Fear Of A Black Captain America: Fox News Is Outraged That Hero Opposes Racist Vigilantes

Exercising their renowned obsession for inventing trite pseudo-controversies, Fox News has managed to imagine a travesty in the latest issue of Marvel Comic’s Captain America. And not surprisingly, it revolves around an overtly racist theme stemming from the superhero’s new alter ego, African-American Sam Wilson, and a confrontation with undocumented immigrants.

Fox News Captain America

The Curvy Couch Potatoes of Fox & Friends were terribly upset by the news that the new black Captain America was going after an armed band of vigilantes who called themselves the “Sons of the Serpent.” The vigilante crew’s mission was to seek out and apprehend immigrants crossing the border illegally. Such vigilantism is blatantly unlawful and, in the real world, often ends up with people being severely harmed or even killed. Nevertheless, the folks at Fox & Friends regarded the Serpents as the heroes and Captain America as a villain stomping on the rights of free, nativist citizens. Here is an exchange from the segment (video below):

Clayton Morris: Comics books have been struggling to get readership, and so here you have Marvel doing a little bit of a PR stunt. In fact, they’ve made Sam Wilson, who was formerly The Falcon, he’s an African-American, he’s taking over as Captain America now. But he’s got a new odd enemy. Instead of going against Hydra and the typical Captain America villains, he’s going up against conservatives. That’s his new enemy.
Tucker Carlson: So who is this Serpent? Is this Serpent an Islamic extremism, an ISIS member bent on destroying western civilization? Nooo. The Serpent is an American who has misgivings about unlimitted illegal immigration and the costs associated with it. That, according to the comic book, is evil. […] The whole theme is the same, which is out there in the middle of the country, between Malibu and Georgetown, everyone is an ignorant snake-handling bigot and they need to be held in place or else they’ll turn this into Nazi Germany. […] Now the threat comes from ordinary Americans. Probably some of you watching at home. They think you’re dangerous.

The first hint that this segment was going to be dripping with racism was Morris’ assertion that making Captain America an African-American is just a PR stunt, and that an armed militia of xenophobes were simply ordinary conservative citizens. Carlson took over from there to trivialize the noxious bigotry of the vigilantes as merely em>”misgivings.” They certainly didn’t intend to use their abundant weaponry or follow through with their violent threats. Carlson was clearly disturbed that such decent thugs were characterized so poorly in the comic book, and how it reflected on the viewers of his program. While the Fox Friends highlighted some of the dialog from the comic, one part they conspicuously left out said…

“While others are content to peacefully protest or vote in rigged elections, the Sons of the Serpent believe that aggression must answer aggression. I declare you all enemy combatants.”

So the characters that Fox regards as garden variety conservatives are overtly threatening to abandon peaceful behavior. And they regard the immigrants, who they earlier said were disease-ridden criminals, to be combatants as if at war. Considering that fact that most immigrants who enter the country illegally are seeking work in agriculture or other menial labor jobs, they probably don’t qualify as fearsome warriors. But that didn’t stop Fox from casting a black Captain America, who takes the side of brown invaders, as an abomination.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time that Captain American has stirred up the ire of Fox News. A few years back the comic got Fox all huffy with a single frame that accurately portrayed the Tea Party. However, the source from which Fox got this new story appears to be a video produced by the MacIver Institute. Fox’s video even includes segments clipped directly from MacIvers’s video. For the record, the MacIver Institute is a right-wing think tank funded by the Koch brothers and the neo-fascist John Birch Society. Which explains a lot. And it certainly explains where Fox News goes when they need a new racist scandal to fire up their dimwitted viewers.

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46 thoughts on “Fear Of A Black Captain America: Fox News Is Outraged That Hero Opposes Racist Vigilantes

  1. Like most Liberals, Mark is seeing racism under every rock. And like most Liberals, he is wrong over 99% of the time.

    • You must not be from around here. You see, in this country, racism is a thing. Always has been. Of course there are those like you who refuse or are incapable of seeing it. (I’m betting on the “refuse” angle). And that would be par for the course for those who are probably racists themselves but refuse to acknowledge it. Speaking of rocks, you can come out now.

