Trump Must Resign: His Own Reprehensible Words Require Immediate Removal From Office

With each new day Donald Trump makes the case stronger for his impeachment. This isn’t a close call. He is acting out in a way that can only be explained by a fearful and guilty conscience. Trump’s Twitter tantrums are getting more hostile and disconnected from reality. And his ravings serve as incitements to his glassy-eyed disciples to resort to violence.

Donald Trump Walking the Plank

For these reasons Trump cannot be tolerated in the White House for any longer than it takes to invoke and complete the legal and constitutional process of impeachment. He represents an imminent danger to the nation that worsens by the hour. And this threat rests on top of the blatant assault on the rule of law by a reckless and self-obsessed aspiring tyrant. Trump’s defenders keep asking what laws he has broken. So for those wingnuts in denial about Trump’s legal jeopardy, the laws he can be charged with violating right now include extortion, campaign finance, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy against the United States.

As the sinkhole widens around our panicky president, he appears to be determined to use his own shovel dig ever deeper. His Twitter feed is infested with conspiracy theories, personal insults, unbridled hatred, and outright lies. But worst of all are his flagrant attempts to sow national discord and even civil war. His tweets have taken on the persona of a paranoid schizophrenic who shouts gibberish at passing cars. For instance:

  • Trump tweeted that “I want [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam] Schiff questioned at the highest level for Fraud & Treason.”
  • Trump asked “Was this person [the whistleblower or his source] SPYING on the U.S. President?”
  • Trump alleged that Democrats “are lying & cheating like never before in our Country’s history in order to destabilize the United States of America.”
  • Trump asserted that “the Democrats don’t care if they burn down and destroy this nation.”
  • Trump quoted a “pastor” who predicted that impeachment will “cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.”
  • Trump charged that he’s “looking for Corruption and … By the way, the Bidens were corrupt!”
  • Trump repeated the absurdity that “Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE & terrible statement, pretended it to be mine … Arrest for Treason?”

These utterly unhinged outbursts reveal Trump’s severe mental infirmity and unfitness for office. There is simply no rational justification for charging a Democratic congressman with treason, a crime punishable by death. Nor is it rational to claim that Democrats want to “destabilize” and “destroy” the nation. And aligning himself with the opinion that the lawful process of investigating the President is a valid basis for civil war is just plain insane.

However, Trump’s confession that he did indeed illegally solicit Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for dirt on Joe Biden was a bit of a surprise. The surprise isn’t that Trump did it, just that he admitted it. And notice that Trump, who often whines about due process for himself, isn’t giving it to Biden who he flatly says – with zero evidence – is corrupt.

Trump’s manic hysteria is producing some of his most dishonest statements to date. And for someone who has been documented as telling over 12,000 lies, that’s saying something. Among his recent falsehoods are that Rep. Schiff purposefully misquoted Trump. In fact, Schiff prefaced a brief portion of his opening statement at a congressional hearing by stating explicitly that he was creatively paraphrasing Trump. There was no effort to mislead anyone.

Trump has also been tweeting that the whistleblower is fake. But he’s ignoring the fact that the whistleblower’s complaint matches perfectly Trump’s own memo summarizing his phone call with Zelensky. And Trump keeps citing Zelensky as saying that there wasn’t any pressure put on him to dig up dirt on Biden. But you don’t ask the hostage if his captor is putting pressure on him. What was Zelensky supposed to say? He obviously feared losing the foreign aid that Trump was withholding from him.

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This combination of brazen illegality and psychotic breakdown is far more than enough reason to oust Trump from office. And the urgency increases as his mental meltdown accelerates into orbit. Trump can still do an enormous amount of damage to this country and its international reputation. Yes, even more than he’s already done. And we as a nation must not allow that.


12 thoughts on “Trump Must Resign: His Own Reprehensible Words Require Immediate Removal From Office

  1. It all truly sounds as if 45thoccupantofthewhitehouse is setting himself up for a major coronary or a severe stroke. Could it be that we could use some divine intervention?????

    • My reply showed up far below here. See it Oct. 8th down below…

  2. And, we’re back to Fishy, who is such the expert on improprieties in office, intent on protecting the minnow who believes himself a God….

    I think everybody who is concerned about what’s going on should drop the word “impeach,” or “impeachment.” This is not an impeachment process. This is a coup d’etat. This is a deliberate — this goes back to election night 2016, their first trial run was the Russian conspiracy, where it was the FBI who were breaking the law. Their second run now is this totally crazy Ukrainian problem, where it’s the intelligence community breaking the law, but the patterns are so similar, I mean, nobody should kid themselves. This has nothing to do with impeachment, it has nothing to do with the rule of law, it has nothing to do with facts.

