Fox News Was So Sure That Joe Biden Was Running For President Yesterday

In remarks delivered today in the White House Rose Garden, Vice-President Joe Biden announced that he will not be a candidate for president in 2016. After a painfully long decision-making process, Biden stood with President Obama and his wife Jill to dash the hopes of right-wingers everywhere who were yearning for a more contentious Democratic primary.

Fox News

However, Fox News may not be satisfied with this announcement. After all, just yesterday their senior White House correspondent, Ed Henry, appeared on the air (video below) to reveal that…

“He’s likely in. […] I’ve got three sources close to the Vice-President who are saying that, in meetings and in phone calls, he has said that he’s likely to get in.”

Three sources! That settles it. Biden is only a single source, so it’s three against one and, therefore, he must be lying. The folks at Fox News can mark this down as another example of the dishonesty of the Obama administration. Trey Gowdy is expected to call for hearings on whether or not Biden lied about his presidential ambitions and what email account he used to convey them to Obama.

Henry was not alone in his assessment of Biden’s intentions. His Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly said weeks ago that Biden was “ramping up to challenge Hillary Clinton” and that he “believes he will be in the race.” Another colleague, Monica Crowley, insisted repeatedly that “As I have been saying… He’s running.”

Other media figures have also chimed in. For instance, Diane Francis of the National Post said that “#Biden definitely running, good source, amid concern about Clinton skeletons;” Roger Simon of PJMedia tweeted “BREAKING> Big financial backer says #Biden definitely running;” Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine wrote “Joe Biden is running for president — a fact that has been obvious, and true, for weeks;” and The Most Wrong Man in America, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, couldn’t be more certain saying…

I’m told by Democrat I trust that Biden ‘almost certain’ to run, will announce this week in time to speak at the Iowa J-J dinner Sat night.”


Biden confirms to Obama at lunch today he’s running, announces at U Delaware tomorrow. You can feel the Joementum!

There is never a shortage of idiotic punditry surrounding any event in American politics. But with so many instances of certainty, backed by allegedly unassailable sources, you have to wonder how these people keep their jobs. Will Ed Henry go back and grill his three sources to find out why they were so horribly wrong? Will he apologize to his viewers? And coming on the heels of the Fox News intelligence analyst who was just arrested for falsifying his credentials, you have to wonder if anything that anyone says on the network is worthy of consideration.

Even as I’m writing this, Charles Krauthammer is on Fox saying that Biden’s speech today was a actually a secret announcement that he IS running, and that he will step in as soon as Clinton is indicted. So we can all feel a little more at ease knowing that, no matter what is happening anywhere in the world, the conspiracy kooks are working hard to invent crazy theories based on nothing but their unique brand of dementia.

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9 thoughts on “Fox News Was So Sure That Joe Biden Was Running For President Yesterday

  1. You just can’t stop your obsession with Fox by publishing trash like this. Get out of your mothers’ basement and get some fresh air.

    • Here’s something you fox cultists and supporters should keep in mind– We’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.

    • This blog is ABOUT FOX. What obsession would that be?

      • I believe you answered your own question, daphne.

        • So why is it that such thing SHOULDN’T be published? Because you don’t like it?

          It’s a stated purpose of the site to chronicle media decay and the shoddy journalism of Fox certainly fots the build, so why shouldn’t they be called out here whenever they do that?

          Why should sites like these abide by your will just because you tell them to and call them names?

        • No, I very much did not. Rather, I asked you a rhetorical question. A pursuit does not an obsession make.

  2. At this point, doesn’t it seem that “sources” in DC are just fucking with Ed Henry?

    • Now that there is just hilarious. Wish I had said that.

  3. Sorry foxtards, with Hillary in the race Dems don’t need another conservative/moderate to be un-excited about. Sooner or later the corporate media (including FoxNewz) is gonna have to come to grips with Bernie Sanders. The pundits still don’t know how to ‘Spin the Bern’ because he doesn’t fit their narrative. While the “experts” continue to treat the campaigns as just another celebrity awards show, vast numbers of actual voters are focused on ending the wars, cutting the zillionaire$ out of politics, taking down the Police State and NSA, and finally putting Reaganomics on the trash heap of tragically bad ideas for good! Joe Biden is not part of this picture. Rather than wasting teevee time talking about yet another guy nobody wants to vote for, maybe they should start speculating about how many of Bernie’s supporters will end up joining the Green Party if (when?) the Democrats give Hillary the nomination. I don’t know what’s comin’ but I know real change is in the future… more of the same is not an option.

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