Desperation Time: Trump Aims Tweet Tsunami At One of His Biggest Fox News Fluffers

The walls are closing in around Donald Trump and he knows it. With the House of Representatives conducting an official impeachment inquiry, the President is exhibiting clear signs of a psychotic meltdown, the likes of which have never been seen in the Oval Office. He’s suffering from a severe case of Hysterical Impeachment Syndrome and taking on the tactics of the Nazis he admires.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Fake

On Sunday morning this display of desperation reached a boiling point as Trump unleashed a massive tweetstorm against one of his most reliable defenders. Ed Henry of Fox News has become a bona fide Trump-fluffer in his role as a Fox & Friends co-host. But that is apparently not enough to inoculate him from the gnawing animus of a cornered presidential rat. Following a segment of the Trump & Friends program, Henry was mobbed by angry StormTrumpers who were orgasming over what they thought was a takedown by Fox’s Trump attack dog, Mark Levin (video below).

In fact, Levin just spent a couple of minutes screaming at viewers about nonsense that never addressed the substance of Trump’s tribulations. He began by badgering Henry about why he hasn’t asked for the identity of the whistleblower. Of course the answer to that is obvious to those who aren’t infected by Levin’s cult worship of Trump. The whistleblower statute was designed to protect people from retribution and, in this case, violence and potential charges that Trump himself implied could lead to execution.

Levin bellowed that he wants to “know all about the whistleblower … What kind of dogs they’ve had, how many marriages they’ve had, if they had a DUI” Notice that he doesn’t want to know if the whistleblower is telling the truth or has corroborating evidence. He is only interested in irrelevant personal issues that are only useful for smear campaigns. Levin continued by mocking the need for the whistleblower’s anonymity merely because “his life might be in danger.”

Levin also ranted about why the whistleblower wasn’t being questioned by congress. For the record, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff (who’s resignation Trump has impotently demanded), has already announced that the whistleblower will be interviewed by the Committee. But Levin plowed forward making the absurd assertion that nobody has identified any laws that were broken by Trump’s extortion of the President of Ukraine. For starters, there’s extortion. And there’s campaign finance violations, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy.

Trump was so aroused by the reactions to Levin’s high-volume tirade that he retweeted twenty (20!) comments by random Twitteristas praising him. They included such brilliant and dignified retorts as “Ed Henry just got his ASS handed to him by Mark Levin,” and “Levin just tore Ed Henry to shreds,” and “Levin sure put that lying shit head Ed Henry in his place,” and “Levin ripped Ed Henry a new one.” Who can argue with logic like that?

So now Ed Henry is among the Fox News untouchables who Trump’s cult followers are ordered to despise. He joins Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace. But what’s peculiar about this is that Henry is a devoted Trump-fluffer himself. Among his glassy-eyed defenses of Dear Leader, Henry has lied about seeing Trump’s non-existent border wall. He falsely claimed that “Hollywood has been threatening to blacklist” Trump supporters.
He celebrated a court ruling against Obamacare that could cause millions to suffer saying that it was “a little gift ahead of Christmas.”

When Trump has reached the point that he is attacking even his most faithful media shills on his favorite Fox News program, you know that he’s gone over the edge. It’s a state of fearful derangement that is only going to get worse as time goes by. And Trump isn’t doing himself any favors by maligning the Fox News protectorate that he needs to continue gaslighting his base. So buckle up, America. Trump is determined to make this a bumpy ride to impeachment.

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3 thoughts on “Desperation Time: Trump Aims Tweet Tsunami At One of His Biggest Fox News Fluffers

  1. I am so f**king angry right now that I don’t know if I can even do this comment, so if it stops abruptly, that’s why! Now they’re pushing my anger past the boiling point, where I have never been & don’t want to go!
    I’m too pissed off at all the shit that constantly flows from top down all day, every dam day in this country!
    And the worst of worst get major airtime to spew their nasty, hate-filled lies, 24/7 on a so-called “news” network that has as much to do with real news as ass wipes to pine trees!
    The president.
    Fox Hate Network.
    The walking brain dead Trump-thumpers, who suck up all that bullshit & are just stupid enuff to believe it & act on it! And major violence will result! Trump & Fox are knowingly pushing FOR just that result! Like a volcano building up pressure, it WILL BLOW! What alternative to that?! Think all that hyper-hatred they’re pushing like drugs is ever going to just deflate with a hiss, like a balloon? Hell no! It will explode! Already, little hints & suggestions of bloody violence are being sprinkled into the mix, in the vitriolic hate speech of – of all people – the person who is supposedly the leader of this country! The US Hitler, with hint of Stalin overtones.
    Fox has been doing their hateful shit since the days of Glenn Beck! And they’re just getting worse! They are pushing the “free speech” envelope & should AT LEAST be made to remove the word “news” from channel name! I think they should really be taken off the air completely! They ARE a danger, a domestic terrorist threat, just posing as a cable news network! What other network tells their viewers repeatedly that they shouldn’t ever watch anything else but them?!? Mind control anyone? Had anyone ever actually checked their programming for subliminal messages?? They should! The technology exists & Fox would do it! No doubt about that!
    This jackass, Levin, what overflowing septic tank did they find him in?! He’s good example of how the whole focus of talk is being changed – away from any talk of topics at hand & instead, only thing on menu is personal attacks!
    Distract from the subject of what Trump is doing & how much against this country he has become — instead, they focus on the WB (AS IF they’re the bad guy here?) & their personal life, looking for something, anything, they can then attack instead. How stupid are those Fox viewers anyway??! We know how stupid Trump is, as he goes on a tweeting frenzy of delusional rantings that would send anyone else to nearest psycho ward on a “5150” & an extended stay!

    As president, Trump should be held responsible for what shit he puts out there, knowing his walking brain dead cult followers will believe him & act upon it!
    Same thing with Fox Not-news Network! And responsible for same reason!
    When the bloody violence breaks loose in this country, and I fear it surely will at some point, who will be held responsible?? No one? It will be an unfair, unofficial war, by some of us, against the rest of us. But only 1 side will be armed & will know it’s coming! The people planning & promoting this will NOT be in it tho – “bone spurs” just 1 excuse, but reality is that those who create the wars, bloodshed against their own people, already have their safe places in which to hide out & watch ….on Fox, of course!

  2. As I’ve said many times before, what the Tyrant Worshipers cannot get through their jelly-filled brains is that, sooner or later, Their Beloved God Tyrant WILL turn against them. It is inevitable. It all depends on whether the Lord God Ayatollah Donnie likes what they say or not. His act ALWAYS proceeds before what little brain the Tyrant has at that moment. If HE doesn’t like what he’s hearing from someone, that AUTOMATICALLY makes that person The Enemy.

    ESPECIALLY his most devout disciples, worshipers, and minions. And still they genuflect before Their God.

    So, we ask again: what is it about the Tyrant that engenders such total and complete worship, even when something like this happens? Anyone else would recognize the Tyrant as the unstable, incompetent child he has always been.

    As a reminder, Nixon was impeached for far less — even if the TyrantBots would praise every single action Nixon took if Their Beloved Good did them today.

  3. Part of the drama of trumps phony WWF style of presidintin is the phony ringside fight…

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