Fox News: It’s Open Season On Christians In America

Good news for the satanic sportsmen of the country. Fox News has announced that “It’s Open Season On Christians In America.” That’s right. This sorely put upon majority of crybabies is at imminent risk of total eradication from the Secular Progressive cabal of evildoers.

Fox News

The creeping danger that is casting a shadow on these righteous Americans now was identified by Rev. Franklin Graham and brought to the attention of the faithful by the Fox News resident evangelical correspondent, Todd Starnes.

In a conversation with Starnes, Graham fretted that “I believe we are perilously close to the moral tipping point for the survival of the United States of America,” and he declared that he would “refuse to be silent and watch the future of our children and grandchildren be offered up on pagan altars of personal pleasure and immorality.”

Well, that’s comforting. After all, he has already witnessed the Supreme Court redefining marriage, the rise of Islamic radicals, and the horror of Christians losing their First Amendment rights (which he freely said to a national news network). What this all leads to is the foreboding reality that…

“There now exists deep-seated antagonism and hostility toward Christianity in every seat of power in this nation – government, media, courts and education.”

To this Starnes stood up proudly to proclaim that “Instead of ignoring the rotting of America’s culture,” Graham promised to do something about it. And that somnething is to embark upon the “Decision America Tour,” a series of prayer rallies at the capitol buildings of all 50 states. Graham insists that this is not a political movement, but an appeal to the Almighty. He says that he will “lead this nation in prayer, confessing the sins of our country, asking for God’s forgiveness and encouraging Christians to get engaged in the political process.” Because, of course, this is not at all political. And to further confirm the non-political nature of this campaign, Graham complained that…

“The churches have allowed the government to take away their responsibility and so the government is feeding people, the government is clothing people, the government is now in charge of health care.”

Never mind the fact that there is nothing stopping churches from fulfilling their mission to provide food, clothing, and assistance with health care and other necessities to the many people who are still in need. Many churches are doing just that while Graham is busy whining and politicking. And he is way off base with his assertion that government is charge of health care. All government is doing is making it more affordable and accessible.

Where these paranoid Christianists constantly get the idea that they are under attack and likely to be defeated by some vague enemy is a persistent mystery. Aren’t they supposed to have an omnipotent, all-powerful God on their side? And even better, they have an omnipotent and all-powerful cable news network proselytizing on behalf of their Lord, who apparently has a bad PR agent and has to turn to Fox News.

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And yet, with the help of God and Fox News they are still convinced that they will meet their doom at the hands of the infidels whom they greatly outnumber. So they are forced to take to the streets and inspire their believers to get politically active. And they run to Todd Starnes and Fox News to achieve that goal. It must be an awful burden to live constantly in fear of the handful of pagans that apparently are more formidable than their creator and savior. Maybe they should seek a mightier Almighty.


21 thoughts on “Fox News: It’s Open Season On Christians In America

  1. I have no deep-seated animosity towards Christianity, only for those who press for it to be the end-all and be-all of American life, such as Franklin Graham, Billy bastard son. He was born out of wedlock, you know. Yes, they are in danger because they’re so zealous in wanting to foist their beliefs on all of us. We are NOT a theocracy and we ARE diversified in our beliefs and religious tolerance. Graham is nothing like his father and he doesn’t have the ear of U.S. presidents like his father—well, with Nixon and Ford and Dubya but they were and are weaklings who have to lean on something spiritual to overcome their addictions and fetishes and inferiority complexes. Obama is a superior human being because of his intellect and his character. He doesn’t need to rabble rouse because he was once one the rabble–at least in the eyes of Republicans. As a born-again atheist, I don’t believe in a heaven and hell. Those are quaint leavings from mythology. But some people create their own hell on earth and their heaven on earth. I simply believe that we experience good things and bad things, hard things and easy things, and that most of us try to live a moral and upright life, being kind to those who are less fortunate and respectful of those with whom we differ.

  2. Mr. Manning, I do not know you or of you. But because of your term, “born-again atheist”, and the general tone of your comments, I suspect that you are a very young man. I have no desire to “foist my belief on you”, but I encourage you and others to continue to search for wisdom and knowledge. The greatest source of both of those are the Holy Scriptures. Read them carefully. Read about the source of the Scriptures, how they came about and why they are still here. It sounds as though you, like most of us have a lot to learn. Consider this; there are no atheists. All human beings and races are born to seek out and worship a god. Almost all will find one during their lifetime. If not, then they will worship the default god…themselves. They (you, your god) will, through your intellect, logic and knowledge gained through your few years on this earth will become your authority for all that is known and unknown. What a poor substitute for the TRUE GOD. May He guide you and lead you in your quest for the Creator, the one true God.

    • And thus you show his point that christians have to try to make us believe in their god. Take it from me, no amount of pushing your faith onto others is going to change minds, just turns us off to anything you have to say.
      Christians need to clean up their own house before trying to tell us how great it is. Most of us know the truth about christians and their immoral bible. As I tell one evangelist who keeps trying to convert me, even if god was real, I wouldn’t follow such an immoral bastard. My morals are better than that.

      • Well said. The evil perpetrated in the names of gods is legion. A “god” is not required for moral behavior.

      • It’s not the Bible (or the Koran, for that matter) that is immoral. It’s their interpretation by those in search of power and wealth that is immoral.

