Impeachment Talk Spurs Fox News and Right-Wing Media to Ask Anti-Trump States to Secede

The Trump Train is continuing on its collision course with history. Each new day brings with it more evidence that Donald Trump and Company had distinctly unsavory connections to Russian operatives. Their complicity with the documented proof that Russia tampered with our presidential election is becoming impossible to credibly deny.

Donald Trump

Not surprisingly, as the evidence grows, so does the prospect of impeachment. While Congress has only dipped its toes into the subject, across the country there are municipalities that are diving in. Newsweek is reporting that the movement is gaining steam:

“Last Thursday Brookline, Massachusetts, became the latest in a list of nearly a dozen American cities demanding the country’s top lawmakers examine whether the president is breaking government rules barring public officials from enriching themselves with foreign money.”

Los Angeles is among the cities that have passed resolutions calling on Congress to commence hearings. Chicago is currently debating their own proposal. And the grounds for the President’s removal from office are expanding as well. It’s no longer just issues related to the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause. Though that would be more than enough. Obstruction of Justice and espionage are rapidly becoming plausible charges.

The roster of legal heavyweights making the case for impeachment is impressive and bipartisan. They include constitutional lawyer and Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe, Obama’s former chief ethics counsel Norman Eisen, and the same staffer in George W. Bush’s administration, Prof. Richard Painter.

Naturally, this is where Fox News steps in to paper over scandalous activities with trite and absurd diversions. On Fox’s community website, Fox Nation, they posted a link to an article in the “Moonie” Washington Times. It sported the tabloidy headline, “Massachusetts, California, Take Your Anti-Trumpness and Secede.“. The author, Cheryl K. Chumley, took the well worn path of insisting that Trump has “not committed any offense that’s impeachable.” But that’s irrelevant because it is the purpose of the hearings to ascertain whether an impeachable offense occurred. And there are mountains of evidence that justify holding such hearings. Chumley continued in a snarky manner saying that:

“Elizabeth Warren can be queen, Bernie Sanders, king. And all the subjects can band together to grow their own food and stitch together clothing items from oak tree leaves and orange peels and create grand pronouncements against Trump to distribute amongst themselves and discuss.” […]

“Why suffer to live among a Trump nation? Massachusetts, California: Just take your anti-Trump campaigns and go. Don’t look back; don’t let the door hit you. […] In the name of peace, it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.”

First of all, Chumley’s juvenile characterization of these two states ignores the reality of their place in the country. Sure, there may be some crunchy types who value nature and good health, but is that a bad thing? Plus, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are nationally beloved figures who represent the best of democratic leadership.

More to the point, these are two of the most modern, technologically advanced states in the union. Massachusetts is the home of Harvard and MIT. California’s Silicon Valley is the world capital of all things digital. And both states economically surpass most of the rest of the nation. They excel in industry, agriculture, defense, education, and tourism. So stick that in your granola and pour almond milk on it.

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The loss of these states to the union would be devastating. They pay the bills for much of the debt-ridden southern and mid-west states. If California were an independent nation it would be the sixth richest in the world with a healthy, diversified economy. Chumley’s article, therefore, does nothing but prove that she is an ill-informed and incompetent columnist. Which is probably how she got the job at the Washington Times in the first place. And Fox News had better hope that these states never take the suggestion of secession seriously. Because they just may find it an appealing opportunity.


8 thoughts on “Impeachment Talk Spurs Fox News and Right-Wing Media to Ask Anti-Trump States to Secede

  1. Funny a few years ago, some red states were talking about leaving the Union.

  2. Poor, math-challenged Faux News crazies. Don’t they realize that the majority of voters did not vote for Trump? Clinton beat him in the pop vote by 3 million+. And what would those poor red welfare states do without the nasty librul states to pay for their dole?

  3. Amazing. Just when you think the TrumpBots can’t get more un-American. Donald Trump tells the rest of the world, “f*ck you and the camel you rode in on,” and all we get from the TrumpBots are rationalizations. Imbecilic excuses. We’re right, the rest of the world is wrong. And anyone who tells us otherwise can just go get f’ked and get out of our stinking country.

    Although, on the one side, we wish the ReThugs would keep going on with this since we always need more emphasis on kicking the ReThugs out of government once and for all and put people who actually want to work with the rest of the world and improve our environment and our planet.

    As long as the narcissistic child and the sycophants that praise him remain in power, the worse our world will be. And Germany and France will remain the moral leaders of the world while we stew in our own sewage.

    The one great achievement of the Drumpf administration: telling the world to get f’ked while we hide in our own turtle shells. The US has become the laughing stock of the world. Thank you, Donald!

    • We have been the laughing stock of the world starting with Reagan and Bush, Jr. told the world it would not implement the Kyoto Protocol plus putting pressure on the scientists with regards to global warming.

      • You are quite correct. I should have said “Thank you, ReThuglicans.”

  4. Since America elected Trump and the haters felt emboldened to display their disfigured little hearts, secession became a treasured dream of this New Jerseyan. Can we come too? Please?

  5. The majority of Americans knew better and didn’t buy drumpf’s cheap rhetoric. The sElectoral College imposed an illegal president over the will of wise Americans, most of which live in blue states.
    Time to do away with the sElectoral College.

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