Fox News Was Born 22 Years Ago Today to Corrupt the Free Press and Become State TV

It seems like only yesterday that America had a president who didn’t shout rhetoric he stole from Stalin that the media is “the enemy of the people.” But those days are long gone and have been replaced by a loudmouth ignoramus who hates the Constitution and does everything he can to turn his cult followers against it.

Fox News Lies

It was twenty-two years ago that Fox News made its debut on cable TV promising to “change the way you look at the world.” And if what they meant was that you would now look at it through the lens of lies and ultra-partisan right-wing dogma, they were right. The network was the brainchild (i.e. Rosemary’s Baby) of an Australian newspaper baron (Rupert Murdoch) and an American media consultant for the Republican Party (Roger Ailes). It took about five years before the cable channel caught on, but once it did it corralled all of the nation’s conservative viewers into a single pen where they could happily wallow in the mud of a deliberately dishonest perversion of journalism.

Today Fox News has morphed into what can only be described as the State TV arm of Donald Trump’s White House. It is a co-conspirator in his efforts to turn the United States into a dictatorship that serves the wealthy and corporatist classes of the country. And its programming appeals to a audience that has been expressly dumbed-down by two decades of pablum and soap opera style melodrama.

So Happy Birthday Fox News. And may there NOT be many more to come. The past twenty-two years has already inflicted more than enough damage on the nation and the viewers/victims (mostly our grandparents and high school dropouts) who became virtual fake news zombies. They are lost to us now, but with each new generation comes hope for a clear-thinking, propaganda-free future.

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4 thoughts on “Fox News Was Born 22 Years Ago Today to Corrupt the Free Press and Become State TV

  1. Yes, Fox News does corrupt the news, as does News Corpse. This is not a left vs right thing. It’s the planet at stake and both sides are killing it. Delete this insane civilization’s killing of Earth which you and Fox are both accommodating by your worthless words. Stop debating and excoriating the other. This is the most beautiful planet in the Universe, and by your inane refusal to see the urgency of Earth’s requirements to allow your breaths continuance, you are BOTH the enemy of Life. Remove yourselves from the death culture and do the right thing: reciprocate WITH the Earth, with all The Innocents being killed because of your endless distractions. Peace, rogue composer…

  2. Anybody short of Bezos –or another such as he with more money than God–cannot stop the official propaganda arm of the (wrong) Rightwing Party. The money as people rise to the top is too much to give up, The power is intoxicating.
    The propagandized people willing to turn the government totally over to the people who use 45 for their own ends, are the people who will be under the rubble when the nation falls. 45 (ignorant and evil in his own way) is happy to let the plutocrats use him to fool the masses, just as long as he still has a career ranting to the FOXbots and help in scheming to get himself let off the hook when he has to face the facts of his corruption before a judge (or, eventually, especially the 2 he named to SCOTUS as insurance). Good protection racket those judges have. .

  3. All of this was laid out in the “Powell doctrine” for the American conservatives, far right wing conservatives just as Hitler did in “Mein Kampf” which many Germans paid almost no attention. to this book. Similarly in America few Americans did.

    Just like the 5th column during ww 2. Could not have done this without the treasonous acting characters posing as congress people. Of course one cannot leave out the oppositional democrats who have been almost silent between 2010 and 2018 until of course kav and pres blowhard trump got involved. Additionall Grassley and his brain dead partisan decisions and that crazed Republican madman who like a child threatened the democrats.

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