    Fox’s Newt Gingrich: “This is not an impeachment process. This is a coup d’etat”

    Actually, Fishy, leaving out the fact that your repeated support of impeaching Obama WAS a coup d’etat sought solely for the crime of being president while black, your argument “has nothing to do with the rule of law, it has nothing to do with facts.” Nor does anything else you have ever said since you got yourself effectively impeached from the Senate. There’s only one fact here — and you can slide on the ice all you want, but it is still a fact — Your Beloved God Tyrant repeatedly committed treason, there is now a clear record OF such treason, and we have every right to see Your Beloved God’s impeachment FOR such treason. THAT is “breaking the law” in BOTH cases you mentioned, and Your Beloved God MUST be removed from office.

    Just like when the Senate removed YOU from office. Chew your own bait, Fishy, but the blue wave WILL overtake the minnow that is Your Beloved God. For the sake of the rule of law you are so unfit to defend, it MUST.

    • Pray for Divine Intervention!
      Not s’posed to pray that bad things happen to people, no matter how much it’s deserved(!)… But ~ We CAN pray for Divine Intervention & leave it up to Him, what happens.
      In fact, it is usually with many prayers that Divine Intervention happens.
      Even when God Intervenes for us, every person on earth has “free will” (given by God to all of us). Some will use their free will to do harm – many do, as we see everyday. We have free will to make choices, to act, etc – good or bad.
      Comes to Fox Faux News & current WH gang of devil’s minions, they can only USE their free will if devil isn’t controlling them, or already have their soul. Then, it’s only his will that they do & we can know it when we see it, but they may not!
      A good test is, “fruit of the tree” ~ A good & healthy tree does not grow rotten fruit on its branches. Nor does a tree that’s rotten inside produce good fruit.”
      (I paraphrase from Jesus’ Teaching.)
      ~ Doesn’t matter what tree (person) looks like; you need to judge based upon the fruit (deeds/works) it produces.

      This next is me, not Biblical:
      Some people have sold their soul to the devil & he totally owns it/them now. “The eyes are the window to the soul.” (This is just me saying, ok?)
      I look people in the eyes & sometimes there is no “in” – just looking “at” eyes. They’re just “flat” – no depth! I also notice that a few people’s eye color has gone black. In my experience over years, they seem to be the ‘evil’ ones that I’ve met. (I don’t use that word loosely.)
      Coincidence? Or not? (Not to me anymore!) I hate mirrored sunglasses & nicely ask they be removed when I’m talking with people.
      An example of (flat) “black eyes” …look closely at Trump’s guy, Stephen Miller’s eyes.
      (Or maybe it’s just me that sees it?!)

    • “Chew your own bait, Fishy.” LMAO Love it!

  3. Lou F*cking Dobbs:

    Dobbs: This is a plot. This is an outright premeditated effort to subvert and overthrow the president of the United States. My god, it’s what was going on against President Trump as a candidate, then it was the special counsel, spygate itself, as president, and now this?

    Lou Dobbs: “This is an outright premeditated effort to subvert and overthrow the president of the United States”

    Yeah, Louie, just like all the invented bullshit you used to demand the impeachment of Barack Obama. The difference is that it WAS bullshit then — and we have evidence that Your Beloved God DID commit an impeachable defense. THAT’S what’s going on, and you can spew your nonsense all you want. Your Beloved God is going to prison.

    [Sorry for bringing all these MM articles here – I cancelled my account with MM because the new comment system requires that we simplify our posts to the level of a 2 year old’s mentality, and only Tyrant Worshipers can do that.]

    • The DEM’S are mentalement déficient for ever how IS possible!!?
      Carefully America!!

      • Considering how poorly your English comes across, it’s understandable that you misspelled “Republican.” And we’ve been wondering how it is even possible for YEARS!

