Going Rogue/Going Dark: Sarah Palin Quits Her Internet Video Channel

To nobody’s surprise, the wheels are continuing to fly off the bus that has been carrying Sarah Palin around the country to the posh hotels paid for by oil companies inviting her to deliver her famous word-salad soliloquies.

Sarah Palin

The latest bad news from Sarahville is that her much vaunted Internet video channel is shutting down. Palin made the announcement in a video (posted below) that beginning August first, all her content will be free and available on her Facebook page and her SarahPAC website. This must be a big disappointment to her devoted fans that paid a hundred bucks for an annual subscription, especially considering that the service barely lasted a year. Her bizarrely cheerful swan song said in part…

“Hey, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, and to let you know personally that we’re making all of my content free now. […] I just want to make sure that your voices and mine are heard by the widest possible audience across this great land of ours.”

If she actually had any support she wouldn’t be ending the project. The writing was on the wall long before Palin posted her farewell. As documented here at News Corpse, she had already been neglecting the venture in terms of providing content. Palin had been AWOL for twenty days in the first two months of this year. Again in June she posted only six videos the whole month for less than nine minutes of her inspirational presence. That kinda leaves you wondering exactly what she means when she says that from now on all of her content will be free. What content? [FYI: As of this writing her channel is still available for people to sign up for subscriptions even though it isn’t continuing beyond this month]

So why did Palin decide to be so generous as to give away the paltry collection of video selfies for which she has been making people pay for the last year? One likely reason is that it wasn’t making any money, so it is no sacrifice to forego the subscription fees. But even more likely is that Palin desperately needs exposure now that she and Fox News have parted ways. It is no coincidence that this move comes less than two weeks after the announcement that Fox would not renew her contract. The first time that Palin was fired by Fox, in 2013, it was quickly discovered that the loss of a national TV platform was costly for her. As documented at the time

“The Center for Public Integrity reports that Palin’s PAC has brought in less than half of her take by this time in 2012, and less than a third of 2011’s first half earnings. The difference is that in both of the prior years she still had her perch at Fox News. The first six months of this year Palin was nearly invisible. Consequently, her ability to con gullible Tea Party rubes out of their meager funds was greatly diminished.”

Palin is in danger of disappearing from public view entirely. Without Fox she has only Facebook, Twitter, and a low-rated travelogue on the Sportsman Channel to promote herself, her ghostwritten books, and her personal, non-profit slush funds. There is no comparable replacement for Fox News for someone like Palin who is painfully shallow, ill-informed, and inarticulate. She simply is not qualified for a job with the news divisions of ABC or CNN, or even more entertainment oriented vehicles like The View. She could write op-eds for WorldNetDaily or Breitbart (which she has already done), but they don’t have nearly the audience that Fox has.

While things look bad now for the Mama Grizzly, all is not necessarily lost. There is still a market out there for her inane babbling. She could team up with Ted Nugent for a moose hunt/barbecue vacation adventure. She could license her name to the Koch brothers for a line of Palin Oils (suntan, cooking, snake, etc.). Then again, she could always star in a new reality show like “The Desperate Housewives of Wasilla.” So stay positive, Sarah. As they say, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” You just need enough minutes to cover your lavish expense account.

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16 thoughts on “Going Rogue/Going Dark: Sarah Palin Quits Her Internet Video Channel

  1. I think the Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck articles are the best articles to read – friggin funny. You people here give her more attention than any conservative group – and this latest failure is proof. She falls into the same category as Michele Bachmann – she just spits out what she THINKS people want to hear but doesn’t actually know anything about what she’s talking about. Sadly she represents – to some people – today’s conservatism, but I don’t think she knows what that actually means…what a disaster. Another symptom of the sickness that has infected the GOP. And the republican party wonders why the people hate it so much.

    • So true, Steve, so true. The fact that hilarious mush-brains like Palin and Beck have any media platform at all is confirmation that Uh’merica doesn’t take national politics nearly as seriously as we treat celebrity gossip and CGI superheroes. We can laff to keep from cryin’, but to the rest of the civilized world we look like Tom & Jerry (or Itchy & Scratchy, if you prefer) playing with nuclear doomsday toys.

