Fox News is SHOCKED that MSNBC’s Joy Reid Rightly Berated Them for Killing Off Their Audience

The faux “journalists” at Fox News have long demonstrated that they have a virtually inexhaustible supply of contrived indignation. They stockpile it for occasions when they are justly accused of moral or ethical wrongdoing for which they have no plausible excuse. Then they unleash their manufactured wrath on those who have correctly criticized them.

Joy Reid, MSNBC

On Sunday’s episode of Fox’s MediaBuzz, host Howard Kurtz was worked up about a segment of MSNBC’s The Reidout wherein Joy Reid made an entirely appropriate observation about how Fox News has exacerbated the COVID pandemic by repeatedly lying about its severity and discouraging – and even mocking – common sense mitigating behavior such as wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

For instance, one of their top shills, Greg Gutfeld, recently upchucked a rancid rant advising his already deluded viewers to forego getting vaccinated or getting boosted because so-called “natural immunity” was better. Never mind that “doctor” Gutfeld’s diagnosis is contrary to all of the medical science on the subject. Likewise, Fox’s relentless campaign of coronavirus disinformation has resulted in a pandemic disparity wherein “counties that went heavily for Donald Trump have seen much lower vaccination rates and much higher death rates from COVID.

Which makes the segment on Sunday’s show all the more loathsome. Kurtz began by acknowledging that “the distrust of vaccines by some on the right is so deeply embedded that even Donald Trump can’t convince people that otherwise support him or follow him to get the shots.” Indeed, Trump was recently booed by his “fans” for admitting that he got the booster shot.

However, Kurtz did not acknowledge that the primary cause of the distrust he spoke of was lies propagated by Fox News. Then Kurtz entered into the following exchange with Emily Jashinsky of the ultra-rightist Federalist:

Kurtz: In his speech, Biden said people’s choices are affected by the dangerous misinformation on cable TV and social media. Okay, but here MSNBC’s Joy Reid went way further than that. Let’s take a look.
Reid (video): Probably the most vaccinated company in America is Fox News. They’re all vaccinated. They’re gonna live through this and let their viewers and their fans die. Because they don’t give a damn. It’s just clicks to them. They don’t care what happens. It’s just fun for them.
Kurtz: So Joy Reid says says Fox News wants you to die. What?
Jashinsky: And that’s exactly what she said. And this is just one of the many fireable offences she commits regularly on that show. Even though under normal standards those would be considered fireable offences. And she gets very little criticism from her peers. This isn’t normal. If somebody on the right said said this it would be a huge story because it’s so outrageous. It’s so extreme. And it’s a great example of why the left, why the Biden White House, why Democrats actually struggle to get those vaccine numbers up.

Kurtz’s response to Reid’s commentary materially misrepresented what she said. Reid didn’t say that “Fox News wants you to die.” She said that Fox is “let]ting] their viewers and their fans die. Because they don’t give a damn.” Letting them die is different than wanting it. Reid was making the point that Fox News was irresponsible and unconcerned with the deadly consequences of their politically motivated lies.

Jashinsky’s remarks were even more removed from reality. Since Reid’s commentary could be supported just by quoting Fox News hacks like Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson (who told viewers that the vaccines don’t work), it could hardly be grounds for termination. On the other hand, no one on Kurtz’s program bothered to mention the nauseating and truly fireable offences of Fox Newsers like Lara Logan (who compared Dr. Fauci to the sadistic and murderous Nazi “doctor” Josef Mengele), or Jesse Watters (who urged his viewers to confront Dr. Fauci and to go in with the kill shot. The kill shot with an ambush […] BOOM! He is dead.”).

The hypocrisy of Fox News is nothing new. It is a network that was founded with a mission to deceive and to advance the interests of the GOP (Greedy One Percent). And it has now evolved into the mouthpiece for the Cult of Trump and the authoritarian dystopia he aspires to rule over. What Reid said about Fox News is unarguably true, and Fox’s denial doesn’t come close to disproving it.

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Fox News Clown Greg Gutfeld Pushes ‘Nature’s Vaccination’: Getting Infected with COVID

In its continuing pro-COVID mission, Fox News has unleashed another in their efforts to infect as many of their own viewers as possible. The disinformation spread by Trump and Fox News is affirmed in recent studies that prove that “Counties that went heavily for Donald Trump have seen much lower vaccination rates and much higher death rates from COVID.”