    • If libs didn’t keep this kind of thing alive, how would they go on? They haven’t sterilized all speech and made human beings perfect yet.

      • And if you couldn’t write stupid comments, how would YOU go on? Grow up and get a life.

      • I’m surprised a dumb comment like the one I posted in response to Marco would get so much play. I must have hit a nerve. Desperate libs trying to get us all to react like lunatics. pretty funny. How do they get through life with so much pent up anger and resentment. I just don’t watch channels like fox news so I can go on living my life without needless emotion – maybe some of the crazies here should do the same thing with this blog.

        • Your reasoning is faulty. Drawing a lot of responses does not equal “striking a nerve.” It just means your nonsense was worth beating back. Your post classification: leap of logic.

    • A racist is anyone who claims there is a difference. We are all human beings on this bus, no matter what color, size, or intelligence quotient. Fox is probably more outraged that Captain America is now black. I’m bothered that Captain America now has wings. 🙂

  2. I am well aware that racism exists. I also know the meaning of the word. Liberals use it against people in an attempt to shut them down. It’s what they do in order to smear people. And they are mostly wrong.

    • The “they are mostly wrong” idea doesn’t serve any useful purpose especially without any evidence to substantiate it. From my extensive experience with racists (I grew up with them in my family) they don’t like the idea that they are called racists as a result of what they say. And they say the same things you do in an attempt to cover up that they are racists or to justify having racists ideas.

      The best way to avoid being viewed as a racist is don’t say racists things. Rather simple.

      • Unfortunately, right-wingers are even too simple-minded to grasp your simple advice.

        Have you noticed that the conservatives bitching about this article haven’t offered a single substantive rebuttal to anything I’ve said? They think it’s sufficient to say I’m “wrong” and then act cocky like they made a brilliant point.

        • You never offer anything of substance, so don’t bother lecturing us on that subject.

        • Rebutal?? You wrote an entire piece calling people racists without any proof other than they mentioned some guy was Black. What you are doing is making stuff up out of whole cloth becuase of your childish agenda against Fox News.

          • So you don’t think that supporting the Serpents, an armed militia of violent xenophobes who call immigrants disease-ridden criminals, is racist? And you think it’s perfectly normal to portray the Serpents as ordinary Americans?

            This says more about you than anything else. Likewise, your inability to rebut is also revealing. Sorry if my “childish agenda” is still over your head.

            • When you troll for a living, like Scott does, there’s no time for research.

            • Define racist. Then you can tell us how this applies to this ignorant post of yours.

    • Your comment category: you know what but not why. See: leap of logic, another.

  3. The truth always hurts for Liberals. That’s why they attack you and avoid having a conversation on an issue. They know they will lose most arguments.

    • They are a miserable bunch – aren’t they? Too busy being pissed off and outraged that human beings behave as they do. Of course they ignore their own idiocy and focus on all us heathens (the non liberal) and try to re-educate and purify us and the world. Inconvenient truths stated about them – no one likes that.

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about. At least you’re consistent.

    • and back in the real world, conservatives don’t know anything factual. you only know the lies that fox fake news and the rest of hate media have taught you.

      if you knew anything, you wouldn’t advocate and vote against yourselves and the rest of the country.

        • That’s two lies in one post. Not bad, but Fox can manage six in that many words. You’re really falling down on the job here…

    • Oh, for f’s sake, Captain America is FICTION. It’s a comic book, not real. Get a grip.

  4. If you dislike facts and or a FNC home of the short skirt wearing anchors, NRA member, right wing nut. This comment is not for you. It’s about you. Marvel recently changed things up with Captain America, giving the suit to Sam Wilson, the man formerly known as black superhero Falcon. In his first issue, Captain America: Sam Wilson #1, Wilson battled the Sons of the Serpent, a jingoistic hate group who oppose everyone that is not white and Christian. Keep in mind, the Sons of the Serpent have been battling Captain America and the Avengers for literally 50 years, seeing as they debuted in Avengers #33 in September 1966. You’d think this is something Clayton Morris, Fox & Friends host and the man dubbed a “comics expert” by Tucker Carlson, would know. You’d think!

