. Democratic Party, not democrat party. Please use the correct name, capitalize proper nouns. To do otherwise puts you in the category of a dunce.

  7. Democratic Party is the OLDEST Political Party on the PLANET, with roots going back at least to Athens, Greece.
    Prolly why the Republicans called their party ‘The Grand Old Party’, because from the outset, they are liars & charlatans.
    The Greedy Opposition Party of Pseudo-Conservatives was born in Ripon Wisconsin relatively recently, & thanks to the Interloper Punk Walker et al, can DIE right here in Wisconsin.

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