Fox News, Greg Gutfeld

These horrific statistics would justify referring to the surging coronavirus crisis as the “Pandemic of the Fox News.” And yet, the network is still advancing flagrant falsehoods that will assuredly lead to more suffering and fatalities. The latest example of that sociopathic disregard for life came during Friday’s episode of Fox’s The Five. Co-host Greg Gutfeld was compelled to relieve himself of some of the most ignorant commentary ever unleashed on the program. Which is really saying something.

In a monologue (video below) about the new Omicron variant that is rapidly spreading throughout the nation and the world, Gutfeld advised the already deluded Fox audience to forego getting vaccinated or getting the booster if they had already been vaccinated. He gushed…

“If you urge a booster for Omicron, does that mean you are actually going to end up preventing a more effective kind of vaccination – nature’s vaccination – which would raise the natural immunity in a safe way? But with a booster, that may not be that effective. Why would you get a booster against what is, effectively, could be a booster. Call me a quack, I don’t care.”

Fake Dr. Gutfeld is, as usual, talking out of his assumptions drawn from his utter stupidity. The notion of getting infected and recovering from COVID as “nature’s vaccination” is a potentially deadly option that has been debunked repeatedly. While an infection does produce antibodies, their strength and longevity do not compare with that of the actual vaccine. What’s more, you have to risk your life and the lives of others in order to go that route. But Gutfeld isn’t a quack. He’s a murderer. And he wasn’t through…

“Here’s the poop, literally. In Florida they looked at the samples of wastewater in Florida sewage and they found that 100% of the samples had Omicron in it. But not in the hospitals because people weren’t going to the hospitals with Omicron. Which means that everybody has it, but it’s so mild that people are handling it on their own.

Gutfeld’s analysis couldn’t be more ridiculous and dangerous. The data to which he is referring describes the results of wastewater testing where the Omicron variant was found in samples of the coronavirus. That doesn’t mean that “everybody has it.” It only means that where the virus was found it was of the Omicron variety. It wasn’t found in everybody.

Furthermore, the data doesn’t suggest that being infected with the Omicron variant would necessarily result in a mild illness. Gutfeld doesn’t bother to consider that the samples found might be from people who had been fully vaccinated, and that’s the reason the illness was mild. But Gutfeld’s advice is to reject vaccination, which would likely result in much more severe illness and possibly death. He also doesn’t consider the potentially tragic consequences for people who could be infected with the Delta variant that is still infecting and killing thousands. His toxic advice will only make that worse. He then went on to malign President Biden saying that…

“That’s what makes Joe Biden kind of a despicable non-leader. He hears of Omicron, high-transmission, low severity, and instead of trying to help America regain its sense of normalcy, he redefines it as a ‘winter of death.'”

So what Gutfeld considers a “despicable non-leader” is someone who cares about people and aspires to keep them from unnecessary harm and to save their lives. While Omicron is highly transmissible, it has not been found to be low severity. The data available at this early stage isn’t sufficient to draw that conclusion. Many of those infected by Omicron were vaccinated, which would lessen the severity. But one thing that has been determined is that those who have received the booster have a high degree of protection from serious illness, hospitalization, or death.

Gutfeld is putting lives at risk with his thoroughly unqualified medical advice. He even went further to disparage other methods of mitigating the harm from the virus, saying that “We know that masks aren’t necessary.” That’s the sort of idiocy that is all too rampant on Fox News. And it is unconscionable that the network – where everyone is required to be vaccinated, or tested daily – would disseminate such dangerous lies to their viewers. But then, it’s Fox News. And they subscribe to the pledge made by Gutfeld above: “Call me a quack, I don’t care.” They obviously don’t care.

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Fox News Court Jester Callously Insults People Injured During Trump’s Insurrection

A few weeks ago Fox “News” debuted “Gutfeld,” an alleged “comedy” program that they positioned as their answer to The Daily Show or the network late night offerings from Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon. It would have been considered a bizarre departure for a news network, but fortunately, no one really considers Fox to be one of those.

