Donald Trump Caught Cheating At Fox News Debate – Fox Covers It Up

At the Republican debate on Fox News last week, Donald Trump proved that he is an ignoramus and a liar. And now we learn that he is also a cheater. What happened will not surprise anyone who has observed Trump’s acute sociopathic tendencies, but it is nevertheless indicative of his aversion to civility and decency.

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CNN’s Dylan Byers reports that during the debate Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, came out unto the stage to consult with him. That is an explicit violation of debate rules. And to make matters worse, when a network staffer told Lewandowski that he had to leave, Lewandowski defiantly refused.

This is the sort of behavior that one would expect from a privileged, elitist, wannabe dictator who doesn’t believe that any rules apply to him. And it also reveals that Trump is too stupid to participate in a debate without getting help from his handlers. Even with that help Trump made numerous mistakes and told easily debunked lies. For example, he affirmed that as president he would try to order the military to commit war crimes, something that he has said before. The following morning his campaign released a statement contradicting Trump saying that he would adhere to all domestic and international laws. Then Trump gave a speech later that day reiterating his pro-war crimes stance.

The fact that Trump has to cheat, and do so openly even after being told to stop, foretells an ominous future should he ascend to the White House. It exposes his proclivity for ignoring legal standards of conduct. It marks him as someone who would not hesitate to violate the law in order to get his way.

The sad thing about this is that Trump’s supporters are so dazzled by his gold-plated persona that they will probably like him more because of this. They will regard it as a sign of strength. But they should think twice (which mistakenly presumes that they have thought once already). Trump’s glassy-eyed disciples are the same Tea Party know-nothings that go bonkers when they hear about President Obama’s executive orders (of which he has issued fewer than any president in the last century). They are the same wingnuts who complain without foundation that he disregards the Constitution. They are convinced that he violates the law pretty much any day that he wakes up.

Consequently, it would be an epic feat of hypocrisy to approve of Trump’s shady dealings. It would also be dangerous from the standpoint of their own political agenda. Since Trump has no political convictions, his lawlessness could be put to use doing something that the righties detest.

Breaking the agreed upon rules of a civilized debate does not indicate strength. To the contrary, it indicates fear of being constrained to fair play. It indicates an inner sense of inferiority that you can’t compete on a level playing field. It is the definition of weakness.

Fox News doesn’t fare any better in this scandalette. After failing to stop Trump from consulting with his campaign manager, Fox told the other debate participants that they could have similar consultations. In other words, Fox just said that everybody can cheat and ignore the rules that were previously agreed upon for sound reasons. That’s a huge cop-out. Part of the purpose of these debates is to be able to judge the candidate’s ability to think on their feet.

So what could Fox have done differently? They could have sent Trump home for the night. They could have banned him from the next debate. They at least could have disclosed to the audience what had occurred. If a pitcher throws a spitball, the umpires don’t tell the other team’s pitchers that they can throw spitballs too. The violation is disclosed and the violator is sent to the lockers. Fox decided to expand the cheating and lie to the viewers by keeping all of it secret.

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It seems that every day we learn something new about Fox News and the Republican Party that reveals more about their hypocrisy, larceny, and total lack of ethics. Donald Trump is the perfect Fox News candidate because they are both averse to honesty and principles. That’s probably why they created him in the first place.


6 thoughts on “Donald Trump Caught Cheating At Fox News Debate – Fox Covers It Up

  1. boo fuckin hoo!!!,you there at the station wherever you are at ,are sure sorry signs of Americas greatness,being from Canada,I feel sorry for the pitiful attitudes and comments that are coming from your emotions!!

  2. So, with the exception of a fantasized Muslim background, The Do-Nazi appears to be everything that the FoxPods accuse Obama of being. Plus the sense of entitlement that comes from inheriting (and losing) all of Daddy’s money, which Obama never had, but won’t stop the FoxPods from accusing Obama of being just that. Am I right? All The Do-Nazi needs to do is convert to Islam.

    And the Do-Nazi is treated as the embodiment of The Second Coming, and Obama is treated as scum of the earth and a traitor to this country. Would someone like to explain how this is even possible? Probably not – we’ll just go absolutely insane to try to make it make sense…

    Once again, I want no one currently running to win the presidency. Are you sure we can’t vote for Frank Underwood?

    • I can explain it. A certain sector of America thinks the presidential race is a reality TV game show. And that sector is comprised of complete idiots.

      • They are still Americans though, hard to accept as that might be.

        It might be impossible to change their I-wanna-win-no-matter-what-everything-else-be-damned mindset. However they will still be present long after the elections are over no matter who wins.

        For the sake of America’s future, something needs to be done about them. The best way I can think of to combat that sort of mindset is to ensure that future generations of Americans are spared from it as far as possible.

        Therefore Americans today must Make America Think Again.

        Else in future it may never.

  3. America must learn, from episodes such as this—the defiance of a Trump aide when asked to leave the stage–that Drumpf is a legend in his own mind and expects deference from all of us peasants. Had it not been covered up, would FOX have looked bad? What do you think . . .

  4. Oaaaaaaaahhh …. wuaaaaahhh … Booooo whoooooo… Oaaaaaahh…
    Why do we feel the need to make such an effort to convince others and gather a following to our belief? The only people one can influence .. are those with narrow, sheep like minds, unwilling to think on their own. I suppose it makes a difference when counting votes.
    Then he or she can run into the streets and pound their chest, bragging on how they voted for and were able to predict the winner. Kinda like horse betting. Wow…
    Make your freaking statement inside the voting booth and let the democratic way tell who’s the one chosen by the people. Stop trying to influence others thinking that you’re the only smart one and they should follow you and your dumb ideas.

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