YEAH, RIGHT! Cowardly Trump Says He Would Run Into Parkland School ‘Even if I Didn’t Have a Weapon’

Some things just don’t need any commentary. And this statement by Donald Trump is one of them. While castigating the Parkland deputy who failed to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when it was under attack by a man with an assault weapon, Trump unleashed this Olympic-grade stupidity:

TRUMP: “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.”

Okay, I can’t help myself: Who the f*ck does he think he’s kidding? By “there” Trump must mean the ice cream freezer at Mar-a-Lago. Because Cadet Bonespurs would run (or waddle) away from any hint of danger. He got FIVE draft deferments during the Vietnam War. He has never shown the slightest tendency to do anything on behalf of anyone other than himself, even when there was no danger involved. The only thing I can see Trump running into a high school for would be to sexually assault the young girls.

By the way, If Trump did run unarmed into the scene of an active shooter with an AR-15, it wouldn’t have helped anyone. Unless you count the nation that would have been rid of a treasonous president. This statement underscores the idiocy of Trump’s proposal to arm teachers. The only thing that would accomplish is that the teachers would be the first fatalities.

Trump’s laughably lame macho bluster is just sickening. Does he really think anyone with a functioning brain believes this bullshit? He has been recorded on video scurrying away from peaceful protesters at his rallies. He stands in front of adoring crowds in auditoriums yammering about how he would like to punch a protester (who is a hundred yards away and surrounded by security) in the mouth. He is a cartoon parody of a bully who is, in fact, a shivering coward. And his big mouth is the only weapon he will ever fire, and even that is shooting blanks.

If Trump wants to prove his manhood by running into a school under siege by a mass murderer, he has my complete support and encouragement. Hell, he has my support to run into a gang of colicky two-year olds, where he would fit right in. Trump is too afraid to hold a press conference with the “fake” news (it’s been over a year). And he’s mortified at the thought of sitting across the table from special counsel Robert Mueller. He’s a weak, sniveling, spineless, worm, and his ludicrous claim that he would run into a firefight is just more proof that he’s mentally deranged.

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7 thoughts on “YEAH, RIGHT! Cowardly Trump Says He Would Run Into Parkland School ‘Even if I Didn’t Have a Weapon’

  1. While he was campaigning in Reno someone shouted “gun” and the secret service/security detail rushed him off stage. The look on his face was sheer panic and that was for a false alarm. He’d poop his pants if there was ever a real emergency.

  2. You forgot, tRump is deathly afraid of blood – a documented fact!

    • If this were not so ludicrous , I be laughing myself into hiccups. Traitor trump would need several changes of skivvies if he even heard an Ar-15, much less waddle toward one. Traitor trump is a demented cartoon buffoon bully. He’s a quisling coward who runs away when anything gets tough. Then blames whomever is handy. He is a disgrace to the United States.

  3. I think we have to recognize that Trump is nothing but an empty showman who has no idea what it is to be president except to bask in the Oval office and play a game of who is the president for the day.
    kelly is a coward and between both trump and kelly, they should be impeached because of the great danger they put our country in by NOT vetting all those 100 or sop people in his administration.
    They have access to everything including top secret documents and information.
    The very poor act he and Nunes played about security is a sham.
    His family is running around the world, some secret memos or information.
    Where are the political whores which are laughingly called Republicans who should be screaming about the lack of security at the highest levels. Where are the cowardly and silent Democrats who should also be yelling about keeping Amer ica safe.

    I guess promopting the Trump empire is far more important than the United States of America.

  4. Only the cowardly and insecure would see any need to tout and talk about their supposed “courage” to others.

    The truly courageous see no need for such (and do not want to do as such) and indeed they truly have no need to talk about or tout their courage, their courageous ACTIONS alone speak far louder than any words ever can.

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