Trump-Fluffing on Fox News: Hosts Promote Bed-Buggy Doral Resort for the 2020 G7

In his closing remarks at the G7 summit in France, Donald Trump managed to deliver an infomercial for his Doral Miami Golf Resort to host the next G7 summit in 2020. It was a painfully self-serving spectacle that is also a likely violation of the Constitution. At the very least it’s a predictably Trumpy exhibit of greed and an utter lack of ethics.

Fox News Friends

Not surprisingly, Fox News weighed in on the idea the following morning. On Fox and Friends the “Curvy Couch” potatoes did a segment (video below) agreeing with Trump that Doral would be the perfect place for the summit. Even though there are thousands of hotels and conference centers across America that would be ideal for such an event. It’s just a weird coincidence that the site owned by Trump happens to be the best place of all. Who would have thought?

The segment began with Steve Doocy introducing Trump’s sales pitch from France. And it was all downhill from there. Brian Kilmeade jumped in to insist that there was no favoritism involved because Trump “would want to do it there anyway. It’s just the perfect site … Trump Tower is not available.” Then Doocy acknowledged the potential legal problems, but also provided an excuse:

“Critics say the use of his property for official business violates the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. I’m sure the president has asked the lawyers, ‘Hey, how can I donate this, how can we possibly work around it?”

The Emoluments Clause prohibits the President from accepting money, or anything of value, from foreign governments or persons. So if the representatives of the G7 had to actually pay Trump in order to attend the next summit, that’s a pretty obvious violation. Even if the site was donated, the publicity would have to be considered something of enormous value and, therefore, illegal. What’s more, Doocy is playing clairvoyant by surmising with certainty that Trump would have consulted his lawyers. You know, geniuses like Rudy Giuliani. But based on his past, that actually seems like the last thing Trump would do.

Ainsley Earhardt also contributed to the unpaid advertisement by remarking that “It would be a beautiful place, though, for world leaders to go and see what our country looks like.” Because all of America looks exactly like an elite golf spa in Miami? She then declared that Doral was “representative” of the country, before adding that “I’ve never been to Doral.” So in other words, she’s an expert, by Fox News standards.

None of the Fox friends bothered to mention that Doral had a serious problem with bed bugs a couple of years ago. But Trump couldn’t resist bringing it up:

Trump’s denials are in keeping with his tendency to lie about virtually anything. Even though – as in this case – he settled a lawsuit against the resort for the infestation. Trump and the Foxies also neglected to mention that Doral has been suffering a severe financial drought. It’s net operating income has dropped 69 percent in two years. So that would make Trump’s promotion of it even more suspicious as an attempt rescue another one of his floundering business enterprises.

It’s bad enough that Fox News is a 24/7, State TV, propaganda machine for Trump and his Republican Nationalist Party. But is there nothing too unethical for this so-called “news” network to do on behalf of their Dear Leader? They have already appeared at Trump’s political cult rallies. And they can be relied upon to defend any atrocity that Trump commits, while viciously maligning his critics. Now they are even serving as the sales agents for his failing golf resort. It would be oddly comforting if this were the bottom of the Fox News/Trump abyss. But every time it seems we’re there, they find a way dig even deeper.

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3 thoughts on “Trump-Fluffing on Fox News: Hosts Promote Bed-Buggy Doral Resort for the 2020 G7

  1. Such hypocrites. You can just imagine the uproar if Obama had been a multi-plu-billionaire (like the Foxies’ Beloved God Tyrant is supposed to be) and OBAMA had proposed holding the next G7 meeting at one of HIS properties. The Tyrant Worshipers would blow a gasket! Anyway, why choose bug-infested Doral and not pig-infested Mar-A-La-Ga-Goo-Goo?

    The Tyrant Worshipers ALWAYS find a way to praise the Orange Tyrant no matter what he does, and we all KNOW that, had anyone ELSE done the exact same thing, the Tyrant Worshipers would demand impeachment or worse.

    And, no, I can’t imagine anyone on the Left praising Obama if he had done that either. Since apparently the Left has morals and the Reich does not. All of us should be sickened by the hypocrisy, especially the Tyrant Worshiping Reich, but we know that is not in their nature.

  2. There is very little chance he would donate anything! One way or another anything he suggests would benefit him! When are the republicans going to realise that this odious creature is an embarrassment to them and America! Even the rest of the leaders at this weekend’s meeting are ignoring him and laughing at his insane antics!

  3. Trump is a real Megalomaniac! Everyone who is claiming Republican is too! I say this because why on earth would someone give their money to a scamming guy when that is exactly his plan! His plan to have power no matter the consenquences! His Flippant remarks are controlling the wrong people!!! Having money for our country to help is a goal! Help businesses Boom! Help people who need help not power minded individuals who only seek Vindictive actions! This Poor decision making by him and his followers that don’t abide by our National Laws need to really be overtaken! They need stopped! Too much hate and violence in this world! World Peace is what we should seek! Allow what we may allow but not incrimanting minds to control all individuals! Alot of leaders and Bosses rulers have rights they are taking advantage of! With a President who is doing the same, by taking advantage of your money , A manipulating Scammer, how on earth can we help our own Nation?Trump doesn’t care why should we ? This is now a day to day crime and it keeps getting horridly worse!It is Beyond crazy that noone has imprisoned Trump or his allies! It is really crazy that manipulation to scam for money is winning too! Our businesses are taking loss from bad Bosses and bad influences on others! Everyone in America is going mad! But us civil people like Fox News who speaks on Trumps menacious behavior are sadly getting treated so unfair! Yes that drives us the innocent away! Anger coming way too much from this President being in control! Too many murders going crazy killing the best of our people! Trump get out of here! You are causing Americans to hate eachother! You have caused so much violence ! You need to go now!

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