If Elected President Donald Trump Promises To Commit War Crimes

The unlikely candidacy of Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for president just keeps getting more bizarre with each new day. This is a candidate who has already insulted Latinos as rapists and murderers, described women as stupid and ugly, he’s cheered on supporters who assaulted African-Americans and the homeless, proposed forcing Muslims to wear IDs and be tracked in databases, and has lied so often that it’s getting hard to keep track of it all (see the Donald Trump Bullshitopedia for an ongoing attempt to catalog).

Donald Trump

Today Trump hit another new low. While discussing the conflict with ISIS on Fox & Friends this morning, Trump enthusiastically bragged about his ideas for defeating the terrorist group. He told the kids on the Curvy Couch that…

“When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself when they say they don’t care about their lives. You have to take out their families.”

No doubt this display of false bravado will delight his dimwitted disciples. There is nothing they like more than reckless calls for indiscriminate violence and mayhem against manufactured foes. And consistent with his flagrant ignorance on pretty much any subject, Trump is once again proving how disastrous a Trump presidency would be.

The problem with targeting the families of suspected members of ISIS, aside from the obvious moral depravity, is that it is against international law. The Geneva Convention, a treaty developed to set standards for humane treatment of people caught up in hostilities, and to which the United States is a signatory, addresses this specifically (Article 3:1(a)) saying that…

“Persons taking no active part in the hostilities…shall in all circumstances be treated humanely […] To this end, the following acts are and shall remain prohibited: Violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture.”

Consequently, Trump is proposing to commit war crimes by deliberately targeting non-combatant family members. He regards this as a justifiable alternative to complying with the principles of the Geneva Convention, which he characterizes as too “politically correct.” But in addition to making the United States a practitioner of crimes against humanity, Trump is also validating the tactics of the terrorists who routinely target non-combatants. This would give the terrorists justification for their evil acts and remove any moral high ground we might have otherwise had. That plays into the hands of the terrorists who could then use it as an effective tool for recruiting more terrorists.

Coming from Trump, this idiocy further establishes that he is utterly incapable of governing the country. It is further proof that he is nothing but a diplomatic neanderthal who would insult and alienate our allies and foes alike. He recently expressed his support for waterboarding, an interrogation technique that the rest of the world regards as unlawful and inhumane torture.

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And if all of that isn’t enough evidence that Trump is downright dangerously inept, then consider his interview this morning with conspiracy nutcase Alex Jones. Trump spent most of the interview hawking his book and effusively praising Jones. You might wonder which of Jones’ theories Trump likes best. Is it that 9/11 was an inside job; or that Hurricane Katrina was a test run for FEMA concentration camps; or that the government is using chemicals to create gay people; or that Obama is the devil?

The question that really needs to be answered is: What chemicals are causing people to support Donald Trump for president? And is there an antidote?


8 thoughts on “If Elected President Donald Trump Promises To Commit War Crimes

  1. Yikes. This man is so full of himself he’s about to blow up. Good grief. By all means let’s break every commandment in his Bible, break every international law, and then sit back and count his money for him. Please, America, we must be better than this. Aren’t we?

  2. So he’s the uber-male version of Emperor Cheney?

    Alex Jones wants to see a Trump/Nugent ticket.

    We have disgusting creatures on this planet…

  3. Every day the Trunpican comes out with something more outrageous to say, than the day before. And yet, he keeps rising in the polls. It just goes to show where the Rethuglican party stands today

    • The more he does and says to piss off TPTB in the GOP, the more support he gets. Willie Geist called him a giant middle finger in the face of the republican establishment – that pretty much sums it up for where the party is today. Why do you even care – you won’t support him or any GOP candidate and I’m sure you think Hillary is a lock – so why care?

      • You sure assume a lot about me. However, I do care on how our country is viewed by the rest of the world. The views of Trumpican and the rest of the Rethuglican’s are seen as the laughing stock of America.

      • Because there are some people who care about how his words and actions are poisoning political dicourse? Therefore they care about what he says?

        The Republican party wasn’t always like this, there was a time when they were considered the MORE rational and level headed of the 2 parties. Needless to say, political discourse between the 2 wasn’t just possible, it was sometimes even amicable.

        Of course, that party of yesteryear is a far cry from the Trump party of today.

  4. If you agree to do an interview with the snake-oil salesman Alex Jones that alone disqualifies you of any position in high office or public trust in the U.S.

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