Cartoon Coward/Cowboy: Donald Trump Thinks He’s A Macho Gunslinger

American’s comedians are in the midst of a hilarity Renaissance thanks mainly to the dementia that caused Donald Trump to think he could be President of the United States. No one has provided more raw material for political humor since the thawing of Sarah Palin. And now that Caribou Barbie has returned to hibernation in the frozen wilds of Alaska, the Trump train could not have chugged along at a better time.

The latest treasure trove of Trumpian farce gushed from The Donald this weekend during a speech in Franklin, Tennessee. He was responding to the tragic shootings at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, that left nine dead and nine others wounded. In the course of his remarks he thought that it would be appropriate, and in keeping with the solemness of the occasion, to impersonate the vigilante character played by Charles Bronson in Death Wish. Unfortunately for Trump, he came off looking more like cartoon tough guy, Yosemite Sam.

Donald Trump

Setting the scene for this theater of the Absurd is Tucker Carlson, host of Fox & Friends, who along with his co-hosts drooled lovingly over Trump’s pathetic rendering of machismo. Carlson prefaced a video (posted below) of Trump with this introduction:

“So every politician in America is talking about gun control this week after those horrifying shootings in Oregon. But no one has really talked about it the way Donald Trump talked about it the other day. Watch this.”

Whereupon they played Trump reciting his policy on guns (reading from a printout of his website) that focused solely on his perverse interpretation and idolatry of the Second Amendment. However, Trump had to interject some personal and dubious boasting to say that…

“I have a license to carry in New York. Can you believe that? Somebody attacks me, oh they’re gonna be shocked. Can you imagine? Somebody says ‘Oh, there’s Trump. He’s gonna be easy pickens.’ [Holding his finger like a gun] Whad’ya say? […] Can you imagine with Trump, somebody says ‘Oh, all these big monsters running around. He’s easy pickins.’ [pulls the finger again] And then p’ching.”

First of all, Trump’s swaggering BS is just plain delusional. Does he really believe that if approached on the street he could outdraw a would-be assassin who already has his weapon drawn? Does he think he’s better prepared than the highly trained police officers who have been ambushed and murdered while on duty? What a maroon. This pitiful attempt at bravado is not only stupid, it’s dangerous. He is practically daring some psycho to make a name for himself by offing the Dingbat Don.

More importantly, what he offered as substance for his gun policy was rooted in falsehoods and nonsense that make you wonder whether he already took a slug to the cranium. He made ludicrous claims that his opponents want “a gun that fires one bullet.” Like much of what he says, he simply made that up.

Trump also said the Oregon college was a gun-free zone and that if more people had guns they “would be a hell of a lot better off.” However, not only was he wrong about the campus being a gun free zone, there was an armed veteran there who decided not to intervene because of the risk that police officers would arrive shortly and, seeing him with a gun, might mistake him for the shooter. So the “good guy” with a gun made a rational decision not to use it. As for society being safer if more people have guns, a carjacking victim in Houston might not agree. A witness to the carjacking took out his weapon and fired at the suspects, but hit the victim in the head. Then he picked up his shell casings and took off.

Following the video of Trump, the Fox News “Curvy Couch Potatoes” returned and Carlson continued his fact-free reporting and Trump-fluffing.

“He makes an important point. Why is disarming normal people good for the country. I mean maybe it’s good for politicians who want a compliant population, but it doesn’t make us safer.”

Of course, no one is talking about “disarming normal people” except for Carlson, Fox News, and the rest of the NRA-theists. What’s more, his contention that politicians want to disarm everybody in order to have a “compliant population” implies that he wants an armed populace so that they can shoot politicians. And these people call themselves patriots.

It is the proliferation of guns, and the ease with which they can be acquired by people who ought not to have them, that makes our nation less safe. And that state of affairs is being reinforced by the gun lobbyists at the NRA, right-wing Dirty Harry wannabes, cowardly representatives, and buffoons like Donald Trump.

These people all comprise a special interest group that regards the loss of nearly 30,000 people – men, women, and children – every year to be an acceptable price to pay for unfettered access to firearms. And while people like Trump spew ridiculous comments and half-baked proposals that make great fodder for mockery, when you consider all the pain and suffering for which they are responsible, it isn’t really all that funny.

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12 thoughts on “Cartoon Coward/Cowboy: Donald Trump Thinks He’s A Macho Gunslinger

  1. Please tell us, Mr. Carlson, what a “compliant population” is. The Republicans already have one with their base. And look at the mess they have the nation in. At the same time, our population is becoming angry over these trolls lack of governing ability. It’s like they missed the classes that taught how to be an elected pol. Sickening!

    • Oh, they know how to be an elected pol — it’s all they do is run for office by pandering to the most rabidly irrational id of their base. But they illustrate how vast the difference is between campaigning and governing. It’s not that they don’t know how to govern, it’s that they don’t want to because actually doing the work of government means compromising the red meat positions they take to get elected, which means the end of their political careers and the end of the gravy train for their speaking fees, revolving door lobbying jobs, and (irony of ironies) the end of their government pensions and government health care. These people are corrupt through and through.

    • I think a “compliant population” is a population that does exactly what it’s told to do – in this case by government. Sounds like he is describing the liberal of today.
      And by the way – are you sure this isn’t exactly how the republican party wants to govern – by driving trust and faith in government into the ground. It’s already there – just dig a little on Google, you’ll find polls that support what I’m saying.
      Government has sold you and me out – our entire government and economy is a paper money ponzi scheme run by the banks. It started in 1963 with the assassination of JFK – leading to LBJ removing silver from circulation and our entrance into Viet Nam – starting our permanent war position, then it took the next big step in 1973 with Nixon taking us off gold and – in turn – starting us down this fiat debt money path – this is just the closing act. You were sold out way before now, the GOP today is just a side show. You have your faith in all the wrong people and all the wrong institutions. The banks have you, me and the government by the balls – try not to scream too loud.

  2. Actually, I don’t believe it was a gun-free zone, and several people on campus admitted they were armed, but didn’t want to be confused with the shooter by cops (who had already arrived….), so they retreated into classrooms. Probably a smart move, but just more proof that a ‘good guy with a gun’ will NOT stop a bad guy with a gun.

    • The more people who carry guns, the more people who will be shot with guns.

  3. When appealing to the Repugnican base, the lowest common denominator is always the way to go. Trump has worked in the “reality TV” world long enough to know that the “lowest” can always be lowered further still, if you are utterly without shame.

    The Donald to thoughtful political discourse: “bang-bang – yer fired!”

    • Barack Obama all over again. He was even less qualified and he got elected.

      This not a defense of Donald Trump – but to refer to him as you did isn’t fair without shining a great big spot light on our last unqualified pretender – Barack Obama.

      • Didn’t comment on Trump’s qualifications. Don’t care. Obama, for all his faults, is a smart guy and considering what he’s been up against he’s done a far, far better job than Dubya on his best day. Trump’s stupidity is what should disqualify him. Give me a smart community organizer over a born-rich blowhard businessman any day.

  4. Trump is nothing but a chump

    Grump could never hold a candle to Pres. Obama.

    Trump spews out nothing but lies and what is worse , Trumps followers believe every word he says.

    It has been noted just the other day, Trump really wants out and is trying to find a way to quit so he won’t look like a “schmuck.”

    I am very proud of Pres Obama and all he has done for our country.

    • Indeed you are right. And in spite of the nay saying Repukes.

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