  4. Good ol’ Newt, the SOB they bring out of the basement when they want a different voice/name to spit up & spew out the same bullshit lies & piggy cries. It’s still the same garbage truck full of smelly, rotten garbage!
    “It’s FBI’s fault.”
    “Intelligence agencies.”
    “The Democrats.”
    “The fake news.”
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know – been hearing the same blame game 4ever, every time Trump gets caught doing illegal & manipulative lies & dirty deeds! So sick of it all!
    But for them, is also money-maker, since they send it out to Trump- thumpers as a “poor me; it’s a coup I tell ya’. Send another big donation to the Trump circus of lies!” And his cult worshipers do just that. Zombies!
    Funny how it’s ALWAYS everyone else’s fault & how they’re all just lying, despite proof to the contrary. All that lying by Trump & his Cabal of Cronies, plus covering-up & hiding the truth. Any child knows that ya’ lie & hide things only if ya’ know ya’ did something wrong -something real bad that you’d get in big trouble for! Don’t have to HIDE THE TRUTH & lie, blame little brothers, etc. if didn’t do anything bad. Little kids know Trump did something bad, even tho some of their parents don’t understand that.
    Believe Trump’s lies? Or your own lyin’ eyes!
    Now, he’s adding in to the mix of malfeasance, that he demands to know who WB is, calling his own staff “spies” & fouling the air of truth with his stench of deceit, accusing Adam Schiff of treason?!(Unbelievable!!) SRSLY?!? And his rabid dogs hit the airwaves with personal attacks against the WB, w/o even knowing who that is ~ guess it doesn’t matter when it’s all made-up lies anyway.
    The facts that need to be heard & known to all Americans get drowned out by the constant noise of the liars that media gives a bullhorn to, w/o giving the other side of argument the same courtesy. If there’s 3 or 4 people on at same time it just turns into yell-fest, with everyone talking louder over each other so that no one gets heard – that’s ok with 1 side, the 1 yelling over people so truth doesn’t get a listen! Extremely rude! Grown men with no manners & overwhelmed host who can’t be heard, or control the loud, unruly brats on the show. Maybe should cut-off person’s mike while other 1 speaks so both arguments can be heard by all of us?!!
    Professionals & suited attorneys are devolving before our eyes, no longer polite adults who disagree – more like something came out of the “swamp”. But, if ya’ don’t have truth on 1 side, or rational arguments, the 1 side’s strategy isn’t to win a debate, so much as just keep other side, with truth & facts, from ever being heard at all.
    Pretty pathetic, but if it’s all ya’ got to work with…?! (Then shut up & go home is what I’d tell ’em!)

    Need to get some grown-up debate & decorum! 14 long months of this shit is NOT acceptable! Cut off someone’s mike if that’s what it takes, until they can participate with respect & manners I’m sure their mothers taught them as a child! Or, leave their mike off & let others debate the issues while “rude-ees” (Hey! Rudys!) have to just sit & listen cuz’ mike is off.

  5. …A Malignant Narcissist would never resign. Only get nastier & totally lose their mind with uncontrollable outrage. (Ugly to watch!)

  6. YOUR entire article is fantasy….You wish you never met a more STABLE GENIUS! ha! Dream on and watch America Re-elect the guy you tried and failed to Set up, Frame, and coup for the last three years and FAILED! Trump will LANDSLIDE the 2020 election as well as the Republicans taking back the house, due to this piss poor performance by Facist Rep Adam Schiff, with Pelosi backing his every lie. Better luck some other country. Americans are too smart for this sort of hostile take over by sore losers who cannot stand the thought of losing power, even for FOUR years.

  7. Wow! Ms. Fortune ~ “Project much?!!” It is YOUR Party that fights any & all Dems who win elections, who attack with lies, rehash same shit that’s BEEN investigated & found to have NO MERIT.
    It is YOUR Party that refuses to work together with the other party in our government to DO the business of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, which is their job & instead of debating issues as adults (like they used to do) now acts like demanding little brats, so that NOTHING gets done. The House has passed about 200 bills that Moscow Mitch brags about NOT allowing Senate to discuss & vote on.
    It is YOUR Party who loudly DEMANDED impeachment of a Democrat Prez over a blow-job from intern with a crush on him ~ really his wife’s problem, not ours! ~ but YOUR Party remains silent, knowing Trump is breaking many laws, angers our allies, defiles his position & our nation, while he lies his ass off (12,000+ lies) every time he opens his mouth! They don’t like that he does this stuff, but they put “Party over Country” & remain silent while Trump abuses his office, trashes our Constitution & SO much more despicable things that any HONEST person KNOWS is WRONG!
    The Mueller Report DID NOT find “no obstruction” — far from it! Everyone around Trump lied to cover-up what he/they did & some are in prison for it! And Trump is STILL obstructing, giving many excuses for it & things he knows are WRONG! There are so many!
    This is NOT normal! This is NOT right! There has NEVER been a president SO BAD for Our Country & democracy! He threatens people, spews hatred, suggesting violence, for cryin’ out loud! He openly invites foreign countries to sabotage our elections! THAT is unbelievably bad & criminal behavior! Trump IS the worst thing to happen to this country since the Civil War!
    There’s SO much more to be said & I wish we could strap all you Fox Fony News viewers in chairs for a day & show you what true facts really are – you will NEVER hear it on Fox — that ain’t their job! They lie to you everyday & night & you don’t have a clue. THAT is their job!
    Trump keeps accusing everyone else of doing what HE IS DOING. He works awfully hard(!) to lie about, change stories & cover-up things he does. Why would he do all that IF he had nothing to hide??
    Innocent people DON’T go to all that trouble to hide stuff from public view. That is what a guilty person does, so they don’t get caught!
    Ask any 8 yr. old — they’ll tell you: Ya’ only lie & hide stuff when ya’ know you will get in trouble for what you did.
    Even children know that! And smart grown-ups.

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