Fox News Bozo

Guess what? Fox is also not a comedy network. And Greg Gutfeld is only a comedian if you think that crude mockery of people who are disadvantaged or suffering is funny. As a committed elitist, he has still not learned one of the most basic principles of comedy: You do not punch down. And he regards jokes about child abuse, drug addiction, and Alzheimer’s as comedy gold.

On Wednesday Gutfeld led his program with a monologue that mined the same sort of cruelty that is the hallmark of his character, or lack thereof. The subject was Trump’s January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. On that day more than a hundred police officers were injured, some with permanent disabilities. At least three are deceased. They were protecting America’s seat of democratic government, but their sacrifices have been dismissed by Republicans who refuse to investigate what happened and why.

In addition to the police and the members of Congress, journalists were among the victims. They were also, therefore, the targets of Gutfeld’s wrath. His monologue (video below) attacked reporters who are now struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by Trump’s Capitol Hill rioters. He callously belittles the emotionally bruising experience saying of reporters that…

“Apparently seeing a clown in a Viking hat knocking over a bottle of white-out on Dick Durban’s desk is tantamount to being mauled by ISIS in your kitchen.” [and that] “They’re more distraught than the Kardashians during a silicon [sic] shortage.”

Like many in the Trumpian/Fox News World, the rioters who violently assaulted the police, bashed in the doors and windows of the Congress, vandalized property with feces, and chanted about killing Nancy Pelosi and hanging Mike Pence, were invisible. Gutfeld refuses to acknowledge that reality, while characterizing the rioters who assaulted reporters and destroyed their equipment as merely “A group of largely unarmed housewives and dads.”

Gutfeld goes on to sarcastically dismiss the injuries of the journalists. He refers to them contemptuously as “these poor souls” and maligns them for thinking that January 6th was worse than 9/11. But that’s a notion that Gutfeld applied to everyone because a single reporter drew an association. Gutfeld quoted Matthew Dowd saying that…

“To me, though there was less loss of life on January 6, January 6 was worse than 9/11, because it’s continued to rip our country apart and give permission for people to pursue autocratic means.”

Which is an excellent point. Dowd wasn’t saying the loss of life was worse, but that the aftermath socially was. Gutfeld completely missed the point that after 9/11, the country came together to console and to heal and to seek to respond to the assault on America. But after January 6th, conservatives like Gutfeld sought only to divide the nation and defend the perpetrators who attacked it, as well as the citizens who condemned the attack. Trump confessed his “love” for the rioters. And others at Fox News, like Tucker Carlson, denied and/or excused the violence.

And remember, to Gutfeld and his Fox News confederates, all of this was hysterically funny. Dead and maimed cops, traumatized congressional representatives and their staffs, emotionally scarred journalists, were all the innocent targets of his vicious and infantile sense of humor. A regular laugh riot.

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Racist Fox News ‘Comedian’ Bashes Biden for Promoting Inclusive Education

A few weeks ago Fox News debuted a nightly, primetime program that they thought would compete with Stephen Colbert or Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Because what could be better suited for an alleged “news” network that is widely viewed as a joke? “Gutfeld!” landed with a thud as it’s brand of comedy was both mean-spirited and childish.

Fox News, Greg Gutfeld

The program has only gone downhill from there. Its host and guests appear to be devoted to lowbrow “humor” that callously attacks the underprivileged from the comfort of their ivory tower. Their most recent episode featured such specimens of hilarity as these swipes at President Biden (video below, if you have the stomach for it):

“He’s not sure if he is [President]. They installed the Waze app on his phone so he could find the west wing.” [and…]

“The only thing middle of the road about Joe is his hair, which resembles a crushed squirrel.” [and…]

“It’s only April and he’s swallowed more anti-American crap than Michael Moore’s septic tank.”

Comedy gold, isn’t it? Gutfeld began by maligning Biden’s mental acuity, something that the American people already assessed as superior to Donald Trump. Then he segued to a slam on Biden’s hair. Seriously! And naturally he winds up in the sewer, where Fox News and Republicans customarily reside.

