Mystery Solved: Diet Sodas Linked to Dementia – Trump Drinks 12 Per Day

There have been many psychiatric professionals who have raised the alarm about Donald Trump’s deteriorating mental state. Even his own close associates have warned that he is noticably declining in comprehension and the ability to separate fact from fiction. This can all be observed in his public appearances, as well as his manic Twitter feed.

Donald Trump

But There is a scientifically based explanation for what Trump is going through. While it may be garden variety age and succumbing to the effects of senility, it might also be what a study of diet has discovered that applies uniquelly to the President: Diet sodas may be tied to stroke, dementia risk. The researchers found that “those who drank one a day were nearly three times as likely to be diagnosed with dementia.” Donald Trump reportedly drinks twelve (12) cans of Diet Coke every day. He even has a button on his desk in the oval office to summon an aide with a hit of Coke to feed his habit.

All the signs of dementia are present to anyone who watches Trump with an open, objective mind. He exercises impaired judgment evident in his acceptance and repetition of demonstrably false statements and ideas. He has a severe loss of memory that is displayed when he frequently can’t recall positions he took, sometimes minutes prior to taking a contrary position. And he is reverting to distinctly childish behavior that consists of name-calling and infantile tantrums when he is challenged or doesn’t get his way.

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Could this be the effect of the unusually large amount of Diet Cokes he consumes? Is it just the natural consequence of aging? Or has he always been this way and it only looks like dementia now that he’s older? Most likely all three of these explanations play at least some role in Trump’s psychopathy. But the bottom line is that someone with these obvious impairments should not be running the nation, or any other enterprise more complex than a lemonade stand. Sadly, that’s where we are today and, hopefully, it will not be for too much longer.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Solved: Diet Sodas Linked to Dementia – Trump Drinks 12 Per Day

  1. I say let him drink all the diet sodas he wants – maybe it’ll kill him.

  2. It certainly isn’t helping that bloated orange moron him slim down.

  3. When you combine the 12 sodas a day with a diet comprised mostly of MacDonalds and well done steak it a miracle the guy can even pretend to function.

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