Here’s Another Fox News Sleazeball: Is Sexual Misconduct a Job Requirement at Fox?

The list of men in powerful positions at Fox News who have engaged in acts of sexual harassment or assault continues to grow. Their legacy of deviants includes their former CEO and founder, the late Roger Ailes, their biggest star, Bill O’Reilly, host Eric Bolling, and Fox Sports President Jamie Horowitz, to name a few. Fox and Freinds co-anchor Ed Henry was suspended for several weeks for having an adulterous affair. And most recently it was discovered that the wife of host Jesse Watters filed for divorce due to his ongoing adulterous affair with a twenty-five year old co-worker

Donald Trump, Pete Hegseth

Now we can add Fox and Friends co-host Pete Hegseth to the list. This case of infidelity was also revealed in divorce papers for the sanctimonious and hypocritical family values advocate and favorite of serial sexual predator Donald Trump. APM Reports found that:

“Hegseth — a telegenic, Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan — is in the process of divorcing his second wife after having an extramarital affair and a child with a producer at Fox News. Hegseth’s second wife filed for divorce roughly a month after the girl was born. […] His first marriage also ended after Hegseth had an affair with a female work colleague.”

The fact that yet another male Fox News employee has been caught behaving badly suggests that there is something about the culture at the conservative propaganda network that encourages it, or at least doesn’t discourage it. The patterns are too consistent to regard it as coincidence.

Hegseth’s past is rife with problems that extend beyond his sexual misadventures. Prior to joining Fox News he was the director of a phony veterans group, Concerned Veterans for America, that was mainly funded by the Koch brothers. That, along with his military background, made him a candidate to replace the now-fired David Shulkin as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Never mind that Hegseth has no experience in managing an organization with a $200 billion budget and 377,000 employees. Note: Trump just announced that his nominee to head the VA is his personal White House physician, Ronny Jackson, who also has none of the management experience required.

The operations Hegseth did head were found to have serious violations of ethics, if not law. At Concerned Veterans for America he hired his brother Philip with a six-figure salary. It was his first job out of college. And the APM Reports investigation also found that:

“In 2012, Hegseth formed MN PAC, an organization aimed at supporting ‘conservative candidates in contested races.’ But an analysis of the organization’s spending — less than $15,000 — shows it spent less than half on behalf of candidates. A third of the PAC’s funds was spent on two Christmas parties and reimbursements to Hegseth.”

Clearly this isn’t a case of a few bad apples. It’s evidence that Fox News is a breeding ground for perverts. They hire and promote men who blatantly demean and abuse women. The environment was described by former Fox News host and victim Andrea Tantaros in her lawsuit as “a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency, and misogyny.” And now Pete Hegseth joins the parade of misogyny that is the distinctive “quality” of working at Fox News and mirrors the depravity of Trump’s White House.

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6 thoughts on “Here’s Another Fox News Sleazeball: Is Sexual Misconduct a Job Requirement at Fox?

  1. I believe it’s referred to as the “Fishy Newt Precedent.”

  2. And speaking of Bill O’Lielly, HE’S BACK!!! Enjoy this posturing racist’s interpretation of race since it’s going to be the Fucks Spews talking points for the next few weeks:

    Bill-O: For a long time skin color really wasn’t much of an issue. ‘80s and 90s, you didn’t hear a lot, yeah you always had your Farrakhan’s and your Sharpton’s, you always had those people, they were race hustlers, it was a money thing, an industry thing. But now whiteness has become the issue, whiteness. Alright so if you’re a white American you are part of a cabal that either consciously or unconsciously keeps minorities down. Therefore that has to end and whiteness has to be put aside. That’s what the border is all about. The open border people and believe me, this is behind the movement in California and in the Democratic precincts. Let everybody in, everybody in, that would diminish whiteness because minorities then would take over as they have in many parts of California. That’s what that’s all about. Getting whiteness out of power, particularly white men. So then the Me Too movement, very closely aligned with the progressive left, very, very closely aligned. Get those white guys, get ‘em, get ‘em.
    So you’re seeing this almost every day, I’m telling you about this almost every day. That the white people, whether they know it or not are oppressing and creating macroaggressions for the minority community. So the white people have to be swept out of power, got to get them out, let the LGBTs and the minorities, and they have to run the show, that’s what it is all about, what this is all about and they’re making strides like crazy.

    Yes, the almost-septuagenarian lying racist and sexual pervert just said “skin color really wasn’t much of an issue.” And, naturally, he makes all white men — like HIM — the victim. Just like racists have done throughout history.

    Holy freaking shyt.

    I am ashamed of being a white man if Bill O F*cking Lielly is this planet’s primary representation of same.

  3. LOL. You low life slithering scumbags will stoop to any level to besmirch a persons reputation. This Kali Clown is a prime example of a real “Scum Sucking Low Life Puke.”

    • First off, Bill o’Lielly is quite capable of destroying his own reputation. Second, what I said is dead on accurate, and only a pittance of what he and his fellow Trump worshipers — like YOU — have done and continue to do. Third, neither I, nor, I should think, the owner of this website, appreciate that kind of talk from f*cking shyts, especially when you AND Your God and Master Trump HAVE SAID FAR WORSE!

      So, you can go to hell. Along with Your God and Master.

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