Rudy Giuliani is Right: In Donald Trump’s World ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ (See Fox News)

Just when you think you can’t find another bizarre event that needs to be describe with the preface “Just when you think…” Donald Trump or one of his surrogates/sycophants steps up to provide more blithering idiocy than you previously imagined possible.

Donald Trump

Among the lunatic ramblings of this Sunday morning, one stands out for its sheer boldness in denying reality (video below). Trump’s TV lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that “Truth isn’t truth.” This flustered Todd who collapsed in laughter and noted accurately that Giuliani’s latest bumbling would lead to some “bad memes.”

But this has been the standard operating theme of the Republican Party for decades. It has only been ratcheted up to the nth degree by Trump, who’s connection to reality is considerably less than reliable. The Washington Post has documented more than 4,200 lies and misstatements by Trump. That cannot happen accidently. It is the result of a determined campaign of disinformation and political gaslighting. And Trump has explicitly confessed to telling whoppers when it’s in his own interest to do so. A few weeks ago he told his glassy-eyed cult followers that “what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” He’s convinced them that they can’t believe their own eyes and ears – only him.

Giuliani trotted this tripe to justify not allowing Trump to be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller. He said that such a meeting would be a “perjury trap.: But then Giuliani went on to demonstrate that he doesn’t know what a perjury trap is. He claimed that if Trump said that he didn’t tell James Comey to drop the Russia investigation, but Comey said that Trump did say that, Trump could be charged with perjury. That’s not rue. All that is is testimony by two different witnesses and doesn’t prove that either is lying. There would have to be further evidence that revealed that Trump gave a deliberately false statement before perjury could be alleged. Simple disagreement doesn’t meet that standard.

But Giuliani doesn’t care about standards, or ethics, or, as we now know, truth. Nor does Trump. And if you need further proof that these cretins reside in a world where lies take precedent over facts, just watch about ten minutes of Fox News, the lyingest “news” network on television and Trump’s most trusted advisors.

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2 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani is Right: In Donald Trump’s World ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ (See Fox News)

  1. How did Rudy manage to survive as a lawyer without getting his license revoked?

    John Fugelsang said “At this point, forget about releasing [Trump’s] tax returns. I wanna see a list of his meds.”

    That goes double for Rudy. I just want to know whether his hallucinogens are safe for us when our state won’t permit marijuana….

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