Trump’s Brilliant Plan to Lure a Good Lawyer Who Can Stomach Him? Insult Them All

As both a candidate and as president, Donald Trump has proven that he has one skill that towers over his critics and opponents. It isn’t the “Art of the Deal” as he demonstrated by caving in to sign a spending bill that he vociferously hates. It isn’t management and recruiting as his record turnover rate at the White House proves. And it isn’t political gamesmanship considering he can’t outplay either special counsel Robert Mueller or porn star Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump

Trump’s greatest skill is his ability to recklessly insult anyone and everyone who he perceives to have opposed him, even in the most trivial matter. Consequently, he is having a difficult time attracting people to serve in his chaotic administration. As noted above, more people have quit or been fired than in any previous presidential administration. These are the people that he boasted were “the best” and would work diligently to MAGA the hell out of the nation.

Most recently Trump has suffered a breakdown in his legal team. This is a bad time for such problems with Mueller breathing down the wattle that passes for his neck, and multiple women aggressively challenging his assaultive behavior. His lead attorney, John Dowd, quit last week. And now the replacements he called in from Fox News, Joseph DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing, are abandoning plans to represent him.

This leaves Trump in a precarious position. He is in desperate need of reputable legal representation. His current personal lawyer, Jay Sekulow, is a well known hack who spends more time on TV than in courtrooms. And prominent lawyers who Trump has tried to recruit (i.e. Ted Olson, Bob Bennett) have declined his requests. So given Trump’s inability to coax decent attorneys to work for him, he has embarked on what he probably thinks is a charm offensive:

That’s right. When no one with any credentials will have anything to do with you, it’s time to start insulting everyone and then just wait until the resumes pour in. Trump’s tweets are blatantly offensive to any prospects who might have considered joining his team. First he accuses them of being driven only by “fame and fortune.” That’s a personality flaw that is all too apparent in Trump himself, so it isn’t surprising that he thinks everyone else is just as egocentric. Then he asserts that they are only looking for opportunities to unfairly bill their clients. And that’s another example of Trump projecting his psychoses onto others.

What decent lawyer is going to want to represent Trump after he calls them all greedy and narcissistic? Plus, they have seen the way he treats people who work for him. Humiliation is part of the job in the Trump sphere. Which makes his claim that many lawyers want to represent him rather implausible. Perhaps he means the ambulance chasers who actually do fit his greedy narcissist profile. Or maybe he’s thinking of the crop of sycophantic Fox News “lawyers” who would happily shift their Trump-fluffing from television to the White House. They wouldn’t have to change a thing. Just follow Trump’s lead: Continue denying that there was any collusion with Russia, and keep attacking Hillary Clinton. They could do it in their sleep. But don’t expect any attorneys who are respected in their field to sign on with this dumpster fire. They know that they are likely to lose to Mueller’s powerhouse team, but more importantly, that exposure to Trump is a guaranteed career killer.

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  1. The famed Law Firm of Howard Fine & Howard refused to take him as a client because they hate dealing with people dumber than they are.

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