How The Obsolete Electoral College Can Save Us From ‘President’ Trump

Before I write a single word on the subject in the title of this article, I want to acknowledge that it is an extremely unlikely proposition. So anyone hankering to post frantic accusations of deranged liberals in denial, STFU. I know. That said, this deserves support purely from a conceptual perspective. It puts a focus on the legitimate reasons that Donald Trump’s election is an aberration of democracy. At the same time, it exposes the anachronistic nature of the Electoral College whose time was over long ago. And in the unlikely event that this notion should gain steam and become plausible, so much the better.

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The election of Donald Trump has caused a tsunami of critical analysis, most of which revolves around the shock that it occurred at all. Trump was opposed by an unusually broad array of Americans, including Republicans, national security experts, economists, and more. His utter unpreparedness for the job wasn’t sufficient to dissuade voters from choosing him over a far better qualified woman. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s experience was portrayed as a flaw. Because who wants experience in the most powerful leader in the world?

The day following the election, citizens across the country took to the streets to protest Trump’s victory. It was a spectacle unseen since the protest marches for civil rights or against the Vietnam war. Clearly there is a significant faction in the nation that is looking for a way out. And there just might be one.

There is nothing in the Constitution that binds members of the Electoral College to vote for any particular candidate. Some states have laws that impose a fine if the Elector doesn’t vote for the candidate who won the state, but those rogue votes are still counted. Consequently, Electors could still vote for Clinton when they meet on December 19, and she would then become the president-elect. And since Trump won with a bare majority of 279 Electoral College votes, only ten Electors would have to switch.

The Arguments For Electoral Vote Swapping:

Changing a vote in the Electoral College ought not to be done lightly. It should require thoughtful consideration and persuasive reasoning. Here is a summary of what might justify this radical step:

  1. THE POPULAR VOTE: Hillary Clinton received nearly a quarter of a million more votes half a million more votes than Donald Trump. The popular vote rarely diverges from the electoral vote, but this year the divergence is profound. Electors could be prevailed upon to honor the choice of the people.
  2. FRAUD AND SEX CRIMES: Trump is currently being sued for fraud with regard to his phony Trump University. Barring a postponement or settlement, the trial will be held later this month. If Trump is found to have committed fraud, it might sway some electors to rethink there obligations. There are dozens of other lawsuits pending against him. And he has promised to file suits of his own against women who have accused him of sexual assault.
  3. THE KKK KONNECTION: Trump has an unsavory relationship with the alt-right, white nationalist community. This includes the CEO of his campaign, Stephen Bannon, who is also the chairman of Breitbart News. Breitbart has become the alt-right’s home on the Internet. And racist icons like David Duke have been cheering on Trump’s candidacy. This affiliation makes it impossible for Trump to represent all Americans.
  4. THE PUTIN FILES: Trump’s ties to Russia are deeply disturbing. He owes millions of dollars to Russian financiers connected to the Kremlin. He has been linked to the Russian hacking that targeted Clinton. His policies are frighteningly aligned with those of Vladimir Putin (i.e. weakening NATO). And it was just disclosed that his campaign has been meeting with Russian officials. Need I say more?
  5. UNFIT TO SERVE: There is a general concern about Trump’s temperament that suggests his unfitness to carry out the duties of the president. He is thin-skinned and vengeful and subject to childish outbursts when he is opposed or criticized. Furthermore, he’s ignorant and shows zero interest in educating himself about the issues upon which many millions of lives rest.

These are serious arguments that could justify an Elector (or ten) voting against Trump. Taking an action like this would be an extreme measure reserved for only serious threats. But if anyone represents a clear and present danger to the United States, it’s Donald Trump. And there are many citizens who are worried about the prospect of his assuming residence in the White House. To that end they have started a petition directed to the Electoral College. It currently has over 1,000,000 2,300,000 3,500,000 signatures (and rising fast) and poignantly asks “Why not use this most undemocratic of our institutions to ensure a democratic result?”

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That’s a good question. Feel free to sign the petition. No matter how long a shot this is, it’s still a good way for citizens to express their disgust and refusal to submit to the horror of a Trump presidency. Progressives are now the loyal resistance, and they should act like it.


8 thoughts on “How The Obsolete Electoral College Can Save Us From ‘President’ Trump

  1. This video shows how a presidential candidate can use the rules of the Electoral College to win the election with less than 25% of the popular vote.

    I don’t know if that’s how Trump won, but we couldn’t help but notice most of the states he did win were in the midwest. How did Gore Vidal once describe Truman Capote: “A midwestern housewife with all of the prejudices”? But we certainly agree that the Electoral College has long outlasted its purpose in an era when we know everyone’s vote less than 20 seconds after he makes it. And sometimes, he even makes the revelation himself.

    What do you think?

  2. consider this, there where 18000000 fraudulent registered voters that where found on ballots this year. The majority of these leaned heavily toward Democrats in the neighborhood of around 80% which is upward of 14000000 illegal fraudulent votes. These are made up of DEAD people, ILLEGAL IMIGRANTS voting, PEOPLE using someone else’s name and many other ways. All that being said trump loss the popular vote by a little less than 200,000 votes, so if you take out the 14000000 that’s 14million fraudulent votes that where democrat then trump won by a landslide. But for arguments sake lets take out all but 1000000 for dems and Trump still wins by 800,000 votes. And yes these are real stats. SO QUIT CRYING AND EXCEPT OUR VOTING PROCESS AS WE ACCEPTED OBAMAS DUMB ASS WHEN HE WAS ELECTED.>…..>>>>>>>WITHOUT BURNING DOWN THE VILLAGE AND RIOTING AND HURTING PEOPLE.

    • Everyone who reads the comment above should know that virtually everything in it is a lie. It is regurgitation of falsehoods from wingnut, conspiracy freaks.

      But the funniest part is the end about accepting Obama. Are you freakin’ kidding? You fruitcakes never accepted Obama. The ones who weren’t convinced he was a Kenyan advocated a policy of radical obstructionism.

      Thanks for providing such a great example of the crackpot conservatives we have to deal with.

    • “. And yes these are real stats. “

      really, they are, because I say so. only a commieoutsideagitator would demand actual evidence, as opposed to just taking the word of real murkin for it!

      yeah, hadn’t seen/heard this before. but then, I tend to avoid the fevered swamps of rightwingnuttia.

  3. Ya captain comment must have been wandering around in a thunder storm, naked except for the tin foil hat. Unfortunately the result of the election is what we have to deal with .. No IQ minimum required.. Nonetheless personal I would not recommend impeaching trump… The nut jobs voted in trump no argument there… An orange terd as the main course… Make them eat it for the next 4 years.

  4. If the electoral college didn’t exist, the high concentration of Democrat voters would have the whole country being oppressed by the interests of California and New York.

    • Yeah, the notion of democratic, majority rule is so horrible. We must avoid it at all costs. Much better if the whole country is oppressed by the minority interests of sparsely populated states like Idaho. {Sheesh}

  5. Appears one person one vote confused mister ed from the start… And Mark …ya I grew up in northern Idaho. Your comparison is spot on ( sorry to say). Dumber than dumb . beautiful country up north but ignorance is worn like a badge of honor, right to work state where the economy is run by the rich..dumb bastards think if they just kiss enough white ass people like Trump will notice them and cut a check .. People like trump only notice if you tell them no. And every one of them is on some government program… All of em.

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