The World Is Coming To An End – Well, Just Glenn Beck’s World

This week marked a milestone in the history of the human race. Apparently it is not long for this world – again. This time the prophet predicting the End Times is Glenn Beck – again.

Glenn Beck Messiah

On his video blog, Beck pleaded with his disciples to stand strong in support of Ted Cruz, the candidate who Beck believes is America’s savior. Never mind that he renounced any association with the Republican Party a year ago saying that “I have made my decision. I am out. I am not a Republican,” because they “have the spine of a worm, the ethics of whores, and the integrity of pirates.” That seemed like a good call. Too bad he couldn’t stick to it.

Beck acknowledges that things may look dark for Cruz, but that this isn’t the time to lose faith. He warns his listeners in Indiana that “the republic is at stake” and that “The election will hinge on you.” But that’s not all. It actually gets much worse as Beck frets that…

“This is the moment. If we drop it at this moment, we lose. And let me tell you something, you lose freedom for all mankind. I’m convinced of it. This is the moment.”

Of course, Beck has warned about an approaching Armageddon every other week for most of his of media career. However, this time he might actually have gotten it right. At least so far his own fate is concerned. TVNewser is reporting that Beck’s organization is laying off between 35 and 45 people from his operations in New York, Los Angeles, Ohio. and Washington, D.C. This latest wielding of the ax comes only a few days after the resignation of the CEO of Beck’s TheBlaze website, which itself followed a torrent of departures amid much corporate melodrama.

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Beck’s problems are not new. News Corpse reported in 2013 that Beck was struggling to keep his media company afloat. He submitted a filing to the SEC seeking $40 million dollars in funding for TheBlaze. This was after he declared that he would never accept outside sources of funding because “I do not want to have to answer to anyone else.” Apparently looming bankruptcy softened his commitment to that principle. To date Beck has received only $6.4 million of the $40 million he sought. Not surprisingly, Beck is blaming his financial woes on everyone but himself.

“I trusted the people that ran my company that they wanted the same things […] Even though the managers were all saying the right things to me, those things were never getting done. I didn’t know who really got the vision – who got it and who didn’t. These people were my friends, they were my partners [but] they didn’t love the audience like I did.”

If only everyone had the capacity to love that Beck has. Then his businesses would not be failing. But even more importantly, God would not be preparing to destroy mankind because Republicans in America don’t have enough love for Ted Cruz, the most hated man in Washington. It’s hard to imagine that for all this time the fate of the world has rested on its reverence for and attentiveness to Glenn Beck. 😉


7 thoughts on “The World Is Coming To An End – Well, Just Glenn Beck’s World

  1. I’m waiting for Mr. Beck to announce that he’s “out, I am no longer a human being!” What a pathetic excuse for an arch member of the rabble that are roused by anything sensual.

  2. Glenn who?
    What a pathetic little man. I’m just not feeling the least bit sorry for him. Karma is a bitch and he gets just what he deserves.

  3. So the flimflam man is no longer being worshipped by even the dwindling FOX audience? Such a shame. And he thought he could milk his sacred cow for another 30 years at least, just like the octogenarian Robertson? My husband’s grandmother had a stroke 35 years ago and spent the last five years of her life living with his parents. She directed her daughter to send half of her SS checks to PTL. Seriously. When his MOM died a few years ago, one of her daughters wanted PTL listed as a place to send money. The funeral home refused to put it in the obit. Bunch of swindlers.
    Frankly, I am glad that church attendance is down and that people my kids’ ages (mid-30’s) are not buying what the evangelicals are selling. It bodes well that the Becks and Cruzes and the Ken Hams are not attracting millions of people and their money.

    • Had a person in the family that delivered mail in the mountains of Maryland, it pained him to see those elderly folks struggling to keep food on the table, mail donations to these religious industries where the top members get 100 dollar hair dos and live in luxury. If they were true Jesus followers they would be in sandals, walking instead on private jets, eating loaves of bread and fishes.

  4. Beck must be worshipping the wrong god. Nothing ever pans out as he predicts. How is that Yahweh thing working out for you Glenn?

  5. If Beck and company are so bent on getting a Dominionist (spell? ) elected president, they should have picked someone who wasn’t so ugly inside and out. It would take someone with a great personality and appeal, not a lying jackass everyone is repulsed by. I’m sure they will anoint someone else next time and keep trying to impose their dream theocracy.

  6. Maybe the world is coming to an end: Herr Drumpfenfuhrer is now the presumptive Rethuglican nominee. Something NONE of us could possibly have anticipated just six months ago…

    The horror, the horror…

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