SRSLY? Trump-Bot on Fox News Says ‘I Don’t Remember Us Electing an Angry President’

A few weeks ago Donald Trump whined about his State TV network (aka Fox News) hosting a couple of town halls with Democratic presidential candidates, saying that “Something strange is going on at Fox, folks.” It might have been a little strange, except for the fact that Fox predictably used the appearances to disparage them in every segment that followed.

Donald Trump

However, Trump is probably over that momentary episode of angst now that he can see Fox faithfully fulfilling its mission to exalt him and brazenly lie on his behalf. Fox’s overt adoration of Trump was displayed in yet another staged “interview” of one of their stable of Trump-fluffing contributors. This time it was frequent Fox shill, and disgraced, ousted GOP House Speaker, Newt Gingrich. In a segment about the recently broadcast Democratic debates, Fox called on Gingrich to provide his relentlessly partisan analysis. And his opinion of where the Democrats are going wrong couldn’t have been more asinine (video below):

Gingrich: It was amazing the level of anger you got out of Bernie Sanders and Sen. Warren. I mean, these are really angry people and it was kind of amazing to watch them. It’s the opposite of how people normally win the presidency. You watch Barack Obama with a big smile. You watch Ronald Reagan with a big smile. I don’t remember us electing an angry president literally in my lifetime.

Newt Gingrich is either suffering from a severe case of selective amnesia, or he is deliberately peddling some of the most ludicrous lies ever told on Fox News. First of all, while Sanders and Warren (and all decent human beings) are often noticeably upset with the abhorrent words and deeds of Trump, they were also hopeful and positive and bearing bright smiles.

More to the point, while Gingrich’s “amazement” that Democrats are “really angry” fails to put their mood in context to the horror of Trumpism, his inability to recall the election of an angry president is downright delusional. Donald Trump is America’s ranking rage-aholic. He has a temperament range that runs from outrage to fury. The only time that he isn’t in the midst of a frothing tirade is when he’s stroking his own bloated ego.

Trump uses his anger mainly to malign his critics. He routinely taunts them as “stupid, ugly,” or other similarly infantile insults. His rants are purposely intended to incite hatred, division, and distrust among otherwise united citizens. And yet he has the audacity to charge that “The rage filled Democrat Party is trying to tear America apart.” He recently retweeted a meme that said that “Democrats are the true enemies of America.” Nah, he aint angry at all, is he?

So Gingrich can’t remember the election of an angry president even though the current one that he obediently reveres is a seething cauldron of bile and hostility. And despite Gingrich’s blindness to Trump’s acid acrimony, Trump himself regards it as an asset:

To put it mildly, Gingrich and Fox News are such glassy-eyed disciples of Trumpism that they have lost all connection to reality. In the very segment where Gingrich claims Democrats are angry, Fox runs runs video of them smiling at the debate. And Fox also had a chyron that affirmed Trump’s anger that read “Trump Tears Into ‘Radical’ 2020 Democrats In Ohio.” Which was portrayed as a show of strength.

Another example of this dementia inducing adulation took place on Trump’s favorite Fox program, Fox and Friends. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt sought to gaslight (or more accurately, “Foxlight”) her viewers with a comparison of Trump to Joe Biden. She said that “They’re both rust belt people though. They’re both, like, blue collar workers that have money, but blue collar.”

WHUT? To be fair, no ever ever accused these “Curvy Couch” potatoes of being Mensa members. But Earhardt has to know that Trump was born to a wealthy father in New York City, while Biden was a middle-class kid from Scranton, PA. This purposeful lie, as well as the ones by Gingrich, can only be taken as deliberate attempts to mislead the easily confused Fox News audience who seemingly yearn to be lied to. And the profiteers and propagandists at Fox know enough to give the Deplorables what they want.

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6 thoughts on “SRSLY? Trump-Bot on Fox News Says ‘I Don’t Remember Us Electing an Angry President’

  1. Now that his wife is comfortable ensconced in Italy, Ginrich has spent waay too much time plkaying with himself. As everybody know, it will make your brain rot, hair grow in the palm of your hand,and you’ll ultimately go bling. He already is needing glasses…

  2. It’s going to take a Democratic candidate with extremely good (or great) oration skills and they will have to promise a great deal because the evil Trumpenstein is going to promise everything all over again and only he can fix it.

    • And they’re going to have to be extremely strong willed and capable of coping with everything the Russian Bots will be willing to do to win the office. Because if they are not, then they will practically hand the office back to the Russian agents, their Beloved God and his worshipers, and the Moscow Mules.

      Remember Kerry, because that’s exactly what happened in 2004 [although, of course, the now-TrumpBots weren’t working for Russia back then].

  3. Hey there newt, perhaps if you were NOT polishing dump’s knob, you’d know what an a*swipe he is. Nah, you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sucking dump’s know too much to give a s*it. You HATE this country, are an ABSOLUTE racist and sure as s*it are NO ‘christian’ at all.

    • Nah, newt, you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sucking dump’s knob too much to give a s*it, is what THAT should be.

  4. It did take the anti-Christ attitude of the GOP to have given Donald J, Trumpf (R), a standing ovation on Christmas Day, 2016 in God’s House celebrating the day of Birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day is when mankind is supposed to recognize Christ’s Birth, not a well known Adulterer entering God’s House. Trumpf (R) is the very epitome of everything that is anti-Christian yet it is the Family Values Republicans who did decide he was their very “be best” candidate. The irony of their professing to follow Christ’s teachings, as they bow down to this mere man, is just mind blowing. No man is above the Law, yet the anti-Christ may be, and it’s the GOP who begged him to create all this chaos. If we do not Vote him out, imagine how much more we lose.

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