Fox News ‘Psycho’ Analyst Assails ‘Obama’s America’ For ‘Get High, Stay Home’ Generation

This week the Pew Research Center released the findings of a study on Millennial living arrangements that showed more of them are staying in their parents’ homes longer. They cited a variety of reasons for this, but none of them included the farcical conclusions of Dr. Keith Ablow, a member of the Fox News Medical A-Team.

Keith Ablow

Dr. Ablow appeared this morning on Fox & Friends (video below) to discuss the Pew report’s findings. He began by falsely claiming that most young people cannot afford to live on their own. That was a flagrant exaggeration since the number of Millennials found to be living at home was only 32.1 percent. It’s a plurality, but not anywhere close to a majority. He went on to attributed the number of youthful homebodies to a lack of available jobs. While mentioned as a contributing factor, it was not a primary factor according to Pew:

“This turn of events is fueled primarily by the dramatic drop in the share of young Americans who are choosing to settle down romantically before age 35. Dating back to 1880, the most common living arrangement among young adults has been living with a romantic partner, whether a spouse or a significant other.”

The Get High, Stay Home Kids

So the study found that the decision to delay marriage or other romantic commitments played the largest role in kids’ decisions to remain at home. But Ablow’s analysis went even further off the deep end when he declared that the whole situation “was stoked by Obama,” and his “agenda for America,” which he described as “Get high, stay home, don’t be autonomous.” According to Ablow…

“These kids are high, they’re high on pot. They’re high on Facebook. They’re high on Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat. So they can’t be bothered to cobble together three jobs.”

Ablow accused Millennials of feeling “entitled to all kinds of free stuff,” and essentially being too high and/or lazy to take care of themselves. Of course this typically hollow assessment neglected to take into consideration that the vast majority of Millennials are actually quite independent. The Pew study found that 31.6 percent were living with a spouse or partner in their own household. Another 14 percent were living alone. And there are still many more who live with non-romantic roommates, in college dorms, or with non-parental family members (i.e. siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc.)

However, none of these facts prevented Ablow and his Fox & Friends cohorts from distorting the truth and laying all the blame on President Obama. That seems to be a signature compulsion with Ablow, who has blamed the President for everything from riots in Ferguson, MO., to Ebola. Even his assertion that the job market resulted in Millennials residing with their parents was characterized as Obama’s fault, rather than the Great Recession of Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush. It is the Obama administration that has produced more than 22 million jobs and 74 straight months of private sector job growth.

It seems peculiar that Ablow and Fox News would be so anxious to insult Millennials in the middle of this election cycle. They are the largest generation of Americans and are notoriously independent in their political allegiances. If the recent poll by the Washington Post and ABC News is any indicator, there has just been a significant shift in preference among Millennials from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. Clinton still leads, but the margin is much narrower. These polls will likely continue to fluctuate, but it can only be helpful to Clinton if Fox News continues to disparage this important voting bloc.

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The Keith Ablow Affliction:

For the record, Keith Ablow has been dispensing ludicrous psychological diagnoses for years. Some of his past adventures in malpractice include his charges that President Obama was waging psychological warfare on the American people, that Newt Gingrich was honorable for being unfaithful to multiple wives, accused Obama of wanting Ebola to spread in America, and my personal favorite, he actually praised the Unabomber’s sociopathic philosophy. These are a few of the reasons that may have contributed to his abrupt separation from the American Psychiatric Association. But who needs those medical establishment elitists when you have Fox News?


8 thoughts on “Fox News ‘Psycho’ Analyst Assails ‘Obama’s America’ For ‘Get High, Stay Home’ Generation

  1. Ablow accused Millennials of feeling “entitled to all kinds of free stuff,” and essentially being too high and/or lazy to take care of themselves.

    Millenials? I thought it was the Boomers who felt entitled.

    I didn’t get married until I was 37 – it took me that long to find THE ONE – and in that year, Barack Obama was still an associate at a Chicago law firm, not even a state senator. But this is Fux News, so my late marriage is still his fault.

    Actually, the worst thing about marrying late in life is that a lot of your relatives have already died, you get less loot. On the other hand, you probably don’t need so much stuff.

  2. And don’t forget this luscious little nugget from “Doctor” Ablow in the same interview:

    Well, you know they may drink less but they know all about molly and pot and lots of other things so they’re coming into my office depressed, anxious with panic attacks. I can’t, I don’t have hours to treat them.

    Of course, when he spends all his time illegally providing psychological analysis of “patients” he never bothers to be in the same room with (and passing bullcrap on any Fox Spews program that will have him, i.e., every Fox Spews program), how precisely does he have any time to treat any patients — especially if the fool doesn’t even have the medical standing to actually practice. I mean, shouldn’t he be sanctioned by some overseeing agency for playing politician when he should be playing doctor? Never mind that he clearly doesn’t do either particularly well…

    • Ablow once did toy with the idea of being a politician. He explored a run for senate in Massachusetts and his chief advisor was Roger Stone, the sleazeball who is now running Donald Trump’s Dirty Tricks Division.

      • Sleazeballs attract one another – it’s a scientific fact. 🙂

  3. My my my everything is Obama’s fault according to sit and spin faux news. But you Have to admit Fox news is the best comedy show on television. Bias and unbalanced.

    • 🙂 – Hence the meme “I get my news from Comedy Central and my comedy from Fox News.

      • I don’t know – I never found Fox Spews all that funny, and I have had no use for Comedy Central since Jon Stewart’s departure. Actually, I pretty much avoided the channel since they cancelled MST3K. 🙂

  4. Never forget that right wing spew gets paid for their mind vomit.

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