However, the central focus of the segment was education. Gutfeld was appalled that the Biden administration is supportive of Critical Race Theory (that Trump tried to eliminate), and is pursuing an agenda that seeks to “incorporate teaching and learning practices that reflect the diversity, identities, histories, contributions, and experiences of all students.” Gutfeld condemned that noble and inclusive initiative saying that “it’s not an education they’re after, but indoctrination.” Indeed. You certainly don’t want to poison children’s minds with the notion that America benefited from its diversity.

As usual, Gutfeld is deploying a frequently used Republican propaganda tactic wherein they accuse their foes of what they are doing themselves. It was Trump who created a “1776 Commission” whose purpose was to indoctrinate children with what he called “Patriotic Education.” It was his reaction to the widely praised 1619 Project that aimed to make America’s historical curriculum more racially inclusive and accurate.

Thankfully, Biden revoked the report produced by Trump’s flagrantly biased commission. That commission and its report had already been rejected by historians as political propaganda. What’s more, Trump’s task farce had notable beginnings as Vladimir Putin’s “Patriotic Education” amendments to Russia’s education laws. So once again, Trump was taking direction from his mentor/boss. And Fox News is regurgitating it whole.

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Greg Gutfeld’s New Fox News ‘Comedy’ Show is a Bad Joke

If anyone still wonders why there isn’t very much conservative comedy, Fox News has helpfully provided an object lesson in why right-wingers just aren’t funny. Comedy requires a certain finesse and an understanding of your audience. It is a maxim of professional humorists that you cannot make fun of the under-privileged without exposing yourself as callous and cruel. In other words, you don’t punch down.

Fox News Bozo

Conservatives, however, still haven’t figured out that simple rule. And since their whole political ideology is one of fealty to the filthy rich and powerful, down is the only direction that they can punch. This wasteland of wit was perfectly illustrated in Monday’s premiere of “GUTFELD!” on Fox News (video below). Let’s set aside the unseemly blunder of programming a “comedy” on a so-called “news” network. It didn’t work for CNN’s “D.L. Hughley Show” or Fox’s doomed “Half-Hour Comedy Hour,” And from its debut, it doesn’t bode well for Greg Gutfeld either.

Gutfeld starts off with what appears to be a deliberate intention to offend. His first joke was about immigrant children in cages. He then segues to the always hilarious subject of child abuse. From that inauspicious beginning Gutfeld further embarrasses himself by making disparaging remarks about the cognitive state of seniors and the funny side of drug addiction. That’s comedy gold by conservative standards.

Continuing on a theme, Gutfeld runs a tedious video about MSNBC’s Brian Williams anchoring his program from Mars. Then he mocks Black CNN host, Don Lemon, for reporting on racism. Then he rattles off a series of lame attacks on those he considers his competition: Stephen Colbert (who Gutfeld complains doesn’t “ruffle feathers”), Jimmy Kimmel (who Gutfeld mocks for crying, a reference to episodes where Kimmel spoke eloquently and heart wrenchingly about his infant son who almost died), as well as Jimmy Fallon, Seth Myers, and Trevor Noah. That’s a move that exposes his insecurity and fear of comedians with real talent.

Gutfeld asserts that all of the late night comedians have “got the market cornered for calling Americans stupid”. The truth is, however, that they all respect the intelligence of their audience by presenting comedy that assumes they are well informed, otherwise they wouldn’t get the jokes. Gutfeld, on the other hand, is lashing out with ad hominin attacks against his foes on a network famous for lying to its viewers and that assumes they are dimwitted enough to believe their propaganda.

Well, Gutfeld they might be right about that. Fox News viewers actually believe their nonsense about cancel culture, radical Democratic socialism, and flagrant falsehoods about the severity of the COVID pandemic that are downright dangerous. They also believe everything that their cult leader, Donald Trump, says, including his recent reality-defying claim that the Capitol riots on January 6th were all “hugging and kissing” and “posed zero threat.” Except for the 140+ cops who were assaulted and injured, three of whom died. Fox’s relentless lies on that subject have resulted in half of Republicans believing those riots were “mostly peaceful.”

