Trump Implores His Deplorables to Vote for Republicans to Defend ‘Everything We Hold Sacred’

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the newly “Supine” Court represents just how dangerous Donald Trump’s rule of ignorance and hostility can and will continue to be. Along with his accomplices in the Republican controlled Congress, America is becoming more divided and less free. And given the opportunity to demonstrate leadership by uniting the nation after his ill gotten victory, Trump chose rub salt in nation’s wounds.

Donald Trump Messiah

Immediately following the Senate’s confirmation vote, Trump boarded Air Force One, headed for yet another of his cult rallies, this time in Kansas. It’s what he promised Sean Hannity he would do a couple of months ago, despite railing against such flagrant and wasteful abuse of the taxpayer when President Obama did it:

Trump told Hannity that “I am going to work very hard. I’ll go six or seven days a week when we’re sixty days out.” Of course Trump has never worked hard in his life, and he isn’t starting now. While he has been doing a lot of these cult rallies, it’s been nowhere near six or seven days a week. But they have all been nearly identical presentations of Trump’s “Golden Shower of Hits,” including “Build the Wall,” “Lock Her Up,” and the epic “Witch Hunt.” They have been so tediously repetitive that even Fox News has cut back on airing them live. But that’s probably just to protect him from the increasingly embarrassing and stupid things he says. Plus, their regular cast of sycophants do a better job of fluffing him than he does.

At the Kansas “Take our Country Back – to 1860” revival meeting, Trump did his best to alienate everyone in the nation that isn’t sufficiently worshipful of him. In particular, the opponents of Kavanaugh’s confirmation who are mostly women who are sick and tired of being abused and ignored, and the men who care about them. He told his dimwitted disciples that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and the other women who came forward, were liars and that the Democrats in the Senate who supported them were bent on destroying the country. He also maligned protesters as an “angry mob” of professionals who were paid by George Soros. And as a bonus treat for this news cycle, Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, called Soros the Anti-Christ.

As if all of that deranged babbling weren’t enough crackpottery for one evening, Trump also unleashed a brief sermonette on the assholiness of his perversion of Republican Party politics. He ragaled his glassy-eyed followers with this divine declaration (video below):

“You have the power, with your vote, to defend your family, your community, your country – and everything we hold sacred and righteous and true. Loyal citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country. Returning power to every day great American patriots.”

In that pious pontification Trump clearly established his intent to sanctify the mission he believes he’s on. Now voting Republican isn’t merely an expression of preference for a set of political ideas. It’s the defense of your family and country. It’s a “sacred and righteous” obligation by all God-fearing patriots. And anyone not complying is in league with Satan.

This is a demagogic tactic that has been a favorite of dictators throughout history. They insist that supporting them isn’t a personal choice, but a demand by the Lord Almighty. And woe be unto anyone who defies these commandments. The fact that Trump issues these maniacal screeds is reason enough to be worried. But what’s worse is that there are Americans who buy into it like the “good Nazis” of the 1930’s and 1940’s. And those of us who still value little things like logic, reason, and liberty, must not allow them to prevail.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Implores His Deplorables to Vote for Republicans to Defend ‘Everything We Hold Sacred’

  1. He is the reason that all Americans must Vote against all the “Family Values Republicans”. They are the ones responsible for the damage being done to our United States. They all believe he is the one to “be best”, although he’s a stooge for Vladimir Putin and his anti-American agenda. The traitor in our Nation’s White House is in deep Debt to the Russians financially for over $1 Billion in loans, since the Banks of the United States know his 6 Bankruptcies he’s declared makes him the worst Business in the World. He went to Deustche Bank where all the Russians launder their money. Deustche Bank did receive $11 Billion from GW Bush when he handed out his TARP Taxpayer Dollars. How much of that went to Donald Trump (R) and the “Family Values Republicans”? Why did they accept $50 million, through the NRA, from the Vladimir Putin? Since they did it to ‘win’ elections it does make all of them Co-conspirators with a Foreign Government to corrupt the United States of America with propaganda and praise of Vladimir Putin’s little man. Please stand up for America and Vote all of them out in November to save our Nation for your children.

  2. Trouble is, the more of this he dishes out the more the low information, high drama me-me people eat it up. They are not going to get the message until he brings down the economy and their families are hungry and homeless or he brings on a foreign invasion of Russians or Chinese and these people have to either take whatever comes or find a way to fight back. Good luck with either one.
    One thing this all does is prove how ineffective our education system is in USA. I”m old but remember Civics class and doubt there is such a thing these days.

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