Sleazy Don: Trump Retweets Meme that Says ‘Democrats Are the True Enemies of America’

It’s been said that when you find yourself in hole, stop digging. That, of course, isn’t Donald Trump’s philosophy. He’s been known to triple-down on the most repulsive and offensive outbursts without regard for decency or respect for the office of the President. And now he’s backing up the bull(shit)dozer to expand his excavation efforts in the wake of his ever worsening racist tirades.

Donald Trump, Democrats

Trump spent Tuesday morning reiterating his baseless insults and charges of malfeasance aimed mainly at African-American critics in Congress. He outrightly, and without evidence, accused Rep. Elijah Cummings of stealing federal funds sent to Baltimore. [Note: As a congressman, Cummings has no access to funds sent to city or state jurisdictions]. And while there is an obvious racial component to Trump’s noxious blather, he was also triggered by the fact that Cummings is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee that is investigating an assortment of crimes committed by Trump and his family of Swamp-dwellers.

Trump has also been spewing lies like a busted fire hydrant. He whined that “the Washington Post is a Russian asset.” He’s been doing a lot of that lately. Then he said that he is “the least racist person there is anywhere in the world.” If that isn’t a psychopathic danger signal, nothing is.

Trump also completely made up another of his fairy tales of Trumpian heroics recalling an invented memory about 9/11, saying that “I was down there also, but I’m not considering myself a first responder. But I was down there. I spent a lot of time down there with you.” By “down there” he must mean Mar-a-Lago. That was followed by this gem of deranged fantasy: “The African American people have been calling the White House. They have never been so happy as what a president has done.” Never? So those eight years of the first African-American president were just a mildly pleasant diversion?

But worst of all, Trump allowed his true feelings to show about the Democratic Party, which just happens to be the majority political party in the United States. Trump retweeted a meme that had a single message of blatant fascist authoritarianism: “Democrats Are the True Enemies of America.” [Update: The account of the QAnon supporting, conspiracy crackpot who tweeted the meme has since been suspended by Twitter].

Up until now, this is a diatribe that Trump reserved for the free press, a cherished part of the Constitution’s First Amendment. But now he is applying it to the millions of Americans who align themselves with working people, respect for diversity, access to healthcare and education, tax fairness, the environment, and the sort of diplomacy that promotes peace and prosperity around the world.

Trump has finally admitted that he thinks Democrats are not just a political party that opposes his Republican Nationalist Party, but he believes that they are literally enemies of United States. That view by itself represents a dangerous threat to the very concept of democracy.

To be clear, Trump is calling the Democratic majority of the House of Representative enemies of America. He’s calling Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer enemies of America. He’s calling the governors and mayors of the nation’s most populous and prosperous states and cities enemies of America. And he’s calling every citizen who identifies as a Democrat, an enemy of America. That’s a whole lot of enemies that Trump is declaring from his perch in the White House. It is, in fact, the majority of the country.

It’s notable that Trump retweeted this nauseating meme a few hours after tweeting about an infrastructure bill that he hoped would be passed in Congress. He praised the “[strong interest] from Republicans and Democrats. Do I hear the beautiful word, BIPARTISAN? Get it done. I am with you!” Really? He’s with the people that he thinks are the enemies of America?

A better question is should any Democrat – or even patriotic Republican – be with Trump? And the answer to that is “Hell No!” And that also goes for any Republican who is too frightened or compromised to denounce what Trump is saying now about the citizens and politicians and journalists that don’t kneel down obediently to Trump’s imaginary divine authority.

There have been way too many times that it’s been said that Trump has “crossed a line” It’s been said about his racism, his collusion with Russia, his obstruction of justice, his financial corruption, his moral depravity, etc. But this time it should be plain to everyone who loves this country that he is utterly unfit to serve as president, or any other position of public trust.