Gutfeld claims that he likes “bashing creeps in power,” but apparently that only applies to personal insults aimed at powerful people like … Hunter Biden? He proves that point by calling them “stupid talking piñatas.” And he asserts that “The only way they make money is by making people hate each other.” But isn’t the Fox News business model? All they do all day is divisive and insulting. And yet, Gutfeld has the nerve to talk about “respectful disagreement” during this disrespectful tirade. And in addition to these childish antics, Gutfeld went on a Mitch McConnell inspired, extended harangue triggered by the business backlash to Georgia’s voter suppression legislation. He ranted…

“Screw all corporations. You stupid execs are cowards and bad golfers. You cheat on your taxes and you cheat on each other. I hope Dems raise taxes to 99%. Except for Fox which should be tax exempt. Maybe I’m turning socialist, but after years of proclaiming corporations as engines of free markets, I realize they’re locomotives run by meth heads who’ll do anything to save their own hides. It’s profit over people no matter how many inclusion coordinators they hire.”

If it weren’t for his infantile insults, Gutfeld might have scored some points regarding the self-serving greed of corporations and their bosses. The problem is that he only realized this after those corporations responded appropriately to the concerns of consumers who objected to their voting rights being trampled in Georgia. So once again, Gutfeld was punching down on the people who had expressed themselves and successfully persuaded some powerful companies to act responsibly.

Gutfeld and his ilk repeatedly prove that all they care about are the privileged classes that generally includes themselves. They insist on demonstrating their innate hatred of average Americans. And in the process of expressing those repugnant views they think they’re being funny. The problem is that knee-jerk right-wingers like Gutfeld are too desperate to have a foothold in humor. And since they can’t grasp why their biases aren’t funny, they keep putting their foot up their own ass.

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Newsmax’s Idea of ‘Healthy’ Comedy is Ridiculing Biden’s Stutter with a Fake Laugh Track

Conservatives frequently complain about the prominence of left-leaning comedy. And they often try to make up for it by presenting pitifully unfunny characters on so-called “news” networks like Fox News, where goofball Greg Gutfeld just got his Saturday show promoted to five nights a week. Then again, there’s already a lot on Fox that is laughable.

Fox News Bozo

The argument that comedy has a left-wing bias (just like reality, according to Stephen Colbert) could be supported if all one looks at is the content of late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live where most of the targets of the jokes are Republicans or other right-wing figures. It is undeniable that they supply an abundance of raw material for humor.

However, there are numerous reasons for what the right believes is a conspiracy by the Comedy Overlords to suppress and malign Republicans. But you have to look deeper than the surface level evidence of TV jokesters.

Anyone who wonders why there isn’t very much conservative comedy is inadvertently acknowledging a significant truth: Conservatives just aren’t funny. Comedy is a delicate art that requires a certain finesse to pull off successfully. And the subject of the jokes is as important as the punch line. Experienced comedians will tell you that the target must always be someone of privilege. You cannot make fun of the poor without exposing yourself as callous and cruel. In other words, you don’t punch down.

Conservatives still don’t get that simple rule. And since their whole political ideology is one that is dedicated to advancing the interests of the upper-crusters, down is the only direction that they can punch. So the available targets for their humor are limited to the under-privileged who are already suffering hardships. Not only is that an empty source for comedy, it risks insulting the majority of the audience.

Even when conservatives have potential targets who are among the elite, they still manage to flub their efforts at fun-making. An example of that was conveniently supplied by Benny Johnson of the rightist “news” channel, Newsmax. He did a segment about the importance of comedy to a healthy society. And he demonstrated its use by mocking President Joe Biden, a viable target.

The problem is that, even though Biden is a member of an elite class of political power players, the joke that Johnson chose to feature was about Biden’s well-known speech impediment. That was a bad choice. You simply don’t make fun of people’s disabilities. While an able-bodied man slipping on a banana peel could be funny, no one is going to laugh at a paraplegic who fell out of his wheel chair.

With that in mind, check out what Johnson has to say about comedy in his introduction to a bit on Joe Biden. Note that most of of the “funny” parts are making fun of Biden’s stutter with an added laugh track that Johnson must have thought made it even funnier:

“Big tech censors are working in lock-step with the current administration to suppress comedy and criticism of the Biden administration. Cancel culture has eroded the joy in American culture to the point of absurdity. This is why it is more important than ever in American history to keep humor and ridicule alive. Because it is now clear that we could very well be on the verge of losing it. And lastly guys, if we can just admit, right now, together, that we are living under one of the funniest administrations in American history.”

