Death Spiral? Trump’s Support From REPUBLICANS Craters as His Presidency Flatlines

The political anchor that is Donald Trump continues to sink ever deeper. The latest poll by the Associated Press shows him with a flaccid approval rating of only thirty-five percent. His disapproval (64%) matches the nation’s distaste for his policies. On his handling of healthcare, sixty-six percent disapprove. Sixty-four percent of Americans object to his withdrawal from the Paris Accords on climate change.

Donald Trump

However, the bad news for Trump is far worse than than what is revealed by that already dismal poll. Gallup just updated their tracking poll of Trump’s popularity (or lack thereof) by party affiliation. The President’s historically depressed job ratings have been routinely dismissed by him and his cohorts. They have relied on their base to provide a cult-like bottom of devotion. But Gallup’s numbers just put an end to that self-deception:

“Republicans’ satisfaction with the way things are going in the U.S. took a hit since last month. Forty-one percent of Republicans say they are satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S., down 17 percentage points since May.”

When four-in-ten of your most faithful fans are dissatisfied with your performance, you have achieved an epic level of failure. And the precipitous seventeen point collapse ought to be especially worrisome. The time span during which these numbers plunged were notable for several initiatives that Trump regarded as potentially positive. He took his first trip overseas. He announced his position on an international agreement on climate change. The stalled effort to repeal ObamaCare was restarted in the Senate. A tax reform agenda was outlined. But none of these issues moved the needle in favor of Trump.

Of course, at the same time the investigation into the Russia intrigue that has consumed his administration grew more precarious. Additional facts were revealed and more people were implicated. There were congressional hearings that featured former FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Most recently, reports (and Trump) affirmed that he is under investigation for obstruction of justice. Surely these events are weighing on his approval ratings.

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Other presidents have suffered through periods of low voter satisfaction. What makes Trump’s dilemma unique is that his own party is abandoning him like rats from a sinking ship of state. It is unlikely that Trump will find many Democrats or independents to buttress his decline. So if he can’t bring back Republicans he is doomed to a continuing free fall. When elected GOP representatives conclude that their constituents are hopelessly repulsed by Trump, they will be less likely to back him up. And at some point they will decide that defending Trump, even against impeachment, exposes them to more risk than benefit.


9 thoughts on “Death Spiral? Trump’s Support From REPUBLICANS Craters as His Presidency Flatlines

  1. This guy is the choice of all Republicans and they own everything he says and does. The Republicans joined together to support this TEA Party Family Values Republican for the presidency. They are more Loyal to Putin’s choice to lead our Nation than to our Constitution. The United States should never forget what the Republicans chose to do to our Nation. If we do, it will indicate the end of our Nation. When “TEA Party” is more important than all of us, due to this childish vindictive Republican, it proves all Republicans are involved. They saw his behavior against them in their campaign, but sat silently listening to his abuse of their wives and their reputations, for Party loyalty. Donald refused to serve 5 times when called by his Nation, whining about his Veneral Disease and bone spur. He mocks all of us who did serve, singling out POWs,a s he is pro-Russian. REMF! Remember it’s the Republicans!!

    • The trouble is the Republicans will never owe up when supporting and voting for Trump. It doesn’t matter if these Republicans are rich, middle class, poor class, white collar, blue collar, highly educated, little or no educated, sophisticated or common as dirt, white, black, Asian, Latino, etc. They will not owe up.

  2. Hopefully the republican rats will bolt sooner rather than later. The entire corrupt administration needs to go.

  3. Your numbers would go down too if you were under a constant barrage of lies, innuendos and false stories put out on a regular basis. The press and the Left just can’t help themselves. They have been tossing bullshit since day one and so far they’ve got nothing to show for it.

    • The right-wingers and the corporate controlled media spend too much time going after Obama putting out a constant barrage of lies, innuendos and false stories on a regular basis instead of trying to move the country forward in terms of free medical care, affordable/free education, better wages, workers rights, etc.

    • Are you forgetting all the nearly-free publicity that right-wing outlets such as Fox have given to Trump?

      Another point: if conservatives are as clear-eyed and level-headed as they love to think they are, then they shouldn’t be fazed by low poll numbers for their own man. Your post implies that they are stupid enough to fall for a “leftist” subterfuge.

      • Now to mention the right wing outlets gave a free pass to the scandals of Reagan, Bush, Sr., and Bush, Jr?

  4. We can ONLY hope. That s**tstain, dump, has NO business being president. He’s an a*s-wipe and DESERVES all the s**t he gets thrown.

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