Hostile Pastor On Fox News Says Charleston Church Massacre Due To “Rising Hostility Against Christians”

Last night there was another of the sort of tragedies that are becoming painfully common in modern America. The Emanuel AME Church, an historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, was attacked by an openly racist gunman who managed to take the lives of nine innocent people before fleeing into the night. This morning police in North Carolina apprehended Dylann Storm Roof, the alleged perpetrator.

Despite the readily available facts from police and witnesses, Fox News immediately went into a defensive posture to mitigate any speculation that race might have been the motive in the crime. The general editorial viewpoint of Fox News is that racism ceased to exist when President Obama was elected. Never mind that his election brought out the racists at Fox who questioned his birth, his faith, his patriotism, and accused him of deliberately inciting racial violence and riots.

Fox News has also been a critic of studies that show that America is far more at risk due to threats from right-wing, domestic terrorists than from foreign extremist Islamic groups like ISIS. Just the mention of such studies brings outrage from offended rightists who are desperate to avoid seeing the truth. However, the incident in Charleston affirms the studies and reinforces that fact that there have been many assaults perpetrated by rightist individuals and groups, but not a single successful attack by ISIS. Yet which of these does Fox News work so hard to make people fear?

Fox News

The Charlston whitewash began with the first Fox News program in the morning, Fox & Friends, where they hosted wingnut pastor E.W. Jackson to discuss distort the story. Jackson was introduced by Steve Doocy who was taken aback because “extraordinarily, they called it a hate crime.” Doocy didn’t bother to explain just what he thought was extraordinary about it, but Jackson went into some further detail:

“We’re urging people to wait for the facts. Don’t jump to conclusions. But I have to tell you that I’m deeply concerned that this gunman chose to go into a church, because there does seem to be a rising hostility against Christians across this country because of our biblical views. And I just think that it’s something we have to be aware of and not create an atmosphere where people take out their violent intentions against Christians.”

So after cautioning everyone not to jump to conclusions, Jackson leaped ahead to suggest the utterly improbable notion that a white man firing randomly into a congregation of black parishioners was actually an assault based on religion and not race. He propounded this theory even though there were already reports that the shooter had announced his his racist purpose before he began shooting, saying that he was there “to shoot black people.”

Of course, the Curvy Couch Potatoes readily agreed with Jackson and commended him on making a good point. But if this weren’t bad enough, Jackson continued to interject something else that was on his mind:

“And I would mention one other thing very quickly, and that is I would urge pastors and men in these churches to prepare to defend themselves. It’s sad, but I think that we’ve got to arm ourselves.”

No one should be surprised that Fox News would seek to advance their pro-gun agenda after another mass murder by another crazed gunman. It’s what they did after the massacres at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Colorado, and elsewhere. Shilling for NRA-theists is an inbred trait at Fox News. However, it is disturbing that in this case they chose Jackson as their mouthpiece since he has a history of advocating an avowedly militant philosophy. Earlier this year he spoke at the National Press Club to denounce marriage equality. He declared that gay marriage was contrary to God’s plan and pledged that Christians “will give our lives standing for the truth.”

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Considering the hostility that Jackson and his peers have for those with whom they disagree, and his determination to fight to the death against what he considers sinful, it would be inviting tragedy to put guns in the hands of people like him. He’s already aching for a war and he believes that he and other Christians are the oppressed victims who are justified in taking up arms. Talk about a recipe for disaster.


6 thoughts on “Hostile Pastor On Fox News Says Charleston Church Massacre Due To “Rising Hostility Against Christians”

  1. Everyone should keep their “god(s)” to themselves. In addition, a person’s belief in an imaginary whatever, doesn’t give them the right to push that bullshit on anyone else or cause harm to someone who hasn’t been sucked in by the same crap. From Gomo to Mithra to Yahweh to Jesus, Mohammed and Allah there are plenty of fantasies to go around – just stfu about your own particular magic buddy.

  2. Some black people are shot in a church, and now this guy is worried. What has been his reaction to all of the shootings of blacks by police for the past year?

    • People such as EW Jackson think they are above the mistreatment their black brethren get. Those blacks deserve getting killed by cops,zimmerman,etc. According to EW and others of that ilk.Now he’s afraid because as a minister a white gunman might come where he’s preaching.

  3. “pro gun agenda” ???? That may be the point for Fox News, I really don’t know. But you ignore the approach taken by the president – commenting that somehow this incident is more about the access to guns and not about the clearly psychotic racist person who committed this crime. I guess this president and Fox News play the same game then – but you wouldn’t actually dare see the same behavior from your own “side” of the issue. Fox News may deserve the criticism, but make no mistake about it, this president can use this racist event to push an alternate agenda every bit the same way. Blind fool as always – our society is sick and neither you Mark nor Fox News can get past your own political ideologies and see things for what they are.

  4. If I’m understanding “Fox logic” correctly, when the killer told his victims he had to murder them because they “rape our women” and are taking over the country, he meant that christians were raping & taking over and they had to go… so I guess this guy is one of those “militant atheists” we keep hearing about. I’m very interested to see how that argument plays out in court… not that FoxNewz will ever report on it! No doubt it’ll be long lost down the memory hole by then.

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