Debate Debacle: Donald Trump Forces Fox News And The Republican Party Into Submission

The tragi-comic relationship between Fox News and Donald Trump has traveled a twisted path for the past eight months. There have been episodes of drooling affection interspersed with fits of bitter feuding. The campaign thus far has seen Trump swear to boycott the network and lambast it as “disgusting” and “biased,” while hurling personal insults at its hosts and contributors. But none of that got in the way of his appearing on the network far more than any other candidate, and being treated with loving kindness while there.

Fox News Donald Trump

Trump’s long-running, and one-sided, war with Megyn Kelly included some of the most brazenly misogynistic slurs, while his abuse of Fox regulars like Charles Krauthammer and Steven Hayes registered somewhere south of juvenile. Calling people “dopey” or “losers” is about as advanced as Trump’s vocabulary gets.

This morning Trump was visiting his close (Fox and) Friends when the subject of the upcoming debate was raised. It was then that Trump chose to announce that he would not be participating. This will be the second debate on Fox that Trump is skipping. That tells you just how scared he is of Megyn Kelly. He offered as an excuse that he had a commitment to give a speech at the AIPAC conference, an engagement that was made just a couple of days ago and long after the date of the debate was set.

Shortly after Trump bowed out of the debate, John Kasich released a statement saying that if Trump wasn’t going, then he wasn’t either. That left only Ted Cruz, which would have made for a pretty boring debate, so Fox called the whole thing off.

There are numerous questions that come to mind in the wake of these events. First of all, why didn’t Trump change the day or time of his AIPAC speech? It’s a three day conference and his participation was only recently confirmed. Secondly, why didn’t Fox offer to change the date of the debate? It hardly matters to them if it were a day or two later. Thirdly, what the fuck is wrong with Kasich? He would be much better off doing the debate without Trump. He would have much more airtime in a more substantive environment. And he needs the exposure more than Trump does. Cruz was willing to go ahead with just Kasich and both of them would have benefited from a discussion untarnished by the childish antics of Trump.

All things considered, it seems there was not much interest on the part of Fox to resolve any of these issues. If there were they could have gone on with the debate one way or another. And the only reason Fox would have for dropping the ball is that without Trump the ratings would suffer.

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In the final analysis, Trump demonstrated that he is in charge of the debates and the media and pretty much everything else associated with the Republican campaign. Fox News and the Republican National committee are his playthings. If I were Fox CEO Roger Ailes or RNC chairman Reince Priebus I wouldn’t be able to show my face in public. They probably have “TRUMP” tattooed on their foreheads – or their wherever.


6 thoughts on “Debate Debacle: Donald Trump Forces Fox News And The Republican Party Into Submission

  1. what is funny ,is that you keep announcing what an idiot trump is ,time and time again,and he keeps getting his way ,one way or another.Don’t you even have an idea what type of POWER he is able to control .What if it was presented on the world stage,do you think all of the other world powers would suddenly force him to cower and not make any kind of agreement because he is a total jerk,or do you think they would HAVE to give him the RESPECT he is threatening .America has the opportunity to be recognised as the superpower it once was!!!

    • Trump IS an idiot. And the only people he is beating are other idiots in the GOP. He will be smothered in the general election if he’s the nominee. And he is already a laughing stock around the world.

      • Is he ever. My English relatives/and Canadian relatives, who do not take him seriously. He is there just for laughs.

        Of course, now they are getting bored…..SO BORED with him. Blah blah blah blah blah

        Hillary will mop the floor with him…you go, Girl

    • Well yeah his power and how it gets him his way. Somehow that makes him legitimate according to you.

      Now where have we heard something like that before.

  2. Trump has become a faded, jaded rose…(make that cactus).


    Wonder how much dandruff he has on his head? Realy flaky stuff coming out of him. The Flake of the Universe

    Ladies and Gentlemen….welcome, Donald Flake Trump….he wants to rule the World (make that Universe)

    • nice to see how all of your comments are becoming true,open up your eyes and your minds.It isnt about democrats or republicans its about what is happenning in the WORLD TODAY,if we keep on this path it will only get worse,so there needs to be a shakeup .Unfortunately,it might call for serious consequences,BUT,we are all bleeding now and dying a slow death,or that is where the world is headed.

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