Donald Trump’s $110B Weapons Deal w/Saudi Arabia Brings Windfall for Ivanka Aligned Foundation

Donald Trump is currently on the first foreign trip of his presidency. The White House is portraying it as an effort to advance global cooperation and peace. His itinerary begins in Saudi Arabia, a nation with a dismal record on human rights and terrorism.

Ivanka Trump

The featured accomplishment of the trip so far is the signing of an agreement to sell $110 billion dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia. That deal has raised concerns among foreign policy experts. They worry that the weapons could be used to further Saudi Arabia’s attacks in Yemen. Those missions have resulted in untold numbers of civilian casualties. In addition, there is concern that some of the weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. President Obama had withheld certain categories of arms from Saudi Arabia for that reason, but Trump is permitting their sale.

Not mentioned in the Trump PR blitz is a “coincidental” financial arrangement that involves the President’s senior advisor – and daughter. Last month Ivanka Trump announced that she was working with the World Bank to start a “massive fund” to boost female entrepreneurship. The ethical dilemmas surrounding such a venture were immediately apparent. Ivanks’a role in the White House, and influence with her president father, are hard to dismiss. Consequently, the news today from the Wall Street Journal is somewhat more than troubling:

“The World Bank plans to announce Sunday at an event with Ivanka Trump, the U.S. president’s daughter and senior White House adviser, that Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have pledged $100 million collectively toward a fund for women who own or want to start businesses, according to people familiar with the announcement.”

The advancement of women’s rights in business is unarguably an admirable pursuit. However, it is curious that Saudi Arabia is Ivanka’s premiere partner. The Kingdom is not known for its fair treatment of women. Their rights are severely curtailed, including being prohibited from independently obtaining a passport or driving a car.

Ivanka is travelling with the President this week and attending various meetings. She was at the signing of the arms deal before Sunday’s event announcing the donation. The converging optics of these two affairs are disquieting. There is an implied relationship between the donation and the arms deal. While there is no direct evidence of any quid pro quo, the perception of impropriety is inescapable. Even Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, promoted it on Twitter

This is especially notable considering how Trump castigated Hillary Clinton for far less during the 2016 election. He called the Clinton Foundation a “criminal enterprise.” Trump also raised the subject at a debate (video below), demanding that Clinton return donations made by Saudi Arabia. He posted this on Facebook last June:

“Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays. Hillary must return all money from such countries!”

This is the same Saudi Arabia that Trump is now effusively praising as a “magnificent Kingdom.” It’s the same country with which he just signed a “tremendous” deal to supply billions of dollars of modern weaponry. And it’s the same country that is now giving the Ivanka aligned foundation $100,000,000.00. Does that mean Ivanka is running a criminal enterprise? Is that pay-to-play? Will Trump ever acknowledge the hypocrisy? Will the media address it? Stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s $110B Weapons Deal w/Saudi Arabia Brings Windfall for Ivanka Aligned Foundation

  1. Every day a new scandal. It is becoming too much and many people are just tuning them out.

  2. She’s jes’ a lil’ country girl try’n to make a go in the dog eat dog world. So daddy’s help’n her out by introuc’n her to some Muslim big wigs; wouldn’t you help out your daughter iffn she were try’n to get a business off the groun?

  3. This is just another hit piece in order to keep alive all the non scandals alive. It’s going nowhere. The Russia/election “scandal” scandal is going nowhere. There is no crime. You can scratch impeachment off of your to do list.

    • It’s funny that you Trumpian hypocrites keep spouting this, after all, you all were quick to point out Clinton’s “guilt” when her Clinton Foundation accepted donations from countries like Saudi Arabia. That in itself is no crime since it’s a charity foundation, it’s only natural that it has donor from across the globe.

      Trump and you Trumpians too tried to demonize this from every possible angle, even citing Saudi Arabia’s “human and women’s rights violations” to do so. Yet today, Trump has PRAISED Saudi Arabia and is pretty much doing the exact same thing that he accused Hillary Clinton of, with a very important difference. While the Clinton Foundation received donations as a charity organization, Trump has directly negotiated a deal with the country that directly BENEFITS his daughter’s venture, in other words, it’s as clear a case of nepotism and the abuse of the powers of the Presidential office to financially benefit a member of his family.

      Yet these are all “hit pieces” to you whereas Clinton is GUILTY! Yeah, if there’s one thing Trump has done very well, it’s expose both himself and all his boot licking Trump worshipers like yourself as the true hypocrites you really are.

      This is why while Trump is a problem, the ones who put him in office, the likes of you, are an even greater problem. I can only hope that his demise will spell the same for the likes of you as well. Even if America has to suffer as a result, Far better an outcome than to see the rest of the world share the same fate.

  4. Are you a federal investigator? Didn’t think so. I will wait for the professionals’ findings. I prefer the truth over fake news.

  5. Der Fooey is doing a great job ensuring he does EVERYTHING the FoxPods always accused Obama of having already done. Hypocrisy is what makes the TrumpBot/FoxPod world go round, of course….

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