      What really chafes my nards is watching the clueless Democrats stumble around, missing every plum opportunity to put the Stupid Party out of their (our) misery. Not that I want the Dems, or any one single party, to rule without opposition of course! We don’t need fewer parties – we need more – three at least. I can only understand the present system as a sick, dangerous co-dependence. Ds and Rs apparently need each other… but do We The People need them anymore, really?

      • and then in the real world, there’s not a single topic where the two parties are in agreement. when experts inform (D) views, (R)’s are sure to take the opposite, fictional point of view.

        • I get your point, Babyspit, but you’re talking about media imagery and PR. I’m talking about the substance of real political action. Yes, the GOP has positioned itself as the Antidemocrat on every hot-button issue because that’s what is required when pushing a hate-based ideology; demonize “the other” wherever it might pop up on the road to total dominance.

          But the Dems play a very different game: tell the majority that what they want is good and do-able, but the actual results will be tailored to the interests of those who put up the campaign cash. Why else would they toss out Single Payer in favor of RomneyCare? Why are we still fighting pointless wars for profit? Why did the Democratic establishment distance itself from OWS? I could go on & on.

          I’m never going to say the two parties are “the same” but I’m not going to pretend the Dems are not dominated by Wall Street corporatism and its “pragmatic” (conservative) wing, either. The fact that the Republicants are 10x worse doesn’t give me much comfort… it makes me that much more pessimistic.

      • Nice to see someone around here sees things for what they are. A 3rd major party that is actually different than the 2 we have would be nice so people can go somewhere else if they want actual change. The only difference between the Democratic and Republican party is that the Dems actually want to govern – they both represent the exact same special interests – and those interests are NOT you and me. Unfortunately, the once great Republican party is now just a joke with people like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump getting all the attention. There are actually good republican governors that govern their states, maybe not to your liking, but they don’t seem to get the same attention the former Alaskan governor gets. It’s a sad state of affairs and we get what we ask for – flashy and interesting (not really though), but extremely flawed personalities. I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried to push the Kardashians or the Duggars to run for political office. It’s Idiocracy for real.

        • I can’t agree that “they both represent the exact same special interests” because Culture War issues won’t permit it, but you’re mostly on-point here. And yeah, ‘Idiocracy’ (the movie) is probably this generation’s ‘Dr. Strangelove’… which is tragedy and comedy and scary as hell!

          • Being that we’re on opposite ideological sides, I understand your disagreement, but I stand by it. I’m NOT suggesting there aren’t differences, but they aren’t as wide as these parties would have you or me believe.

            • Respectful disagreement on political matters? Harumph! What’s this country coming to?

            • Well, you’re more rational than anyone else here – it’s easy to be respectful with rational people.

  2. Hey, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, and to let you know personally that we’re making all of my content free now.

    The Stupid Palin (continuing): Please, pretty please, come to my website? Anyone? I’m so lonely now that not even my buddy Sean Hannity wants to talk to me…

  3. Oh, but she’s ‘writing’ another book, just in time for Christmas sales. It’s a book of devotions. So her followers will have a daily inspirational message to refer to each day of 2016..but wait, she’s only writing 260 of them. I’m betting Nancy French is combing the blog she writes under Bristol’s name for those cute little Scriptures and homilies, and those will take up a good portion of the book. Sarah won’t, as usual, write a word, but will rake in a tiny fee, as Harper-Collins also dropped her, and she signed with Regency Publishing to write “Sweet Freedom.” I think our final freedom from Sarah will be sweet indeed. Happy Holidays!

  4. I predict that soon we will be hearing from “Reverend” palin. it’s the only way these days a right wing hack can fill the money bucket.

  5. Her fifteen minutes of fame has gone on far too long

  6. May I recommend, “An ode to Sarah Palin” by Jamie O’Neill

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