Oh yeah. That was hilarious. A supercut of a man with a stutter, plus some random moments taken utterly out of context to make him look demented. What’s more, Johnson’s whining about imaginary “Big Tech censors” oppressing conservative comics is – well – hysterical. But as for that pressing question of the modern era: Why aren’t there any conservative comedians? Johnson has helped us answer it by his boorish and infantile example. Coming soon on Newsmax: Blind Truckers and America’s Funniest Epileptic Seizures.

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Messiah Complex? Fox News on Why Trump Got COVID-19: ‘He’s Doing It For Us’

The cult worship of Donald Trump by his ardent and dimwitted disciples has long been a troubling indicator of the iron grip he has on America’s Most Wretched. However, that confederacy of dunces has nothing on the Trump-fluffing propagandists at Fox News, whose devotion to Dear Leader is unwavering and resolute. There is literally nothing that Trump can do or say that won’t trigger unbridled reverence from the Fox hole.

Donald Trump Messiah

Evidence of this glassy-eyed adoration can be seen in Friday’s episode of The Five on Fox News. During a segment on Trump having tested positive for the coronavirus, co-host Greg Gutfeld sought to explain how this was a selfless act of sacrifice by an unparalleled humanitarian whose only interest was the welfare of others. But his commentary devolved into a sermon that characterized Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis as akin to the crucifixion of Christ (video below):

“He didn’t hide from the virus. And the reason why he didn’t hide from the virus is he didn’t want America to hide from the virus. If he was going to ask America to get back to work, right? To get back to work and experience a risk, he was going to do the same thing.” […]

“He had to walk that walk. He had to do that. He could have scared the crap out of everybody but he refused, and it goes back to his original point about trying to make sure the positive attitude is maintained along with a sense of concern. So he took the risk, he got the virus, but it’s because he was — he was doing it for us.”

And there you have it. Trump was willing to die for our sins, so that we may have eternal life. Gutfeld doesn’t accept the more logical explanation that Trump was just reckless about rejecting the safety and health guidelines of his own medical experts. Gutfeld doesn’t fault Trump for refusing to wear face masks or engage in social distancing. In the world of Fox News not only did Trump do nothing wrong, he went beyond any reasonable expectations of charity and courage to offer himself as atonement for the sins of us peasants.

In the real world, Trump’s negligent behavior is responsible for the deaths of more than 208,000 Americans, not mention a total of some seven million cases, many of which will result in permanent disabilities. Gutfeld and his Fox News comrades fail to make that obvious connection. In fact, some of his colleagues are making similarly abhorrent remarks that lavish praise on Trump or defend him from criticism. For instance:

Laura Ingraham gushed, “So while you’re recovering, Mr. President, don’t worry. We’ll take up the slack because you fought for us.” That’s true so long as what Ingraham means is that Trump “fought for us” and our families to get sick and die. He certainly never fought to preserve life or control the pandemic.

Tucker Carlson managed to construct one of the most offensive similes ever by associating criticism of Trump with sexual assault. Carlson falsely asserted that lefty Trump critics were saying essentially that Trump “asked for it. He was dressed provocatively.” So according to Carlson, observing correctly that rejecting masks makes it more likely that the virus would spread, is the same thing as justifying rape because the of the victim’s attire.

WTF is wrong with these cretins? They are not only taking sides against science and the practices that could actually mitigate the suffering and loss caused by a deadly pandemic, but instead they are celebrating the callous and dangerous agenda that Trump has pursued and that has produced nothing but misery. And they are doing all of that in the most nauseating way imaginable. Which for Fox News – and Trump – is really just business as usual.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Fox News Reports Poll Showing Democrats are ‘Out of Step’, But Guess What They Left Out

The deliberate deceit and hostility of Fox News is escalating as Donald Trump gets closer to being tossed into the dustbin of history. With special counsel Robert Mueller progressing toward the inevitable report of Trump’s criminality, and former insiders like Michael Cohen preparing to truth bomb the President, the weasels at Fox News are just getting more desperate in the most obvious and embarrassing ways.

