Donald Trump’s Grossly Contradictory Positions On The Electoral College

Like many things with Donald Trump, it doesn’t take much effort to find him contradicting himself. Either that or reversing his stance. Or downright lying. Here is a Twitter Moment that perfectly illustrates this with regard to his opinions on the Electoral College.

Sadly, his followers will forgive him any lie, misstatement, disinformation, insult, or contradiction. So be prepared for four years of this, barring some stroke of good fortune like his resignation or impeachment.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Grossly Contradictory Positions On The Electoral College

  1. Over and over again, Drumpf proves himself an incompetent, ignorant, childish fool. We’re well and truly screwed until both he and his idiot VP are sent packing.

  2. And he’s proud to be un-American
    So that we will never be free
    And now we have a new president:
    A tool of the Russian hierarchy….

  3. So incredibly surprising that our newly elected Fuhrer absolutely LOVES the Electoral College now….


  4. “He hasn’t changed his … position. He has changed the words he is saying.”
    — Katrina Pierson on Donald Trump.

    Just keep this in mind. I’m sure we’re going to hear a LOT of variations of this over the next four years. And also keep in mind that this excuse would NEVER have been accepted if Obama’s representative had used it.

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