Fox News Host Credits Trump For Obama’s Economy, Even His Co-Hosts Laugh Hysterically

The Fox News afternoon program The Five is a preposterous hour of right-wing blather. The co-hosts consist of four arch-conservatives and one lonely and abused, alleged liberal. They chatter aimlessly, generally agreeing on the awesomeness of Donald Trump and the manifest evil of his Democratic critics.

Fox News Bolling Obama

On Friday’s episode, co-host Eric Bolling once again earned his title as “Stupidest Man on TV.” Introducing his “scorecard” comparing the nascent Trump administration to that of President Obama’s, Bolling pulled out his white board. It contained a few economics metrics, but ignored the flood of scandals and legal potholes littering Trump’s brief tenure. (See the video below).

However, even that narrow examination of the two presidents was botched miserably by Bolling. In fact, it was so ridiculous that even his conservative colleagues burst out into spontaneous laughter. He began the segment innocently enough saying:

“The first quarter in the books yesterday or today, right? Last day of the quarter. So we did a little bit of a scorecard going – comparing the Trump administration to Obama one quarter in.”

The numbers Bolling presented for consumer confidence, unemployment, etc., were taken from the first quarter for both presidents. Consequently, Obama’s first quarter results looked horrible, while Trump’s were stellar. Of course, any twelve year old would know that those numbers represent the economy of the previous president. None of the policies of a new chief executive could have been implemented in that time. So Bolling was actually showing the numbers for Bush’s last days and comparing them to the success of the Obama years.

The obviously partisan spin was mocked furiously by Bolling’s co-hosts. Dana Perino called it “unfair.” Greg Gutfeld noted honestly that the positive results were “essentially all from Obama.” Juan Williams suggested that Bolling show the approval ratings for Obama (62%) and Trump (35%) on his board. And all of them laughed mercilessly at Bolling’s lame attempt to credit Trump with Obama’s accomplishments.

That’s how far a devoted Trump sycophant will go to deceive the naive in his audience. Sean Hannity does it everyday. Bill O’Reilly sells the same snake oil to his deluded viewers. But on this occasion the absurdity was too much for even Fox’s right-wing mouthpieces to endure without fits of hysterics. Through it all, Bolling himself never seemed to realize that he was the object of ridicule. That’s why he’s such a perfect shill for Trump. Neither have much of a grip on reality.

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17 thoughts on “Fox News Host Credits Trump For Obama’s Economy, Even His Co-Hosts Laugh Hysterically

  1. Hard to deny tho, Trump is doing well. Thankfully.

    • OMG you’re dense. You missed the whole point. Trump has done NOTHING, but make an ass of himself. And move closer to impeachment and jail.

      • I expected your response. Take care and have a great day. ?

      • Trumpiam troll got what he cane for? Cute.

        Just another one emulating his dear leader.

    • Ignorance rears it’s ugly head yet again.(NO I’m not calling you ugly!)
      But then what can you expect when the Liar in Chief is just as ignorant himself…. Have a good one and thanks for the laugh.

    • The fact that a new President’s economy does not start till October of his first year , is long known by everyone with an 8th grade education . To try and prove otherwise show’s they think very little of those who watch they’re network . They do this because they know that they’re following are either too dumb to know this on they’re own , or, that they wont bother to actually look anything up for themselves . They will just blindly believe anything they are told . Pathetic really .

      • They’re? Shouldn’t it be “their”? And “show’s”? 8th grade education? You should talk!

        • They’re is contraction for “They are”. Their indicated possession…. and resorting to grammar indicates desperation to counter.

          • I know. But “their” is required in terms of ‘possession’ (not “they are”). And “is” should be used after ‘following’ because ‘following’ is singular even though it refers to many. No, I am not desperate. Have a nice day.

      • Your assumptions about the Fox audience are spot on. But what I found interesting is that Bolling’s fellow hosts not only saw through his BS, they laughed out loud at him. Maybe the audience will pick up on that and learn something (maybe).

        • I don’t know the hosts name but he either didn’t realize everyone was laughing at him, or he did, and put that board away really fast! Either way it was fun to watch! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kevin — the point of the segment is that the first quarter numbers of a presidency reflect the outgoing president’s numbers. The numbers from Obama’s first quarter reflect the financial crisis that started in 2007 and blew up with bank failures in September of 2008. You can read about it here:–2008.

      In essence you are looking at the final quarter of Bush’s presidency. You see that Obama handed Trump a very robust economy.

    • Hahaha you are really funny or just very clueless.

    • If helping to establish fascism counts as “doing well,” you may have a point.

      Obama started his first term with a TERRIBLE economy. It took a long time to stop the fall and turn it around. It couldn’t have been done in his first quarter.

      Neither can Trump make any material changes in the economy in his first quarter.

      The economy, as it stands, is still the result of Obama’s efforts, not Trump’s.

      If you had an education, you’d understand this.

  2. The sycophants at least provide a touch of comic relief. But where or rather from what asylum does Fake Fox find these abysmal morons. They have little intellect and appear to have a nursery school education.

  3. If the economy tanks next year or anytime while the idiot is in office, it will be Obama’s economy then and everything will be his fault. I’ve seen this movie before.

  4. This is why faux news should have an asterisk that says the previous is a lie

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