Crazed Trump Declares Biden and Son ‘Corrupt’ and Subject to ‘Getting the Electric Chair’

The scandal over Donald Trump pressuring Ukraine officials to conduct a bogus investigation of Joe Biden just hit a new level of totalitarian barbarity. Trump is sinking rapidly into the Mariana Trench of desperation with his latest outrageous defense for extorting a foreign government to help him steal an election.

Donald Trump Zombie

In a press avail at the United Nations (video below), Trump was asked about the Ukraine affair and lashed out with what has become his robo-response. Building on prompts from Fox News, Trump has been trying to divert attention from his crimes to false allegations that Biden was guilty of what Trump is being accused of. Nevermind that there is zero evidence of any wrongdoing by Biden, and even Fox News confirmed that in a report on Monday afternoon. But in this exchange Trump crossed over to the most nauseating torrent of slander imaginable. With an evil sneer and deafening hostility in his voice, Trump unleashed this abomination:

“Joe Biden and his son are corrupt. But the fake news doesn’t want to report it because they’re Democrats. If a Republican ever did what Joe Biden did, if a Republican ever said what Joe Biden said, they’d be getting the electric chair by right now.”

Trump is no longer speculating about the already debunked charges against Biden. He is now stating them bluntly as a matter of fact. This is the Commander-in-Chief, to whom the Attorney General reports, asserting absolutely that Biden is guilty of a treasonous act. And he even goes so far as to suggest that Biden be punished by death.

If there’s one thing this insanity reveals it’s that Trump is terrified of what is unfolding in this Ukraine matter. He clearly fears the consequences if the truth about him comes out. These comments about Biden are not his typically childish name-calling and awkward deflections. This is much more destructive and dangerous. And therefore, more illustrative of his panic and mental collapse. There’s nothing subtle about it. It’s a blaring signal that he’s on the brink of a nervous breakdown due to his knowledge that his world is falling apart.

For the record, nothing in his wild-eyed accusations is remotely true and independent analysts affirm that. Biden went to Ukraine to articulate the position of the United States government, not his own personal position or that of his son. Plus, he was addressing a corrupt prosecutor whose dismissal had been demanded by a majority of the Ukraine parliament, as well as the European Union and other international institutions. There is no parallel between that and Trump’s efforts to bully Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, into helping him smear a potential political opponent.

What’s more, Trump has actually confessed to what he’s been accused of. After denying it for days, Trump finally admitted that he did indeed discuss Biden with Zelensky. And on Monday he even conceded that U.S. foreign aid was part of the threat he made to get Zelensky’s cooperation. He went on to argue that “it would probably, possibly have been ok” to use American foreign aid as a cudgel to extract political favors that amount to election fraud.

This is trump being Trump. He routinely denies allegations against him until the evidence is just too solid. Then he accuses others of what he’s been accused of. Then he insists that it would be perfectly fine if he did it. The he blames the media. But in this case it’s hard to imagine any lower rung on this ladder of immorality and illegality. However, if there is one, trust Trump to find it. He will surely not be satisfied with with death threats against Democrats if his legal jeopardy continues to get worse.

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6 thoughts on “Crazed Trump Declares Biden and Son ‘Corrupt’ and Subject to ‘Getting the Electric Chair’

  1. Deflect, distract and project. Same-o, same-o! The very evil Trumpelstilskin’s tactics are getting most very wearisome.

  2. Meanwhile, Jesse Dirty Watters is once again proving his love and need to genuflect towards His Beloved God Tyrant:

    Fox host: The United Nations has “always been an anti-Semitic institution,” and has “a history of raping, of pillaging”

    If he’s popular at the U.N., he is not putting America first, and that’s what this is about. The U.N., and all these individual countries, they try to constrain America, our energy, our military, any time we are trying to root out corruption or call them out for their, you know, immoral conduct, that’s fine.

    Jesse is insane. Of course, His Beloved God Tyrant’s demonstrably proven “corruption” and “immoral conduct” mean absolutely nothing to Jesse — or any of his fellow travelers….

  3. OMG!!! What will it take for the people protecting this truly insane, deranged, maniacal psychotic mess of a Trump, to finally DO something about it??!!? Apparently, he really does represent the Republican Party! Why the hell is this crazy, lying f*ck of a man even allowed to run for re-election at all?? The fact that no one even tries to rein that lunatic in & shut his ass up, makes me wonder what dastardly deeds his people in DC have in store for us!!!?
    How can anyone – anyone at all – remain silent & act like all this shit is no big deal?!?
    Must we wait until this out of control, evil psychotic little fucktard actually takes an AK-47 & starts blowing people away?!! I say this knowing that even if he does that, his cult-followers would still vote for him!! This is not a joke, people! So again I ask, what will it take for someone in their right mind to DO SOMETHING??!!??

  4. Just imagine…an American president covering up what he is guilty of then blaming other Americans for being corrupt and bashing, demeaning and belittling the American press all the while at the UN assembly.

    Well sports fan, pour out your beer from the mug, ya don’t have to imagine any longer…this traitorous deed has already been embarrassingly performed by this egotistical, vindictive and unashamedly president…

  5. Biden got caught red handed….there’s even video of him on a stage in front on audience bragging about doing it, and then laughing about it.

    He used a billion dollars in taxpayer money to strong arm an entire country for his own personal gain.

    Biden is so game over.

    LOL at the sub zero IQ TDS muppet comments.

  6. What the HELL are you talking about??
    — Using billion $ of taxpayer money to strong arm entire country for his personal gain…??
    (LOL You must be high! That’s 100% Trump thing!)
    — A video of him on stage bragging about it & laughing…??
    — caught red-handed…?

    You can provide proof of this truckload of BS, right? Or just pulling it out of your flatulent, hairy assh*le?!
    Yep, that’s it! Can smell it from here. Look numbn*ts ~ what you describe is Trump behavior. Full stop. Biden has been investigated at least 3x on Ukraine BS & every time found no factual basis at all. Nothing! 3x Nothing! I’m no fan of his, but find some new lies, or just move-on. 3×0=0 everytime!
    Oh! About subzero IQ? I’ll pit mine against yours any day Mo-fo! When & IF you get yours up to 3-digits, that is. Otherwise, not even a fair contest.
    ? You really should stop doing so much drugs!

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