Fox News Lies

On Saturday’s episode of the Greg Gutfeld show, the eponymous host (who thinks he’s a comedian) introduced the program with the “shocking” results of an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. [Note: Fox and Friends misused the same poll] Among other things it revealed that a majority of respondents (56% to 33%) said that Democrats are “out of step with most Americans’ thinking” That’s a pretty lousy number that indicates some trouble for the party. Although it doesn’t reflect the manner in which Democrats are disconnecting. While Fox News and the GOP want you to think it’s a condemnation of the Party’s embrace of lefties like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it could be just as easily that they think the Party isn’t embracing them tightly enough.

But what really makes this Fox News segment ludicrous is that they left out another significant result from the poll. Republicans were also deemed to be out of touch, and by a slightly larger margin (57% to 33%). For some reason that statistic was never mentioned on Fox News. Go figure.

In addition to this dissemination of blatantly distorted news, Fox also failed to mention everything else in the poll that revealed how badly the Trump administration is at odds with the American people. For instance:

  • They believe Trump’s tariffs will hurt, not help the economy (46-25)
  • Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice should continue (46-38)
  • Trump is too friendly with Vladimir Putin (46-39)
  • Russia is an adversary, not an ally (72-16)
  • Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election (65-26)
  • The interference by the Russians affected the outcome of the election (41-18)

Since Fox News went to the trouble of citing this poll, they ought to have reported the results more completely. And particularly with regard to the question of how badly Americans think the Republican Party is out of touch. But then again, Fox has never been known to responsibly cover the news, so why should they start now?

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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With the midterm elections coming up you can count on Fox to lie profusely about the issues and to smother Trump with accolades. Trump has promised to campaign on behalf of GOP candidates “six to seven days a week when we’re sixty days out.” So he’s effectively abdicating his presidency. And Fox News will devotedly air every single one of Trump’s boring, mindlessly repetitive rally speeches in their entirety. Which is certain to increase the incidence of cognitive infirmity among his glassy-eyed Deplorables.

LOL: GOP Fundraiser Lost Money Due to Big Payouts to Trump Golf Club and Fox News Speaker

The Republican Party is struggling to stay afloat in this Era of Trump. The President has been an anchor around the necks of many GOP office holders and candidates. An unprecedented number of Republican members of Congress (over 40) have already resigned or announced that they will not be running for reelection. And this is a year during which they control all three branches of the federal government.

Donald Trump

Republicans still in the game have been hurt in the pocketbook this year. they are raising significantly less money than Democrats and everyone, regardless of party affiliation, is expecting a “blue wave” to sweep Washington come November.

So it doesn’t help when when Republicans stage fundraisers where they actually spend more money then they take in. But that’s what happened in Morris Country, New Jersey in February. And the reasons for the shortfall were emblematic of the con game mentality that dominates the tenor of Donald Trump’s Washington. The New Jersey Globe reports that:

“Morris County Republicans lost money on their winter fundraiser at Trump National Golf Club and have a paltry $13,956 in their warchest […] The county GOP organization raised $58,335 at an event that cost them more than $64,000. They spent $24,487 at Trump National and paid Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld $30,000 to speak.”

That’s right. The reason that the party fundraiser is in the red is because Trump’s facility and a Fox News hack took all their profits. Both Trump and Fox News ought to be conscious of the impact they are having on the electoral prospects of their political allies. They surely don’t want Democrats to win in these races that are considered competitive. But in both cases Trump and Gutfeld seem to be more devoted to their own greed than to their political values. Which is actually consistent with their political values.

The article in the Globe closed with an additional bit of information that makes this embarrassing event look even worse:

“At the February fundraiser, Republicans teased potential donors with the idea that President Trump would attend as a surprise guest – even asking for social security numbers in advance, something that would suggest a presidential appearance. Trump was at Mar-a-Lago and there was little possibility that he would be in New Jersey for President’s Day weekend.”

So this money losing affair flopped even after they tried to fool people into thinking that they might get to rub elbows with their Dear Leader. Apparently Trump wasn’t a sufficient draw to turn around the prospects of this debacle. But at least he made a few thousand bucks off of it. And so did Fox’s Gutfeld. So it wasn’t a total loss. Unless you’re a Republican candidate in Morris County. Here’s hoping the GOP will put on more of these events. Trump and Fox News shills can always use the extra cash.

