SRSLY? Breaking on Fox News: ‘Hillary Clinton is Toast’

For the past couple of years Fox News has refocused their standard Republican propaganda machine to more narrowly serve as Donald Trump’s personal PR and defense team. They have worked furiously to spin his innumerable gaffes and blunders as examples of some perverse brilliance. While at the same manufacturing distractions and phony news items intended to draw attention away from Trump’s idiocy, incompetence, and failure.

Hillary Clinton

One of the most frequently used tactics by Fox News is to toss out spurious allegations against Trump’s critics and political foes. At the top of the list for that ploy is, of course, Hillary Clinton. Trump can’t seem to suppress his fetish for the woman who got three million more votes than he did. And Fox News is just as obsessed by her refusal to crawl into a cave for her remaining days.

The latest manifestation of Fox’s fixation on Clinton came in the form of an opinion by contributor Liz Peek. Her story was headlined “Hillary is Toast: Scandals Finally Catch Up with Clintons.” Coming more than a year after the presidential election, it is quite a scoop for Fox News to herald the end of Clinton’s political career. They must be proud to have broken this news after only – everybody else on Planet Earth. And the profound insights in the story begin with this keen observation:

“Hillary Clinton is done, finished, kaput. Dogged by scandals old and new, out of step politically, her excess baggage has morphed into an entire baggage train, dragging her towards political oblivion.”

You have to wonder why both Trump and Fox News relentlessly harp on the question of Clinton’s relevance if they are truly convinced that she has none. The article, however, answers that question by noting that “While it is refreshing to consider the landscape unadorned by Clintons, Republicans will miss her.” And that’s precisely why Fox won’t stop blabbering about her whenever they need to shift attention away from another patented Trump Fuckup. In this case it has something to do with the President’s cowardly silence on the GOP’s pedophile candidate for the senate in Alabama, Roy Moore. Unable to conjure up a suitable response, they go deploy the Clinton deflection:

“As charges of sexual aggression swirl around prominent figures on the left and right, Bill Clinton’s gross and possibly criminal behavior is getting a second look. […] It is high time Bill Clinton’s misdeeds and Hillary’s defense of them received bipartisan condemnation.”

Getting a second look? You mean the first time around, when it was investigated for months and ended in an impeachment, wasn’t sufficient? And it’s fair to say that the condemnation was totally bipartisan when even Al Gore declined to embrace Clinton during his campaign to succeed him. These are just lame and baseless arguments intended to divert the American people from the harsh realities of Trump’s own sexual perversions and crimes. And if Republicans think that Trump is being treated unfairly because Bill Clinton got away with his misconduct, then let’s be sure Trump receives only the punishment that Clinton did and no more. That would, of course, be impeachment.

Trump Clinton

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The rest of the article wound aimlessly between debunked GOP myths like the Uranium One deal and whining that Hillary has the audacity to embark on a book tour. It’s funny, you never hear any similar complaints when John McCain, Bernie Sanders, Mitt Romney, or any other defeated male candidate writes and promotes a post-campaign book. The truth is that Fox News and Trump and the rest of the Republican Party are addicted to the Clintons and are largely responsible for their continued prominence in the press. In fact, they may just be what Hillary is most thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday.


4 thoughts on “SRSLY? Breaking on Fox News: ‘Hillary Clinton is Toast’

  1. Sad part is the fox base will believe it’s news..
    To damn stupid to know thier stupid.

  2. Um, I don’t know if you know this yet, Fox News, but Hillary R. Clinton is NOT the President of the United States. She is many things, but as it stands now, I would like to point out to the ignorant viewers and commentators of the Fox network that Clinton is not the leader of the free world. Why do you keep drudging her up as if she’s still relevant?! You do it because you want to deflect from the controversy surrounding Neo-Confederate-Racist-Homophobic-Pedophile Candidate Roy Moore in the GOP (Greedy One Percent) Senate race in Alabama, and the Muller investigation. The real world is going to crash down upon you soon, Fox-Mongers. Your Emotionally-Stunted Manwhore cannot save you. He has done all in his power to rob you blind of your liberties and you thank him for it. It is pathetic and moderately hopeful that only 9% of you have withdrawn your support. The GOP is showing some cracks, but their partisan support is going strong. END HIM. Spread the truth and put an END to this blight on our fine democracy.

  3. Long before many RWNJs came down with a debilitating case of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome), they suffered from terminal CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome). Possibly, the weakening of the brain that is the main symptom of CDS may have made these poor devils more susceptible to ODS. However, the human mind cannot survive intact while suffering from both forms of insanity simultaneously, as evidenced by the behavior of the pitiful losers so afflicted. Indeed, some of these terminal morons have now started a movement to impeach Hillary Clinton. These are the biggliest cases of madness in the history of humankind. Sad!

  4. Blessed are the l’il children, for as they waft through the relentless world of make believe and ignorance which actually exposes their rhetorical shortcomings…they know not…nor nothing else…

    Seriously though, Refiblicans always need a scapegoat for the hatchet jobs they commit on their mindless base. To forthwith rally the primal tribe into foreseeing a surreal enemy unto their eyes only…

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