Right-Wing Haters Slam Michelle Obama For Advocating Education For Girls

The conservative hate machine is churning out bile twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It is a non-stop factory of hostility that is distributed to all manner of liberal “enemies” in an effort to smear the innocent and divide the country. As a result of the relentless manufacturing schedule, there are times when the source material gets pretty thin and, frankly, stupid.

Michelle Obama

One of those times came this week when First Lady Michelle Obama traveled to the U.K. with her daughters and visited the Mulberry School for Girls in London. The message she came to deliver was a positive one that emphasized the need to ensure that girls around the world have access to education. She was promoting her “Let Girls Learn” initiative with a mission that recognizes that…

“To educate a girl is to build a healthier family, a stronger community, and a brighter future. Unfortunately today, 62 million girls around the world are not in school. Half of them are adolescents. We know that countries with more girls in secondary school tend to have lower maternal mortality rates, lower infant mortality rates, lower rates of HIV/AIDS, and better child nutrition. But too often, a girl who could change her world for the better is locked out of that future by the circumstances of her birth or the customs of her community.”

So obviously the right-wing zealots who thrive on baseless contempt had to turn this worthy event into something evil and un-American. The hook that the haters latched onto was a sentence fragment where Obama told the students that “In so many ways your story is my story.” For context, here is a bit more from that part of the inspiring speech:

“I’m here because girls like you inspire me and impress me every single day. I am so proud of your passion, your diligence; as Dr. Ogden said, your grit, your determination. And I am beyond thrilled that you are working so hard to complete your education. It is so important.

“And I’m here because when I look out at all of these young women, I see myself. I may come from a country that’s an ocean away, but — I’m a bit older than you all. (Laughter.) Yes, I am. I know I don’t look it. (Laughter.) But I’m just a little older. But in so many ways, your story is my story.”

Obama went on to describe the struggle she faced as child growing up on the south side of Chicago. She told them about the trials and the obstacles, as well as the achievements and the satisfaction that comes from hard work and dedication. And it was from these stories of perseverance and accomplishment that conservative jerkwads contrived an abomination. Apparently the only thing of interest to these misogynist racists bent on defaming the First Lady was that the school was in a minority neighborhood and served a largely Muslim community. These are a few of the headlines from articles in the wingnut press reporting Obama’s visit to the school:

    Fox Nation (via the Washington Times): Michelle Obama to Muslim Girls: ‘Your Story Is My Story
    Breitbart News: Mrs. Obama in Britain: Visits Bangladeshi-Dominated School Which Hosts Hard-Left Conferences in Islamist-Friendly Borough
    WorldNetDaily: Michelle O: ‘I see myself’ in Muslim girls
    Wizbang: Michelle’s Inner-Muslim Comes Out
    Conservative Tribune: Did Michelle Obama Just Accidentally Admit She’s a Muslim?
    America’s Freedom Fighters: Michelle Obama Trashes America While Overseas
    Creeping Sharia: Michelle Obama visits UK terror enclave

There is a unique brand of dementia demonstrated in those headlines. No sane appraisal could find that Obama had disparaged America. To the contrary, she praised the opportunities that were available to her and pledged to make those opportunities available more broadly around the world. And the accusation that there were any terrorists among these children is just plain lunacy.

It is astonishing that these ignorant right-wing blowhards can so quickly forget the heroism of people like Malala Yousafzai, who in 2012 was shot in the face at the age of fifteen by Taliban terrorists for advocating education for girls in Pakistan. She survived and went on to become an international activist, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

It is girls like Malala that attend the Mulberry School, often in defiance of the extremists in their community who don’t believe that women should be educated. And it is the girls at Mulberry that conservatives are calling terrorists and using to malign the First Lady. We have long known that conservatives have no problem lying in order to achieve their ends. They have no problem slandering those with whom they disagree. And to that we can add that they really have no shame.

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This is the video of Michelle Obama at the Mulberry School:


14 thoughts on “Right-Wing Haters Slam Michelle Obama For Advocating Education For Girls

  1. Once again, let Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush make a speech like this, they’re visionaries. Michelle Obama makes a speech, she’s a traitor to her country, or something. Absolutely typical.

    Hey, wait a minute…

    • It’s almost like there is a fundamental…almost visual, difference between Reagan, Bush and Obama…but I just can’t put my finger on it.

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure that Scott went right over to these sites to tell them what mean and hateful liars they are.

    • One other big difference – Michelle Obama is a friggin nag who likes to tell everyone how they should run their lives while those same people she is lecturing are working to support here jet setting – lifestyle as first lady.

      • Calm down Steve, I’m sure Barry’s salary is about the same as Dubya’s was. And the Obamas are rich anyway, so they can afford jet-setting just like all the other rich people. I’m pretty sure they didn’t raise anybody’s taxes to pay for their little vacation.

        And as for Michelle’s nagging… have you heard all the sermons pouring from the stench-holes of those “conservative family values” political crime-lords lately? Could she be any worse than those bible-humpin’ sleezebags? Just sayin’.

        • You’re wasting your time, Green. Steve is just proving that he’s among the haters who lash out wildly at someone just because she advocates something positive like education. It’s a sickness in these people.

        • What Steve is trying to say is that she doesn’t have the air-headed, submissive, Stepford Wife demeanor that conservatives prefer in a First Lady. She actually has opinions of her own and isn’t afraid to express them. Betty Ford was like that, and Barbara Bush to a degree. But now that conservatives have gone full-retrograde and want to take the country back to the 1950’s, you won’t see the likes of her on the right again anytime soon.

      • Yep. Just like Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan, right, Steve? But of course to you FoxPods, that is perfectly acceptable. Laura Bush can plug a program to get kids to read and Nancy Reagan can appear on Diff’rent Strokes to plug Just Say No, while it’s criminal for Michelle Obama to do, well, anything.

        Honestly, the hypocrisy of you FoxPods is really starting to get pathetic.

        • Nag, Nag, Nag – typical progressive – she is a world class nag and nothing you say will change it.

          • And he ignores my point yet again. You know, Steve, why don’t you try reading instead of reacting. It’s so much easier…

          • There’s plenty to go around. Forced ultrasounds seem like institutionalized nagging. Same goes with telling people who they should (not) be sleeping with. Or forcing non-believers to support religious practices with taxpayer money. All just examples of telling other people how to live, except that conservatives like to force their preferences on people through legislative action, so there is no choice. Much like fascism.

          • I know that she speaks out on childhood obesity, which is a public health problem just like smoking. People don’t want to hear that they are too fat, but too bad. There is no reason for so many people to be so fat, but so many are that it has become the new normal.

  2. The Taliban doesn’t want women to have any rights either.

  3. When you champion education you are going directly against the conservative mantra of doing away with public education that the rich don’t use and don’t want to pay for.

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