    • Please see past your own religion for maybe 30 seconds and realize their are many more out there besides the “Christian” ones. Some 2 to 5 times older and still follow the same base it has since the beginning, unlike the “Christian” ones. And you will even see that many of the “Christian” myth’s follow Egyptian ones really close. Funny how Jesus story sounds very similar to Horus in birth myth.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for you believing in whatever God you want. But if you don’t look at other religion’s and look at the big picture, how will you get past the narrow tunnel vision of God’s ultimate plan? How are you to know what the other religion’s moral set is to compare? Don’t take your religion leaders word for that, actually pick up the other bibles, and read. Then you may realize that the Koran is actually the third book of the Bible… yes, third, Old Testament, New Testament, Koran.

      Which “true god”? Catholic? Lutheran? Baptist? Presbyterian? Methodist? Quaker? Orthodox? or one of the countless others? Cause if you actually pick up a bible in each of the “Christian” churches, there are slight changes in each, and sometimes major changes in each. So, serious question… WHICH ONE? Which is the “actual” word of god??? Some of these misguided individuals can’t even follow the carved in stone 10 rules handed down, let alone the rest of the stuff. And how much did your wife cost you? Do you follow the guidelines for your slaves beatings?

    • Do you not realize that the prinary concep revolving around ALL religions is that of a rigid absolutist doctrine. This doctrine is the same in ANY religion and says the same thing: “There is only one truth, one true movement, ours. All others are false.”

      As anyone with an ounce of understanding might realize, this sort of thing promotes division and close mindedness. The more devout and closely one follows such a doctrine, the more one is incapable of understanding the views of others.

      The worst cases of this sort of thing are people like ISIS.

      Religion is not an inherent evil, but if you allow it to take over your life completely, it will.

      And lead you down the road of intolerance, ignorance and ultimately extremism.

    • Keep your filthy white trash religion to yourself!

    • Mr Wagner,

      I do not know you, but because of your pious tone towards Mr Manning’s very intelligent comments and self-denying postulatizing, I suspect that you are an old fool.

      You claim to have no desire to foist your religion on anyone, and then without skipping a beat proceed to attempt exactly that very thing.

      Consider this: Man created the idea of God that made him the most comfortable. Different societies created different images of God, and each believes theirs to be the ONE TRUE GOD.

      Primitive human beings of all kinds invented mythologies to explain that which they did not understand, and over time science has provided more reasonable answers to each “mystery.” Thus, many of the older religions have disappeared and are now rightfully called mythology — eventually yours will likely join them.

      If you look deep enough within yourself, you will find good and evil; they do not come from without — they are part of your own psyche. Whether one reaches goodness through Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, or simply on one’s own will DOES NOT MATTER.

      It is each of our responsibility to control our own paths, but no one else’s. You are happy with your TRUE GOD, great — let that make you a better person.

      But remember the Golden Rule and don’t be such an asshole.

    • No Mr. Wagner, we’re all born atheists. It is not until we are either indoctrinated with religion, or deal with our own ignorance through fantasies that we ‘seek to worship’ any sort of ‘god’.

      My religious beliefs are exceptionally well-founded, and have virtually nothing to do with mythology. I’m sorry to say that I am certain to a very high degree that you could never grasp what I have attained, for you sit stationed on your certainty rather than attempt in any way to grow past it.

      But let’s play anyhow: My ‘God’ is simply the entirety of everything. From the very moment this, and every other universe formed, to the very edges of every universe to ever exist and back to where I sit. Every breathe, every dream, every hope, every blade of grass, every star, and every single thing that has ever lived. It is everything from the very beginning to the very end of time and every single possibility in the multiverse.
      What TINY piece of all of that is your ‘god’?

      Such a Divine Entity does NOT care about whether you covet your neighbor’s wife, have tattoos, or anything. Those are HUMAN machinations. But you engage in the greatest blasphemy possible when you assign YOUR human values to what would essentially be a Divine and Eternal entity.

      Your God is small and petty, but you will never realize it is only a reflection of yourself.

      • ALL gods are a reflection of their followers.

  3. Religions are, and always have been, about control.

    • A little control may actually help the human condition. Too much control just breeds avarice and the hunger for power which is what Fox News and Reverend Graham are interested in.

      • Self control, not “god” control.

  4. I’ll say this right now. Franklin Graham is full of shit.

    Does he even understand what he’s implying when he says the government has “taken over the church’s responsibilities like feeding or clothing people” as if it’s a BAD thing?

    Why, it almost seems like he’s saying that such acts like feeding or clothing people should be judged based on THE ONES WHO ADMINISTER SUCH ACTS, and not simply on the merit of the act itself.

    I don’t remember Jesus ever saying that feeding and clothing people is only good when Christians or Jews faithful to god do it but not when anyone else does? Why there was that parable of the Good Samaritan after all, a story that exults the good acts of a pagan!

    I’ll say it again. Franklin Graham, truly, is full of shit.

  5. I’ve been reading a book entitled “One Nation Under God” by Kevin M Kruse. What you have described above reminds me so much of what the author describes about the 40’s and 50’s and 60’s in our country. As a reaction to Roosevelt there was a movement to push Christianity into american government and culture. This is where “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance and “In God we trust” on our money came from. It was a reaction fostered by big business to thwart a perceived move towards Socialism. Same thing all over again!

    • Churches that meddle in public policy or give thinly-veiled directives to members as to how to vote should have their tax-exempt status stripped away. From what I have read, and heard from other people, some of these institutions walk a very fine line. No religious organization is entitled to operate tax-free — that is a gift from our government that should be taken away when these organizations flout the rules.

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