Perjury Trap? Despite ‘One of the Best Memories in the World’ Trump Fears Mueller Interview

The investigation into Donald Trump’s unsavory connections to Russia continues to expose new vulnerabilities for the President and his associates. Special counsel Robert Mueller and his team just issued a new set of indictments for Trump campaign honchos Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. And as the probe proceeds, the noose around Trump’s neck gets tighter.

Donald Trump Lies

Consequently, Trump’s lawyers are taking up defensive positions to avoid any further erosion of his flimsy claims of innocence. The peak events in these sort of investigations are the interviews with the primary targets. Trump, of course, is the Godfather of this crime family, and his testimony is highly anticipated. But that doesn’t mean it will necessarily come to pass. His team of attorneys are furiously fighting to assure that he either does not testify, or the that the inquiry is so limited as to be a farce.

The argument being made by Team Trump is that it might constitute a “perjury trap” if Trump is required to answer “detailed questions involving dates and times.” Unlike any other witness in a criminal investigation, Trump thinks he should be allowed to respond with vagaries and approximations. That would be like a bank robber offering the alibi that “I was probably out of town sometime during that month.” It’s been reported that Trump’s…

“…lawyers’ considerations included whether Mueller’s questions would be limited in scope and whether they avoid testing Trump’s memory such that they would effectively constitute a potential perjury trap.”

A perjury trap is a real thing that prosecutors employ, sometimes unfairly, to back uncooperative witnesses into a corner. But there is an easy and infallible way to avoid a perjury trap: Tell the truth. Unfortunately for Trump, that may not as easy as it sounds. He is a well known pathological liar who cannot suppress his compulsion for telling obvious falsehoods. This is something that even his attorneys have worried about. The New York Times reported that…

“His lawyers are concerned that the president, who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself, could be charged with lying to investigators.”

You might wonder why these lawyers would have such concerns. After all, Trump himself has said that he has “one of the best memories in the world.” So how could he get anything wrong during an interview that’s this important? Perhaps they also heard him say that he doesn’t recall having said that (This is why satire is dead). Or maybe they are planning an insanity defense. They might argue that the president of the United States is suffering from a form of Anti-Truth Tourettes Syndrome that causes him to involuntarily blurt out lies at any random moment. That would not only serve as a potential legal defense, but it would explain the last two years of utter bullshit spewing from Trump’s deceitful mouth.

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6 thoughts on “Perjury Trap? Despite ‘One of the Best Memories in the World’ Trump Fears Mueller Interview

  1. Trump’s basic problem is that he thinks that what he says is the truth, regardless of facts or history to the contrary. He seems incapable of processing external data, relying on his own”instincts”.

  2. Anti-Truth Tourettes is the best explanation ever!

    • Thanks. Too bad we have a president who requires explanations like this.

  3. Hopedfully Meuller pulls it tighter and tighter until Trump quits and winds up in jail except the his mummy like VP will pardon him when he assumes the presidency and we begin investigations all over again.

  4. “Trump’s deceitful mouth”
    That’s not a mouth…it’s Putin’s penis receptacle.

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