Fox News Attacks Superman Because He Defended Immigrants From a Racist Slaughter

For twenty years Fox News has marketed itself as an ultra-patriotic mouthpiece for conservative principles. Their editorial posture has brazenly taken the side of what it considers American exceptionalism. Never mind that such bias is a breach of journalistic standards. An ethical news operation cannot be seen as exhibiting such favoritism. It would make it impossible to objectively criticize the U.S. when necessary.


This makes the commentary by Fox News host Todd Starnes all the more peculiar. Starnes unleashed an opinionated column that viciously attacked the concepts of “truth, justice, and the American way.” That’s right, he’s taking on Superman. And the offensive behavior by the Man of Steel was that he saved the lives of brown people from a murderous racist. In an article titled “Superman defends illegals against angry American,” Starnes writes that:

“The Man of Steel has now become a propaganda tool for the defenders of illegal aliens. In the most recent issue of Action Comics, Superman comes to the rescue of a group of illegal aliens — under attack from a white guy wearing an American flag bandana and waving around a machine gun. The man is reportedly infuriated because the illegal aliens took his job,” […]

“Instead of rounding up the illegals and flying them back to where they came from, the Man of Steel snatches the white guy and with a menacing look snarls, ‘The only person responsible for the blackness smothering your soul — is you.'”

So Starnes is outraged that our fictional superhero prevented the mass slaying of innocent human beings. Which is pretty much what Superman has been doing for seventy-five years. But Starnes is unconcerned about the killer’s admitted racism and intention to kill Latinos he believes cost him his job. Apparently Starnes would have preferred a version of the story with more bloodshed and dead immigrants. He concludes his tirade with a lament that D.C. Comics is “turning its stable of iconic heroes into political pawns” and “indoctrinating our kids.” The author of the comic, however, sees it differently:

It’s notable that nowhere in the comic are the Latino victims described as undocumented. But that doesn’t stop Starnes from repeatedly referring to them as “illegals” And even if they were undocumented, that wouldn’t justify them being murdered to anyone but bigots like Starnes. Their hatred is exactly what heroes like Superman are dedicated to fighting against. And the comic contains a thought that could easily be applied to Starnes and his pals at Fox News and in Donald Trump’s White House:

“Something darker is at work here. As though anger and ignorance have boiled over all at once. Where people can’t look past their own selfishness and the common good is a foreign concept.”

Precisely. The dark anger and ignorance that is boiling over at Fox News is a product of selfishness and prejudice. It’s too bad we don’t have actual superheroes to protect us from the cretins who peddle such hate. But it’s even worse that we have to suffer idiots like Starnes who wallow in it.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News Attacks Superman Because He Defended Immigrants From a Racist Slaughter

  1. When will we wise up like the Brits and get fox fake news off the air? And get rid of Murdock’s little empire of bigotry, hate and lies.

  2. Maybe they should send in Lex Luther….

  3. It does prove the point who the Republican base truly is…bigots…

    The shadowy smoke screens they cover this bigotry up with is that they wanted change in voting for Trump…change…how about voting for the very first female as president in the nation’s 272 year history…now that would’ve been real change.

    They also spread that it made sense to vote for a successful business man to run the country. Successful they say? If declaring six bankruptcies, not paying subcontractors and service businesses, creating the scam ‘Trump Unversity’, hocking Trump paraphernalia at campaign rallies, making money off of taxpayer dollars by breaking emolument clauses and having to look for foreign banks to lend him money because U.S. financial institutions no longer wouldn’t…if ya call that successful, then whatever is failure? Besides, corporate mentalities are autocratic…not democratic, for ya see, corporate minds prefer saying, “You’re fired,” instead of using diplomacy…

    One other that really gets me is in ignoring that Trump lied at every campaign speech multiple times and on average has lied at the minimum of 5 times per day in his first 7 months in office, while at the same time the Trump voter said they voted for him because Hillary lied. Without the bogus Republican conspiracy stories stretching all the way back from the Vince Foster/Whitewater days to Benghazi and her e-mails, they can’t even state one critical lie of hers…

    Nope, its the downright bigotry that enthused and motivated his base in using minorities, refugees, immigrants and Islamophobia as scapegoats…

  4. Fox faux news seems to be trying to out stupid our stupid president. What a bunch of well paid clowns.

  5. Todd Starnes fits right in at the Republican propaganda network ak a Fox News. The original fake news source!

  6. It comes to this… Fox News insulting a fictional character for defending a minority group from the same bigoted maniacs they promote on their channel…

    Wonderfully pathetic.

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