You Maniacs. You Blew It Up. Damn You. Goddamn You All To Hell!

On November 8,2016, the United States of America achieved a historic milestone. It elected as its president the first openly racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, narcissistic, wannabe dictator. A majority of the American people [UPDATE: Clinton won the popular vote] voted for an ignorant, unbalanced, pathological liar (see the Trump Bullshitopedia) who made childish insults and hate speech the centerpiece of his campaign. Donald Trump will now prepare to take up residence in the White House and proceed to make America an international embarrassment.

Planet of the Trump

To get there he defeated Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most experienced candidate to ever run for the office. She herself would have been a historic milestone as the first woman president. Apparently it didn’t matter that Americans regarded Trump as dishonest and temperamentally unfit to be president. They still favored him over a qualified woman, proving that male privilege continues to dominant the national culture.

So for its poor judgment, America can now look forward to the Trump agenda that consists of an array of idiotic and/or unachievable promises:

  • A wall along the southern border. Mexico pays.
  • ISIS defeated quickly and easily.
  • A dozen women getting sued by the President for reporting sexual assault.
  • ObamaCare repealed and replaced.
  • Eleven million undocumented immigrants rounded up by deportation force.
  • Outlaw abortion and punish women.
  • Guns everywhere.
  • Muslims prohibited from entering the U.S.
  • Hillary Clinton? Lock her up!
  • Threaten the media with loosened libel laws and lawsuits.
  • Cut taxes on corporations and the wealthy.
  • End all crime in the cities.
  • Disband NATO.
  • Cease all efforts to mitigate climate change.
  • Appoint more conservatives to the Supreme Court.
  • Shadow president Vladimir Putin.

Speaking of Putin, we have him to thank for our president-elect. Along with his accomplices Julian Assange and FBI director James Comey, there was a successful coup against the United States. Clinton’s defeat can be directly tied to Russia’s interference in our election. By stealing private documents, publishing them online, and fomenting fake allegations of criminality, this cabal swayed enough voters to surrender our national sovereignty to hostile foreign powers. Congratulations.

There will be many eulogies delivered today, along with some attempts to rekindle a strained fighting spirit. But there remains an unshakable reality that much of the progress we achieved over the last eight years (eighty years?) is destined for a ruinous reversal. Under the circumstances it’s hard to hold our heads up. At least for today. But this day will pass and the duty we have to our children, our planet, our future, must be honored. So grieve, rest, and then rise up with a roar. There isn’t any other alternative.

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Putin Voted


13 thoughts on “You Maniacs. You Blew It Up. Damn You. Goddamn You All To Hell!

  1. A hypocritical, pathological lying, narcissistic, egotistical creature in the White House, with the ReTrumpLickin Party in control of both House and Senate, and imperial extremists in control of the Presidency. A horrifying repudiation of everything Obama stood for and accomplished.

    It would be nice to hope that once in the White House, the magistracy of the high office actually instill a little respect in Trump, but that’s probably far too much.

    It is indeed an absolute crime that this was allowed to happen. We always asked who would have to come next to make Dumya Bush look good. Guess we got it, but we NEVER expected anything like this…

    • get the fuck out of America then you freaks,but please do not come to Canada,I will sick my dogs on you!!!!!

  2. HaHaHaHa! So you people drink the MSM cool aid. Hillary Clinton will be put in prison in the next 12 months. Obamas gone, our rights are safe and you on the left are done. Your outrageous language shows you for the hypocritical liars you are. Have a fun time out of power in Trumps America.

    • right on Jimmy!!!,rub their faces in it!!!

  3. Sorry Mark.
    We all thought this would go the other way.
    I was so looking forward to visiting Fox Nation and partaking in some schadenfreude.
    Now, forget it.
    It’s up to you to write another volume of FN vs. Reality. But now they (the far right, alt-right, deplorables, whatever) have created reality. Cyclical if you think about it.

  4. Jeez.. And his best business decisions have required filing for bankrupsy no less than 6 times.. Wonder what the las Vegas odds are for a 7th, in a time span of the next four years?

  5. Clearly, given the responses here, HRC was right about the “basket of deplorables.” And no, we don’t want you to try to come to Canada – we have a beautiful, diverse, democracy loving society. And we’d be better off inviting more Syrian refugees. The American people have decided – and they deserve what they got.

  6. This was the single worst mistake this country has ever made. Huff post said it well when they called it mourning in America. I weep for this nation.

  7. Just wait a year when everything comes crashing down, like it has under every Rethuglican administration. You’ll hear the same thing from them, I didn’t vote for Trumpzilla. I voted for President Obama twice, and am proud of all he has accomplished .

    78 straight months of positive employment #
    Unemployment under 5%
    Stock markets at the highest levels
    High school Graduation rates the highest
    College Graduation rates the highest
    Home mortgage rates at their lowest
    20 million people insured
    GDP up
    Median income up
    Gasoline prices under $2 (over $4 in 2009)

    And people were afraid of 4 more years of the same.

  8. That a**hole TDump has NO business in the white house.

  9. All of you are degenerates. I dont care if you are Republican or Democrat, you both are part of the problem. You all are so confined to you simple minded way of thinking that you cant branch out. Socialists laugh a at liberals for a reason, and libertarians accuse the Republicans of being brainwashed, and for good reason too. Not too mention how childish all you are about the election “TDump”, “Rethuglican”, “Trumpzilla”. Really? Want freedom? Then get some. True freedom comes from within yourself not any presidential body or governing authority. Stop complaining and move on with life.

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