Fox Nation Wants To Know: Is Campbell’s Soup ‘Pushing Gay Agenda’

The outrage meter is once again spinning off the dial at the Fox News community website, Fox Nation. This time they are fretting over the threat to traditional American values caused by a TV commercial for Campbell’s Soup (video below).

Fox Nation

The objection to the fearsome soup advertisement was that the people featured enjoying a hot bowl of Campbell’s goodness were a gay family with two fathers and their young son. They sat at the dinner table mimicking Darth Vader’s famous line, “I am your father,” as they fed the boy. Most people would find it a heartwarming presentation of family life in an American home.

However, the Fox Nationalists considered the ad an abomination and posted a link to a right-wing website that accused Campbell’s Soup of “Pushing [A] Gay Agenda.” Because obviously, just showing a gay family is a provocative act that will result in hapless saps being indoctrinated into a deviant lifestyle against their will. Think of all the marriages that will be dissolved after watching this ad. And what about the damage done to the wholesome reputations of both Campbell’s and Star Wars?

The comments of the Fox Nationalists are at once horrifyingly bigoted and endlessly comical. The ad, they say, makes them ill, and promotes an unnatural, anti-God culture. They pledge to never buy Campbell’s soup again, switching to Progressive (which is actually Progresso, but still too close to sounding socialist). They are convinced that the ad (which I doubt any of them have seen on TV unless they’re watching the LogoTV network on cable) will destroy the Campbell’s Soup Company because America cannot abide such tolerance for diversity, which is evident by their rejection of television programs like Modern Family (the #8 ranked show among viewers 18-49).

This isn’t the first time that such an insidious threat has been forced on the American public by dastardly marketing villains who seek to shove multiculturalism down the nation’s throat. Last year they went berserk over an allegedly controversial Cheerios commercial that featured a bi-racial family with an adorable mixed-race daughter. And they also lost their lunch when Coca-Cola produced an ad for the Superbowl that featured a variety of people from different ethnic and national backgrounds singing “America the Beautiful.” What could be uglier?

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The inbred prejudices of the rightist Fox News audience are fairly predictable. They simply hate anyone that doesn’t conform to their narrow definition of a traditional, conservative, white, Christian, American. Unfortunately for them, that definition is outdated and irrelevant in the twenty-first century. And one of the best demonstrations of how detached they are from reality is the treatment this issue got by Stephen Colbert, whose commentary was devastating and includes the Campbell’s ad in full.


4 thoughts on “Fox Nation Wants To Know: Is Campbell’s Soup ‘Pushing Gay Agenda’

  1. Hmm good. Hmmm good! That’s what Campbell Soup is—Hmmm good! Remember their old commercial? Does Fox believe that being gay—and a parent, a spouse, an employee, an actor, a politician, etc. etc., is illegal in America? They’re are so delusional. The don’t believe in family values at all. They believe in control. And their fear they are losing it is their strongest motivation to inspire hate and more fear among their viewers. Their agenda, from the Victorian Are, is passe. Why don’t they simply hire “town criers” to go about spouting their atavistic beliefs? That was good enough for the Founders whom they love to misquote.

  2. I always thought their ‘Tomato’ Soup was kinda gay, but I have consumed about 900 cans of it, & 450 stacks of crackers, so I’m not a Homophobe….or a bigot….they do not make ‘black’ crackers….

  3. What a strange time it is when capitalists take the lead in social progress.

  4. Will never buy Campbell Soup again

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