After Watching Fox News, Trump Blames Obama For Gitmo Terrorists Released By Bush

As President of the United States, Donald Trump continues to ignore the resources available to him in that position. There’s a vast intelligence bureaucracy as well as agencies that collect data on virtually anything he might need to know. Nevertheless, he still prefers to rely on dubious sources like talk radio and cable news.

Donald Trump

Trump’s favorite goto source for iffy information is, of course, Fox News. He has demonstrated a pattern of posting tweets shortly after seeing something on Fox. It is never independently verified, and is often blatantly false.

The latest example of this aberrant behavior occurred Tuesday morning. As is his routine, Trump awoke early, grabbed the remote, and turned on Fox & Friends. The “curvy couch” potatoes were discussing a news story about a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was killed by an airstrike in Yemen. Then they went on to point out that “at least 122 former Gitmo detainees have re-engaged in terrorism.”

In this rare incident, the Foxies actually got the story right. A former Gitmo detainee was killed and there were 122 others who are believed to have returned to the battlefield. So far, so good. Now let’s see what Trump has to say about what he just saw on Fox:

Notice the editorial addition that Trump added to the story: “released by the Obama Administration.” That is demonstrably false. The office of the Director of National Intelligence, which now reports to Trump, tells a different story. Of the 122 former detainees who have re=engaged, 113 were released during the administration of George W. Bush. Only nine were released during the Obama administration. The total numbers of those released were 532 for Bush (21.2% re-engaged), and 161 for Obama (5.6% re-engaged).

So the knee-jerk rightists who blame President Obama for every evil on the planet are wrong again. Obama actually released far fewer detainees, and a much smaller percentage of them resumed fighting. Trump’s criticism of Obama’s “terrible decision” is just another in a long line of falsehoods. And for some reason, Trump is still determined to ignore his own intelligence experts. With all of the resources at the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI, Pentagon, etc., Trump still leans on Fox News. Then he adds his own totally made up nonsense.

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This is an administration that is pathologically obsessed with lying. The media should remind everyone of this each time they cover anything that Trump says. He is simply too unreliable to take seriously. How can the press pretend otherwise? And how can anyone in Congress have any confidence in his words? Worst of all, how can any other country believe the American president when he lies so brazenly to his own people?


5 thoughts on “After Watching Fox News, Trump Blames Obama For Gitmo Terrorists Released By Bush

  1. Trump is not intelligent enough to COMPREHEND the information that would be shared with him during daily Intelligence Briefings, and he knows this better than anyone. Trump is a fraud who probably “got over” in college and grad school by his rich father paying other real scholars to do his work. He tries to hide his intelligence deficits by being loud, crass, racist, crude, insensitive and bully-like in his behavior so that people will be too intimidated to challenge him verbally or otherwise. He probably has a low reading level and we all already know that he can barely write using complex sentences. He also speaks in short sentences like someone who is academically impaired. This idiot is the usurper president for now trying to get credibility by quoting Fox propaganda-news and Inforwars. He is a pititful joke and Congress needs to seriously start talking impeachment before he totally ruins this government and country. The “shiny objects”- Trump’s crazed tweets about whatever, whenever, wikileaks latest set of lies designed to undermine our trust in governmental agencies, other ridiculous actions and commentaries from the Trump cabal’s swamp dwellers., need to be IGNORED. The majority of the American people who did NOT vote for Trump are ready to see him removed from office. What are you waiting for Congressmen and women?

  2. I know this is OT, but you’ve GOT to see this, Mark:

    Fox Host: Enemies Of The American People Are North Korea, Iran, And The Media

    Ignoring, of course, that Fox Spews remains a part of the media no matter how much we would love to deny it.

    But, during the course of O’Lielly’s No Truth Zone, he put this USA Today table up:

    Donald Trump’s Job as President So Far
    23% — Strongly approve
    24% — Approve
    14% — Disapprove
    30% — Strongly Disapprove

    Notice anything odd about it? More people strongly disapprove of Trump. Of course, you didn’t hear THAT from O’Lielly. All you heard was there’s a 3% “net positive approval” because his total of those that approve equals 47% and those that disapprove total 44%. Which feeds O’Lielly’s ego and convinces him he’s the great and powerful genius.

    Except that if you add all the figures on the version of the table O’Lielly posted, you come up with only 91%. Which means, O’Lielly managed to cook the books again. Typical O’Lielly.

  3. Donald and his cohorts should do America a big favor and go back to the swamp and play with the ALITATORS!!!

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