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8 thoughts on “Sleazy Don: Trump Retweets Meme that Says ‘Democrats Are the True Enemies of America’

  1. The very evil Trumpenstein perceives all of his political opponents as enemies. First it was Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Next it was the free press. Now it finally is all the people of the Democratic Party. This may be the best declaration yet. It may help unite more people against him and vote him out of office. For the record we are all Americans and we only want what is best for our nation, and the current 45occupantofthewhitehouse is not what is best for the United States and all of its’ people.

  2. More projection from Trump! He is the enemy of humanity!

  3. I suppose there’s no need to mention that the Orange Tyrant began his “political” career as a Democrat….

    But there’s one thing we ALL have to remember: what he says now really isn’t important. It’s just a symptom of the real issue. Agent Orange will turn against ANYONE he decides has not worshiped him as the god he thinks he is. He has no self control whatsoever; The Enemy is anything that will not kowtow to his every whim and lick his butt at every opportunity he gives them. He praises African Americans in the same breath as he condemns him. If a Maryland-based paper praised his actions tomorrow, he’d be linking to the article within the hour and saying how much he LOVES the people of Maryland. Who, of course, “love” him right back because that’s the only prism through which the Orange Tyrant sees ANYTHING.

    And his cry of “BIPARTISANSHIP” is laughable. We ALL know what that term means to the Orange Tyrant and his worshipers: DO WHAT WE FUCKING TELL YOU!

    What Russian Agent Orange’s worshipers fail to understand is that, sooner or later, he will turn against THEM too. It is inevitable. It has been almost three years since the Russians got the Tyrant “elected”; more than enough time has elapsed to reveal what he is, and STILL, they worship him to the exclusion of all else. If anyone had “worshiped” Obama to this degree, they would be calling us all insane radicals who should be locked up. We tell them this, we are criminal traitors who should be shot.

    Remember, people, the “Republicans” got two presidents — Their Beloved God and Emperor Cheney — into office, and BOTH required illegal means to accomplish it. Meaning, they are well aware it will require illegal means again to keep the Tyrant in office. And I don’t know what will happen if they succeed in getting their Tyrant “reelected.”

    But one thing’s very clear: NOTHING appears to convince the faithful that Their Beloved God Agent Orange is what we all know he is. And Richard Nixon was impeached — and forced to resign — for far less. Which the Tyrant’s worshipers would praise if Their Beloved God had done any of it.

    And THAT’s really disgusting. Perhaps we should be glad the Orange Tyrant doesn’t have the brains to put his shoes on in the morning without help.

  4. That’s rich. It’s dump, the ENTIRE gop, this whole WORTHLESS administration and ALL the gop’s media mouthpieces, that are the true enemies of America. They are ALL a*swipes and violently AGAINST this country. They are NOT and NEVER have been religious in ANY fashion.

  5. What’s said is people like you are so blind. That’s ok you will all be exposed to the truth in the near future. You have no clue how corrupt and even evil the Democrat Party is. The money they have stolen from Americans, the corruption they’re involved in, the human trafficking of KIDS (don’t worry Epstein will expose that to the world), the false flags they committed against AMERICANS, their cooperation with the msm for mass manipulation of thought, involvement with Soros paid for and organized groups to manipulate votes, decisions in our laws and military, the attempted coup (which will end up in a few Treason charges), and THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA! Don’t worry though…. nothing will stop the truth. It’s a force of nature that no one can control once it starts coming out! Enjoy the Democrat Party’s down fall! Grab a couch buddy, drinks and popcorn….. it’s about to get really good.

    • Hahahahaha. Thanks for that superb example of wingnut crackpottery. It’s clear that you have really been drinking massive amounts of Infowars-flavored Kool-Aid.

    • It WILL end in treason charges, dear. Against Your Beloved God. We KNOW he committed the crimes, Mueller knows he committed the crimes, and Attorney General Barr and Moscow Mitch definitely know it since they are both doing everything they can to protect Their Beloved God. And people like you Trumplickers are too stupid to understand. Yes, everything WILL be exposed to the world. It MUST. Because we can NEVER allow this to happen again.

  6. Damn autocorrect What SAD not said…..

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