Celebrity Has-Been Break-Up Of The Year: Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin

This year the celebrity obsessed media adopted one of their own to lead the Republican Party to a humiliating defeat next November. Donald Trump’s rapid rise on the basis of his fear mongering and bigotry drove much of the press for most of the year. However, we would be remiss to forget the previous press darlings and their ultimately doleful fate.

Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin

That’s right. In September of 2015 Glenn Beck called it quits with Sarah Palin after some undisclosed messiness. He revealed the break-up on his radio show (video below) the day after he appeared at a rally with her in Washington, D.C. This is what he told his shocked listeners:

“I don’t care what Sarah Palin says any more. Sarah Palin has become a clown. I’m embarrassed that I was once for Sarah Palin. Honestly, I’m embarrassed.”

Well, now he knows how most of the rest of the country feels about having Palin presume to speak for us. But it’s still ironic that the man who describes himself as a “rodeo clown” is suddenly seeing Palin in similarly derogatory terms. At least he still has his conspiracy theories and Messiah complex.

This has been a bad year for Palin. She lost her job at Fox News for the second time. She started up a sham Internet video channel that was so unpopular that it shut down just six months later. Her abstinence-advocate daughter had her second out-of-wedlock child. She just put her Arizona vacation home up for sale. And on top of all of that she lost her best bud, Glenn. So sad.

Today both Palin and Beck have faded into ghostly presences that haunt the shadows of the fringe world. Although maybe zombies would be a better metaphor since they are both desperately in need of brains. Their disappearance is unarguably a good thing for America, but a serious blow to comedy.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Has-Been Break-Up Of The Year: Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin

  1. Sarah Palin has become a clown? Took this long for Beckie to admit it? Guess that demonstrates how out of touch and irrelevant both of them really are — and, of course, that like fellows recognize each other…

  2. Glenn is slow-witted! The nation came to see her as a clown around July of 2008. But Glenn is still a right wingnut lookin’ for salvation. When he proclaims Rush Limbaugh to be an asshole, then we’ll know the conversion is complete.

  3. I don’t believe any of this. Beck and Palin have already become irrelevant years ago. Beck is taking a page from Trump’s playbook and is just trying to drum up some attention. Please do not allow either Beck or Palin to get anymore attention. Let them fade into obscurity as they completely deserve.

  4. Well, what you can count on is that the Blind (Glen Beck), Deaf (Rush Limpbaugh), and Dumb (Sarah Palin) will not go quietly into that dark night. No, they are seeing the swelling, throbbing ranks responding to the outrageous ranting of Heir Donald T-Rump and they see $$$$ from this angry, mostly old, white circus crowd. Send in the clowns, there’s got to be clowns. Gonna get weirder and …….. There will be hell Toupee.

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