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The Lies Fox News Told in 2017 That They (Kind of) Admitted or Corrected

Well, it’s that time of year. The time for end-of-year lists and collections of the best/worst whatever that we all endured for the past twelve months. The prospect of compiling such lists for 2017 seemed particularly daunting considering the wealth of material created by our sociopathic president, Donald Trump, and his PR division at Fox News. After all, no one was going to read through a 1,000 best/worst list for the year. And how could it be pared down to ten?

Donald Trump

So News Corpse found a category that would not be too overwhelming. Fox News has told literally thousands of lies this year. But they have only acknowledged or corrected a handful. That’s because they don’t practice the sort of journalistic ethics that a legitimate news enterprise normally would. In fact, their mission is to disinform and deceive. Consequently, they have no use for retractions or apologies. But News Corpse did document the rare occasions when Fox News was forced to at least make a comment about some blatantly false story that they leaked into the mediasphere. What follows are some stories that even Fox couldn’t pretend were true (kind of).

The Seth Rich Story

May 24: There is a conservative mythology that Democratic operative Seth Rich was assassinated by some nefarious lefty cabal because he leaked stolen DNC documents to Wikileaks. However, there’s no evidence of any such activity, and the police have concluded that the crime was a botched robbery. Nevertheless, Fox News, and especially Sean Hannity, repeatedly advanced the ludicrous conspiracy theory.

The Comey Files

July 11: Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends falsely reported that former FBI director James Comey made documents public that were classified as “Top Secret.” But Doocy had to retract that report the following day because it wasn’t true. Donald Trump retweeted the original false story, but never corrected the tweet.

Bogus Baghdadi

July 24: Fox News contributor Gen. Tony Thomas accused the New York Times of allowing a terrorist leader to escape. Then Fox weekend host Pete Hegseth elaborated on the charge that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would’ve been captured if not for the Times. The Times responded with proof that Fox’s story was false, but Fox continued reporting the same lies, as did Trump.

Smearing the Good Lawyers

September 9: Fox’s Greg Gutfeld rattled off some falsehoods that portrayed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as charlatans and associates of violent nutjobs. He accused them of financial improprieties and failing to perform the legal they work that is their mission. The SPLC responded with a letter proving Gutfeld’s remarks to be false. But Fox ignored the letter and never corrected their libelous story.

The Verdict is In

December 5: Fox and Friends co-host Pete Hegseth erroneously reported that MSNBC failed to cover the not guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial. […] The false reporting by Hegseth was uncorrected for at least twelve hours despite the network being informed of the error.

Please, No Moore

December 10: A Fox News headline falsely asserted that “Roy Moore accuser admits she forged part of yearbook inscription attributed to Alabama Senate candidate.” There was just one little problem with that. The accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, never admitted any such thing.

It’s interesting to note that Fox News made a big deal about a few incorrect reports during the year by ABC News or CNN. These were portrayed as proof that the entirety of the media was fake. Many of Fox’s pundits went so far as to accuse the press of making these mistakes deliberately. And of course, that was Trump’s standard approach as he labeled everything “fake news.” However, Fox went to great lengths to avoid mentioning any of their own falsehoods when discussing this subject. They’re pure as the driven snow. It’s the same way they treat the subject of sexual abuse. Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken are always brought up as examples, but Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly are forgotten figures from some distant past.

To be sure, the list above doesn’t represent the full picture of Fox’s dishonesty. They continue to press flat out lies about the Uranium One deal, which their own “hard news” correspondent, Shepard Smith, utterly debunked. And Fox News is obsessed with tarnishing the reputation of the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller. If you watched nothing but Fox News you would come away believing that Mueller was an unscrupulous Democrat determined to crush Donald Trump with manufactured tales of collusion. Never mind that in reality he is a life-long Republican selected by a Republican Acting Attorney General, who was appointed by Trump.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.

Next year is almost certainly going to be more of the same. Fox News will defend Trump from any and all criticism, while writing new talking points for him to tweet. Trump will adopt Fox’s rhetoric and disgorge it on Twitter and to friendly reporters. Then Fox will cover what Trump said bringing the circle to a close, ready to recycle in an endless loop of lying. And on that depressing note, News Corpse would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year.