    • “…the Sons of the Serpent, a jingoistic hate group who oppose everyone that is not white and Christian.”

      Wow. So Marvel predicted the modern GOP/Tea Party.

        • Scott, when you call Mark a liar, and you do so a lot, you say it as if it’s a fact, yet you never offer any proof of the “lie” other than to state that Fox “news” tells the truth. It seems like you have no desire to research anything, just ingest from Fox and denounce anyone who doesn’t. This is why no-one here will ever listen to you when you say Mark “lies”. Get it?

        • Scott, Mark needs an enemy – so he tries to convince everyone to hate those that oppose his view of the world. Of course the fact that they are fellow Americans and human beings doesn’t matter. If anyone talked that way about leftist democrats as much as he does about the rank and file Tea Party and the GOP – he would accuse them of trying to incite violence against liberal democrats. Joe Biden was right in his statement regarding “enemies” and opposition parties not being the enemy. I knew there was someone in that party that could get my vote.

          • Ascribing motives to people again? Why yes. that’s exactly what you did.

          • “If anyone talked that way about leftist democrats as much as he does about the rank and file Tea Party and the GOP – he would accuse them of trying to incite violence against liberal democrats.”

            Really? When Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Michael Savage and Andy Dean and etc talk that way about Democrats on a daily basis, how can anyone not think they may be inciting violence against liberals? Especially when it actually does happen.

            Mark points this stuff out every day! What are you reading anyway? It’s almost as if you have a “Fox News Translator” and everything you hear is not what is actually being said.

            • It’s not easy to reason with people who are inherently paranoid and unable to grasp the complexities of modern society.

            • CS – our grasp of modern society is much more tolerable and safer for anyone who just wants to get along and live their life as free as possible. Your post suggests all that we need to know about progressive ideas on society – your approach is always to take away and control – people are not able to manage themselves without the helping hand of government in our society. And that ‘s not to say no government is necessary. If you ever wonder why you’re so distusted by the more conservative memebers of OUR Society – you just need to re-read your words. Racism, as with other isms, exist in our society, but are not as wide spread as you suggest and the vast majority of people don’t need liberal lecturing on how not to behave.

            • Eric, I don’t listen to those people nor do I watch fox news and I read just fine – I think it’s you and your ilk who don’t know how your ideas sound. I know liberal intentions are intended to be good (I’m sure I’ll never get that kind of response back) and that we all really want the same things – how we get there is always the challenge. I’m fiercly individualistic, as are many conservatives, and the liberal collectivist formula is abhorrent to anyone who feels the need to live their lives as free as possible. Note my response to CS above – this need for liberals to lecture us “lower life forms” about how much better society could be if we just listened to you sums it up.

  5. Responding to Marcos:

    Define racist. Then you can tell us how this applies to this ignorant post of yours.

    I already defined the term: A racist is one who recognizes a difference. That’s all. No more, no less. Human beings are human beings, no matter what color, creed, size, or intelligence quotient.

    So we can say that the very fact that you are finding an issue with a black Captain America — for that reason — could conceivably define you as racist.

  6. Where do I say I found an issue with a Black Captain America? By the way, your definition of racist is not factual in any way.

    • Then you define it. I’m sure we’d all love to hear your definition of the term.

  7. Do you always avoid responding by deflecting?

    • No, I don’t. That’s my definition of a racist: the very fact that someone recognizes a difference. I’m still waiting for your definition.

    • We wish to note that five days later, we still don’t have your definition on what a racist is, Marcos — well, other than what you see in the bathroom mirror. Good to know.

  8. Janis Joplin…..Tornadic Girl from TEXAS.

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